Monday, 20 February 2012

Time to get back home..?

Eve : 19/02 - Sitting in the corridor, experiencing sunset, brought a wide smile on my face. It reminds me of my old home where every evening would be spent in this fashion. With a pretty chilled two weeks anticipated, i guess it's time to get back home.

New decorative adoring my Room wall! 
It also means, i'll have to give up on parties lined up and last few days with our beloved Pgp-2's. It also means last few days in my room 1303 with my roomie Lakshmi. This has been the best part of my stay here. More of it later. Had everything been going done, i would have preferred to stay on campus, but the following things suggest it's better i take a short visit and come rejuvenated:

Now it is close to 8 months, i have started staying away from home. But it hasn't been once that i stayed for more than one and half months without going back. Going back meant rejuvenating myself and my stuff..:)

1. My hair says, get me in in proper shape. It's been more than 5 months - Hair cut:)

2. My Face says, you do not see yourself, so often in mirror. It's other people who have to suffer. Visit the parlor. Friends - I am so lazy or careless or whichever way you want to put across - I haven't visited a parlor here in Goa. Hehe. It's one of the first things i need to do, before even visiting my friends, everytime i am back home. Although i meet them at least once in the same look just to convey them - Still It's the same Komal - Yeah, i always went to parlor, when my friends found difficulty in seeing my face:P

3. My empty shampoo bottle, face wash, boring cup board - Are shouting in my face. Either get down to a supermarket here, or go home, and let Maa take care of this. This is the level of my pampering by me and people around me. And my roomie added another feather to it.

4. I am too much off falling into arguments with people. Every small thing is hurting and making a big deal. I have not been this way. I guess it's because i religiously visit home to make sure i get all the love, warmth and strength that makes me endure all of it with smile. First time people are seeing tears in my eyes or a frown on my face.

5. Ofcourse, my family is missing the trouble an neusensse created by me:P It's time to say my family - I am here around and still the same for you all.

As quick as possible, the moment my time table reliefs me, i shall be packing bag homes :)


P.S: I finally watched P.S:I love you. Dear blogfriends and all readers, all i have to say is, if while watching the movie, you can imagine someone, for whom with whom without whom, you can imagine to live life and smile, only for a reason that he/she wants you to smile. Or you can do for someone, something like this being on the other side. Do not look back. He/She is the one for you. Believe me. It's the hardest and most unthought aspect of a relationship. If your relationship has/can provide this strength, you have found the love of your life. 


  1. LOL for reason no. 1,2 & 3. regarding 4, i'll say that one does get into arguments with ppl when u start knowing more and more abt them...during the initial few faceoffs it's just formality and obligations b/w i guess it's common and quite natural and i believe that u'll be able to handle this situation well... all the best for ur last few days as PGP1 and then internship...also it's time to take charge of SOFIA as SCC! do well and excel(not the MS-Excel :P) in life :)

  2. Aao! That was pretty quick..:)I know reasons sound too silly hehe...Thank you for the wishes and the reminder of becoming SCC..:) Hope you're too enjoying last few days on campus. Indeed i need to excel in Ms-Excel as well. That's moving up on my "to-do" list..:)

  3. visit parlour before we guys meet else this time i will surely get real kanjoos in giving u any compliments...hahaha :P :P

    Personaly, I loved reading the book more than watching the movie....It made me happy, sad, i blushed, i cried, got goosebums...cudn't resist reading some lines again and again...The book is simply awsomeee :) N so is your blog!!!!!:P

    Wish to meet you soon :)

    1. I know you can never get kanjoos in giving compliments..:)I agree reading book must have been a more wonderful experience.

      Meet you soon kudiye..:)

  4. HAHA...Silly u...u could not have better reasons to come back hehe....but that makes me feel good:), i thought i was the laziest and carefree person when it comes to self-care or shopping thing...

    1. Aahhh! Glad to know i can make ppl feel better by comparing with my laziness..:)

  5. woooooo i love the reasons :) simply simple n u :P love the way u expressed them, got a big smile on my face in spite of me feeling a lil low :) take that as a huge compliment :D
    hoping u get relaxed time table soon, n we see u soon :)
    keep blogging n bringing smiles :)

    1. Heeyyy jinal. If if you had not said, i would have considered that, as a BIG BIG compliment. I know how difficult it is once you get low which is rare..:)

      C u soon..:)

  6. Hi.... every time you write something new,it brings wide smile on my face..don't know y but its magic of the freshness you create in every post..the most wonderful part being the pictures you associate with your post...LOVELY!!!

    As you said you are falling too much into argument, then I really feel you should come back here and feel your self rejuvenated....

    The last paragraph is so perfectly written..hope you had the big smile on your face while watching P.S I love you, like the way I had after reading this post....:)))))

    Hope you have a most wonderful time at your home, friends and ya most importantly Parlor...hehehe..


    1. Thank you for the Lovely compliment of saying my pictures lovely..:)

      Advice taken, i am back home.

      I had really wonderful time watching and i suggest you too should watch.

  7. My understanding has always been all that you have written here..
    I wanted to see you home more than anybody else.. n it was really a delight to stand outside the trial room, waiting for you, with the next set of dresses to try on :) :)

    Consider it as actually a very big compliment. :)

    P.S: She has really got a natural and genuinely beautiful looks .. and each time i look at her in different dresses.. i feel so poor not to be able to buy the whole collection in the store :)

    1. That's a huge compliment..:) I think it's the beauty in the eyes of the beholder:)

  8. the new decorative is real lovely .. Full score to the person who made the selection... The Winner takes it all :)


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