Friday, 29 March 2013

It’s time to bid goodbye…..But not without thanks giving

With a bag of mixed feeling I am waiting for my day of convocation in my campus spending last few hours. It is still clear to me, the day and the manner in which the thought of MBA took birth in my thoughts. It has been 4 years now. Every day, every action of mine since then have revolved around only and only this. First two years towards making it happen and next two years living it.

As I stand in my room with bags packed, cupboard deserted, walls clean and room empty tears fill my eyes and I sit down to write this post and calm myself. I am short of words today and I do not know where to start from or what to end with. With every journey comes an experience and I am certain I have had bundle of eventful experiences which I shall remember throughout. I didn’t want to miss on the opportunity to extend my simple thanks to the most most (any other superlative possible then that too) special persons who made this journey happen and so here I am.

If ever I have to make a thanks giving list for these two years, I am sure it will run into pages (seriously). I have been helped, nurtured, lifted and sailed by innumerable people in these span of two years. Still if I sit down and have to search for those gems in the ocean of pebbles I can pin point to two of them and it is to them I want to express my sincere thanks giving through this.

They say journey begins at home and same was with me. And I have been lucky to find maximum support and encouragement from my dearest brother to make this journey a success. I do not remember the number of our night chats when I lost confidence in myself due to failure in mock tests. You stood by me as a solid morale booster making me feel I am the most deserving and wonderful person. Even after joining college, I visited back home in just 15 days and cried that I do not want to return to campus and it was you who hand helped me till the point I could walk alone. My first visit to campus, the run around, the joining date, the room arrangement if there was anyone with me throughout it has been you big brother. I want to make this a full circle and hence I have only you as my guest for my convocation.

My sweetheart Big B...

And the next person is my bestest friend Nits. If my memory serves me good, it was you who put light on this path of MBA after graduation. My day never ended without talking out everything possible to you since then. After my first failure in CAT, it was you who ensured right from books, reading material to test ids. Sometimes politely, sometimes pestering me to do more you never gave up on me. It was your confidence and support that made me reach gates of GIM. It was just the beginning. Till today, it is only you who knows what all has happened with me in my day. Every happy moment, every success, every scolding, every fear I can share so easily with you buddy. Staying miles apart, only with my voice you understood my state of mind - whether I was happy, upset, hyper or excited. Life has become so easy with your presence just over the phone. The importance of this relationship in this aspect of my life is known to all and God helped me further by getting convocated on the birthday of the person with whom I had set out on this journey with - 30th March 2013.

Bestest Buddy...

My sincere thanks and hugs to both of you. I know more often than not I have been a pain to you all, but you both endured me with no regret. My most beautiful journey wouldn’t have started or ended peacefully without both of your support.

Lots of love
~~~Cheers to three of us~~