Friday, 27 September 2013

From Summer to Monsoon - Travelling :-)

One of the best things about this vacation as I discussed has been being able to do things I love to. And to top the list was travelling :) I traveled, traveled and traveled. Places list include Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Delhi, Ganga sagar, Indore, Kolkata, Latur, Manali, Puri, Shirdi. Aaahhhh!!! It gives so much satisfaction seeing it here written :) I traveled to small towns, villages, large cities, hill stations. I traveled in summer, in monsoon. I traveled with relatives, cousins, friends, family. It was so much funnn. Having listed the places I think it will be too much of a task to describe each visit.  So I shall, for my loved ones, describe few of my favorite non – alcoholic high moments.            

 1. The moment when I was inside a sleeping bag, with camp in centre of forest adjacent to a waterfall after a long day trek. Wow :) The recollection of the moment itself spreads smile across my lips. There was born fire, it was cold, it was scary when we started anticipating possibilities of things that can happen at night.  But after all it was an adrenaline rush adventure.
The camps in middle of the forest:)

After the adventurous night!

     2. When I was swinging to the wind left and right, zapping      towards the ground and again up towards sky, in the midst of Himalayan Mountains – Wohoooo!!! I was paragliding in Manali. After an interesting successful negotiation we were at the top of the mountain[can be compared to the runway of flight]. I was the first to take off. The time when you hold the parachute and start running down the mountain till the time your legs are cycling in air, it is indeed much more pleasure than sitting in a plane watching the wheels takeoff from the ground. That’s the moment when I literally felt like a freeee bird!

The trekking!

Himalayas in Background!

As I gear up :)

From the sky :) :) :)

Way to gooo!

       3.  The days with cousins enjoying the simple yet peaceful village life was another best time while visiting relatives. Those endless discussions, random thoughts, sleeping under the sky.

The masti!!!

Three Monkeys of...!

My team of cousins:)

         4. Watching MP [Madhya Pradesh]  style royal wedding in Indore is a pleasure in itself. And when it’s of your best friend its one of the unforgettable moments :)

With the bestie :)
       5. On a lazyyyy Sunday morning when I started riding with friends on bikes in Bangalore – till the time we were admist the clouds twisting and turning to reach the top of Nandi Hills – To the time when we had maggieee chit chatting. It was sleep well compromised.
Bangalore friends :)

The mist!

The Fog!

       6. The awesomest flash of endless stretch of Bay of Bengal when I opened the balcony door of hotel room on 7th floor. I was awe struck. The ferocious sea, the gurgling sound of waves hitting the shore just 100 meters away from where I was standing. It felt like heaven.

Isn't it awesome?
You get a moment when you feel powerless too. The water till the horizon with its tireless process of wave generation makes you realize what power it holds. Standing in the balcony I felt unsafe realizing the power of sea and what destruction it can cause to meager humankind.  We humans keep bragging about small powers we have. At that moment I felt overshadowed by the unsaid yet evident power of sea.

When I just turned side on my bed towards the window, I could see the Sea. When I was reading a novel in the balcony as lifted my head up, I could see the sea.

Till the horizon:)

The marine drive!

It has been my dream come true to have been able to spend so much time being so close to Nature. Wish to keep exploring and keep travelling.


  1. A wow post.. wid awesomest pictures:-)..your summer to monsoon journey was all so happening:-)...specially d forest camp...ab phirse b'lore:-) Keep travelling:-)

    1. Yes khushi ji...It was indeed a nice journey :) And added to it the joy of writing and reliving and the satisfaction of having people like you all as my readers :)

  2. Aaaahhha, the photographer is back han :-) loved all the pics but the fog is best of all. about travelling, i think sure this is the best to relax though some people might feel it tiring, but you get to see new people, new cultures and gives immense pleasure. I am sure same happened with you because you love travelling...Happy travelling :)

    1. Initially even my ways of relaxing included spending time alone, writing etc. But I prefer exploring and while doing that I found this joy in travelling. I am loving it totally. And meeting people part is totally true. Sometimes strangers teach you those things which we cannot learn staying in our comfort zone!

      Keep visiting. Cheers.

  3. Very Nice blog and nice to learn you all went on bikes to Nandi. Me and my sister are also planning to visit Nandi Hills on our Kinetic Honda from Banglre. Was wondering if the ghat roads were safe to ride thr and whether you rode as well? Also, did you guys switch off the engine on downhill thr? Need some tips, Thanks, Kusum

    1. Hey! I was away from technology for about a month! So couldn't reply to ur ques...Not sure how useful my answer is now - still - Ghat is superb and fun to ride; I rode as well; No need to dropping off the engine and as the downhill is not that steep :) December should be a good time to visit :) Hope u had/have an awesome ride & do write back ur experience :)

    2. Thanks for your reply. We are leaving 2nd week of November. I thought being scooter it would be fun to ride downhill with engines off. Did you switch off at all or rode with engines on. Thanks:)

    3. No we did not turn off the engine at all...

  4. Pictures speak more than words .. this one is a typical example.
    It just shows how BIG is your LIFE .. God Bless :)


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