Friday, 14 December 2012

Pre-corporate experience & observations

If getting a job brings down the curtains on the journey of MBA, I am glad I have been able to do so successfully. All the mad rush, tension to make it through, the last piece of puzzle to be put in order etc etc etc. All the while I kept asking myself – Is this the end of all?

I know holding a job in hand and spreading knowledge(*Gyaan*) about the other side of the coin is an easy task. And look at the irony of this – till the time you do not grab a job and you talk this stuff you are considered to be a brave soldier or a wise man. The moment you cross the road you lose all the rights to explain to people that “this isn’t really the end of all”.

The war for the job.....

 Each one of us has our own corporate experiences. This was my second campus recruitment experience. I had decided this time to enjoy every bit of it. I knew these will be the memories I shall look back upon. Taking my profession of future HR seriously and above all I like being the silent observer. With the process closing to an end, here is a list of my observations. Some funny, some to learn from, some weird…..

Disclaimer – “I am not writing this against any individual in specific. Any identical behaviour to the ones being described is purely coincidental”

Starting with the preparation part. Few of them like to skip meals and avoid going for breaks during the time of serious preparation. While there are other who flock around in the small store to buy packets of chips, biscuits, breads. They stock it in their room and lure themselves for eating so much after having studied this part. Few prefer to keep the doors locked and study in isolation and peace. Few prefer it in groups. Few love it with music. While others like it in Library where they can see other souls doing the same and take inspiration. While one side is content not knowing what others are doing, other side cannot survive without knowing the level of preparation the person next door has gone upto.

Now coming to the D-day. Few prefer to keep the routine of waking up early morning, having breakfast, reading the headlines before going for the process. Others like to make it to the last minute sweating, skipping breakfast and arriving in the room all tensed up.

Next when people are waiting in room either for their Group Discussion or for their interview turn. One of them is glued to laptop to read everything possible that he/she has not been able to read so far in the short time left. One of them would like to calmly recollect the notes made while preparation and gather their thoughts. Another set would not want to do anything but get nervous seeing people around flipping pages. Few keep getting nervousness jitters and nibble around with things. Few prefer not to do anything and just walk along in the corridor trying to make small chats with people around.

Each individual’s personality defines their thought process. And moreover the manner in which they take failure. Few take the whole blame of situation on themselves and become their own best critique.  “I didn’t give the best for this job…I think I screwed up the interview ….. I didn’t deserve it because I hadn’t worked much hard for it….” Few others put it on factors around which are beyond their control. “ My luck never favoured me anytime in past too…..The interview was not at same level of difficulty for all…..The panel had demographic criteria in mind before itself(sex, experience, age) and I didn’t fit it inspite of being good in the interview”. And then there is another set who puts an argument on the system itself. “ This is a pathetic way of recruiting people…How can a person be judged in an interview…They took the person who was most silent in the GD…This time they have taken aggressive people…They selected xyz on basis of ‘this’,’this’ and ‘this’. I am amazed…..”. No right or wrong way of taking this but just an observation.


Now reaching the last and the most beautiful part when you make through. Few are overwhelmed, joyous with tears in eyes. Others remain calm and composed taking stalk of the situation and trying to sink the news in. Few go around immediately calling up distant loved ones. Few walk back preferring to be the shoulder of those for whom it was not meant to be. And finally there are others who shout out and express their happiness, hugging people around and sharing the love and joy.

Nothing judgemental about anybody. Nothing right or wrong. I enjoyed being a part of this process and have my own set of learning’s which shall keep nurturing me in years to come. I wanted to share this experience with you all and mark it in my diary of memories and this is the way it goes.

And still I would say to all facing hard-luck in whatsoever manner – “This isn’t the end of all. Everything has to pass. And this too shall pass”. Stay there and face it with courage. For God knows which child can take it all. And he has chosen to you because he considers you to be brave.

Signing off for now.