Monday, 25 February 2013

Now that the love is gone…….

As I keep running away,
The feeling sinks in with greater sway.
I ask myself a zillion times,
How could I hurt someone so prime?

I wish there was a better way,
To tell you that the love is gone away.
I wish I had never fallen again,
Into the arms that I wish forever to stay.

What it started with...

For you the world have fallen apart,
For me it’s not an inch better with the heap of guilt filled in heart.
I still hope we can together find a way,
And fill this small journey with moments of hay.

For once give me a chance,
And stop masking around as the rudest monk.
I know who you truly are,
It’s just a way of you to let me go far.

Please Don't

I promise a relation that shall stay strong,
Never will we regret for the turn around.
I need you to be by my side,
Please don’t leave me alone in this gamble of my life.