Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Love - A2

Aashiqui 2 - One set of people found the movie depressing with an end on a low note. Another set found it to be purrfect to the extent it could have been. You could have made it out by now that i belong to the second one. I liked it because it was not one of those movies where all of a sudden it becomes possible for the hero to undergo rehabilitation and overcome the addiction just because of the girl and as usual ends with a note "....And they lived happily everafter".

This movie captured minute emotions so beautifully and the characters played it class apart. Kudos to the entire team of A2 for the great work. This is on my list of movies now that i would love watching over again and again without clinging onto the depression but rather enjoying the pure intentions of love. 

My favorite songs are not the most demanded by public. I personally loved "Tu ye mujhko bata de, caahun mai ya na.." with girls lyrics being the best. 

                                         :) Aarohiii Keshav Kshirke :)

Another of my favorite is: " Bhula dena mujhe...Hai alvida tujhe...Tujhe Jeena hai mere bina". More than the original video, i liked this  from youtube. It is simple, different and touching :)

P.S: Sorry if any of the A2 "non-lovers" bumped into this post :) 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Feeling connected!

While I have been blessed with Xerox looks of my mom, I am 100% blessed with Xerox characteristics of dad. A self-happy realization of this summer. Busy throughout in my own world, college, career I didn't get so much free time that I have got now. With my dream journey complete and joining a thing of October, I have got time to do lot of things I always longed to do but couldn't do due to time constraint.  While this summer has given me umpteen memories that I shall cherish throughout, this memory needed special mention.

Honestly, I have always been busy and connecting to mom’s life and never tried to take a closer look at dad’s. Well it’s because my mom loves talking about their childhood days, family details, how they lived and loved each other. On the other hand I never got to learn how my dad was in his 20’s, who his friends were, what he liked, how their family lived etc etc. The first instance of commonality between him and me. My dad too doesn't indulge in talking about himself, his past, his life before we came unless pressed for. And I realized how true it’s with me too. This was just the beginning on my path of discovery.

First time ever I got an opportunity to travel with dad all alone. Although it was just a 8 hr journey I felt sooo glad. His small gestures of waking up before me in morning and getting ready just to let me sleep little more, the stares exchanged when some guys looked at me, the parent-like care for having breakfast at a hygienic place even though if it meant walking some distance….Aahhh!!! I sensed the safety around when he was there, the love when holding his hand for crossing the road :) and I realised what importance dad holds in one’s life (specially girl’s).

Next I packed my mom’s bags and sent her to her mom’s place because she deserved rest. I assured her I will take care of dad for now that I am home. And yep, we got a week to spend together :) This too was first time because usually I had my 'Big B' around and again I use to be lost in him due to age group factor. This time it was just My Dad and Me. We got up together, did all the preparations together, two hrs in morning he would be doing his morning chores of yoga, pooja with traditional music purifying the air of home, I would be trying hard to get ready his tiffin, breakfast, bottles, managing hard to make it perfect. He would help me in everything which he otherwise demanded from mom[hehe]. That’s the beauty of a dad-daughter relationship. Soon within 2hrs the temporary queen of home would become home alone.

Engaging myself in other activities with masala music on, I would wait for the clock to hit 1pm. There would go tring tring. And it would be dad with full appreciation for the food I made. Just what I expect for the hard work I would put. His favourite dialog would be “ Mom se bhi acha banai beta tu..:)[the taste was better than your mom's beta]” and that’s it. It was equivalent to my own lunch and would charge me up to make something special for dinner :)

I would await for the lift noise at around 9pm to know dad has come. He would ask me about my day and in return I would ask how was everything at office. Then we both sat together in front of TV watching mom’s drama serials just to not miss her while actually missing. The cutest part would follow after that. He would be waiting eagerly to talk to mom but wouldn’t express it. He would ask me, “maa se bat hui kya beta, baat karni hai? [have you spoken to mom, shall I call her up now]. And sometimes I would say yes, sometimes just to tease him I would say I have already spoken and not necessary to call her :P And I would feel the peak of happiness of day when dad tell mom over the phone “komal takes care of me so nicely, once you would miss something but my beti doesn't miss anything at all” :) :) :)

Dad-Daughter Relationship :)
At the end of the week, I felt I knew my dad more closely.  The confidence, the compassion, the managerial abilities, the secretive caring nature, the travel passion, the little temper, the child-like eagerness – I derive it all from dad. And in all true sense he’s  “The Dreamdad”.

I can see the pride and connection in his eyes when he sees me doing the same things that he loved doing in his young days. He loves to see me making trips to different places all alone, managing and planning entire trips. Moreover he himself advice me on trips , what to do, which is a must visit place, what near- by things and specialties are to be watched out for – And people keep struggling with the permission itself !!! Blessed am I !!! Touch-wood for being a part of family that shares the love, bonding and trust of the families which can be epitomized for it yet with no compromise on freedom, individual desires and dreams.

I am thankful to God for having given me this time with dad, and wish I had made efforts to know him more a little while back. For all people out there, if the only learning you all can take from this post is to realize the value of each relationship in your life before it gets too late, I would say to myself job well done. What is the point in remembering a person with tears when you still have the time to do so with smiles :) :) :)

Love you dad

~~~ Cheers ~~~