Tuesday, 30 August 2011

...In Between Dayyzzz...II

The best words seen or heard is one's own name.

“Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though they were his own – Johannn Walfgang.” You are the happiest person ever – don’t change – reads cedric’s message. And I exclaimed “All is well that ends well”. 

Memorable message
Scenario on 17th & 18th Aug'2011:
The story began quite some time back. It was “Samriddhi 2011 mania” at GIM. After a close to miss out for auditions of compering the national level B-school meet, I made it to the “Supporting team” of compering for Samriddhi 2011. I was little disappointed because support team has only support work. There were six other main com-parers for the event. Thoughts of going back home for four days hit my impulse. But I hanged on for all I knew was “something good would be in store – As I am “The child of Destiny”.  

Cedric the propagator of the team gave a warm welcome to the centre of “limelight” for the next three days. He made sure supporting team would give their best by saying” the demarcation is only for convenience and pure jargon”. The ray of hope raised as these words looked genuine.The next two days turned out to be the most memorable. 

Library became our 1st home. 8 heads split into pairs or threesomes were churning the creative cerebrum. We had speakers coming from different arenas of corporate world. Few had a remarkable personality and attractive career paths which made it possible to make their introduction catchy. The bigger task lay in introducing big personalities but not so limelight attractive work done. This is the major challenge, for anyone and everyone can introduce the known. The real work is the latter and they deserve it.

Sipping coffee outside Library - cafeteria in front

Sipping coffee outside library, watching rain and groaning at work in such captive weather, We came out with the best possible scripts for the introduction of event, personalities etc.  Each minute added to the joy and learning. Entire college was engaged in activity and the common goal of every work was Success of Samriddhi 2011. Mails floating, students carrying boxes, wires, teams meeting with various coordinators, helping each other grab a bite of food, decorating, making arrangements for the stay of speakers, escorting participants to the campus, it all looked like I am working in an event organisation firm. I felt proud to be an integral part of it.

Next we headed for the voice auditions. it was pretty easy going and I had decent reach and clarity. Past mid night we get the blast in the most wrapped cover. The pairs to be compeering the opening event were disclosed to ceric little time back.  He was or **** to be disheartened to disclose it earlier. We expected at least 3pairs would be considered. It was decided that 2pairs would be taking up first and later half of the day and who were the persons? Well it’s not appropriate to make judgemental reasons but to put it the choice was not justified. So this followed the night of “19-08-2011 – 2am” with things left just there.

Beautiful Amphi out there.....
P.S: Today the Mother Nature was at its best. After showering the best of rains incessantly for 2 days, I woke up in the evening and opened my window. As one of my friend’s status on FB best read “Is it a bale of cotton or a wooly arms of the cloud enveloping around”. I gaped and ran to the terrace. The entire college was a “picture perfect” moment. With winds brushing the clouds faster and faster across the campus, for the first time something blurred looked so pleasing to the eyes. I wanted to capture it, but I thought I would love to capture in my eyes and with surety there would be many doing so with virtual lenses. One of the best moments so far. In much deeper love with “Mother Nature” compensating the absence of “God made mother”.

Way to walk on holding hands..:)
Signing off with more to come...Enjoy reading..:)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

In Between Dayyzzz I..!!!

Rim - Jhim barsaat ki boondhe

Scenario on 28-08-2011: 5pm                                                                                                                                                                                      Watching drizzling rain is often one of the best things to sit by your room window with a mug of coffee and a few thoughts to share.  How often has it happened with you all that the things you always longed to do, often don’t end up giving expected level of satisfaction? It might have if not often but sometime at least. But the same things leaving a bowl of insignificance and dissatisfaction deep in the heart should not be often. Right? How can things you considered you would enjoy doing leave you with discontent? I am yet to figure out still. Back from a complete night out with *friends* on the roads of Goa, stretches of beaches and Bollywood fort of “Dil Chahata Hai”, the sleeping beauty is insomniac. She has few important things in her head that needs some figuring. A morally weak person is stretching out hand for some help and need someone to hold it firmly.

Scenario on 19-08-2011: 2am -                                                                          And how I thought of getting up early tomorrow morning and dressing up smartly.  Rationally to do that you require an incentive. For girl, guys out there to watch would be one. Otherwise you are in limelight for some non-beauty talent. And I thought it would be a combo of both for me tomorrow. I sense that self- boasting in my words, but it’s my heart speaking out. And no screening of it shall be done for this article. For lot of screening have already been done on me personally.
Welcome to the corporate world and so to the world of randomization. I considered it to be a compliment a few hours ago when a person said that I was really innocent and smiling. I was advised to be the same for there is every chance of MBA changing me. It has the potential, I say now. I can sense it. Because I feel this to be a sarcasm now.  This makes people run over you, trodden on your efforts and take up appreciation from entire crowd and you end up getting a few sweet words from a person whom you know from just a few days. I want to take this strongly.

Sometimes sitting alone makes you realise many things!!!

Having left this here, I felt guilty of behaving too selfish. I had put in my efforts till the time I was expected to be a part of it. I ran out when the realty came out. So I went back just to help in the winding work. Concern/empathy could be seen only in words. Still I went ahead and helped to the extent I could. For the first time I felt exploited to a massive extent. Things were clear but just kept under wraps. Being a part of supportive team, it is immature on your part to think noticeable work would be given to you. I must say the person handling it had real ** skills. The “Best Work” was extracted from all. Having worked at the cost of my CSR contribution, my SOFIA event, it disheartens me. Not that the blame should be put on them, but I need to start using my discretion. Don’t get carried away.
Am I liable to pay such a big fine for a quality that is considered good everywhere except the corporate? How do I trade -off between them. Still I know I have the talent. I could once again write the best scripts. But again I question, it is a world of marketing. Having talent is not the answer. It’s how you extract and get the work done. 

This is one angle of the overall scenario. Lots of it happened in between and shall be updated quickly. Friends remember Prof. Kamath :) Yes!!!He's back and we have his sessions beginning from tomorrow. M Excited!!! Happy learning and enjoy reading. 

P.S: Jai Ho Anna Hazare!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Friendship Day Ki Shaam - Doston K Naam Paigam!!!

The most precious gift of my life - Friends!

 The butterfly flying from my room, disappeared in the darkness. I was left with thoughts of how a once cherished and awaited "Friendship Day" went in the library drowned in books. No much excitement on the campus and the blame was on "Mid term exams" and "last day studying".

Everything aside, i had to blog today,come what may. Its 11:15pm and i still have 45mins to convey my wishes to all my special friends. Looking back i wonder how times have passed by - From school days of tying friendship bands on the hands flaunting the increasing number throughout the day - To celebrating in the college over a cup of coffee and movie. I have always been a "thorough friend's person". All my friends and family would be better able to comment on this. I loved spending time with friends, driving on the  long roads, watching rain,chit chatting in a friend's room, fighting over choice of music and sharing tears and smiles.

Special Relation!!!

Msg for my hero - Vijay aka Akshay aka Gem - My first and best buddy i got at home. I hardly felt the need to look out for having good time. Life wouldn't have been same without you buddy. The best memories we have together is while shopping and roaming on roads. I do miss a lot of it here. The below is the ad to which everyone in family related our relationship to..:)

Msg for 3 Idiots - AAhhh!!! gullu, tweetu and bubli!!! You all are my mirrors. I might not have shared all my happy moments with you all. But whenever i was low, i felt the comfort with you all. I may not talk to you all for days but i always know you all will be the first ones to stand by whenever i need.
4 Idiots - together

Msg for SBG'ians - You all are just awesome and perfect. The journey from naming SBG and SBG'ians till date is inexpressible. I still remember all those times when we were together and cursed the time for having passed so quickly. Every effort to convince parents for a little more time to get back home, for a night out, an early morning b'day surprise or a mid - night get together. Journey has been just perfect. You guys are "The Best" and "invisible hands" behind the person i stand today.
Truly Girls Fun...

Msg for one special person - Nits/Nitish - I have wished you in every possible way on each friendship day. Starting off with "offline msgs" then "online meetings" then "Msgs" then "phone calls" and still i am waiting to wish you "in person" on a friendship day. I feel there's so much to write about our friendship but when i sit now i get nothing "in specific". You have been omnipresent in my life since we got to know each other.
Omni present bonding

Msg for Khushi - This person needs a special mention. I share a very different and a hearty relation with her. There is no barrier of regular msgng, phone calls or updates in this friendship. But still when we talk it's like we know each other since ages. And not to forget - you are the most ardent and genuine follower of my blog.
Whenever wherever!!!

Msg for other Blog readers - Your presence in the form of visits and increasing number of followers is encouraging. That keeps me going. Would love to know you all than just feeling your presence. 
Many more Invisible hands...

Wish you all a very "Happy Friendship Day"!!! You all are the most valuable and significant part of my life!!! *Hugs* *Love*!!!Always stay there!!!

Friendship day ki shaam, doston k naam - "Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai, ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye zindagi hai"

And yes I did it - It's 11:55..:)