Sunday, 8 May 2011

On The Downturn…

Walking out from the conference room, holding the performance appraisal in hand, mixed bag of thoughts of  the journey so far and future ahead spinned my head. What I thought to be a journey short-lived is bound to continue for year ahead (at least present scenario confirms that). The month of April which is believed to set platform for the onset of summer(which although didn’t happen this year in Hyd atleast – thanks to the timely showers) , had in store a series of bombards which  destroyed the platform for me and my Future. May’11 beyond which I never imagined myself to be honored to continue with my company is showering the extra bliss. Before something catch the enthralling brains let me clear, it is not that I was to be fired, but I expected to fire myself from the job and embrace in beautiful journey I always dreamt of. A journey of life time – MBA.

After a reject from top Indian Brand of IIM, nothing seem to be enchanting. Conversions from *Good* to *Not so bad institutes* adds to the series of self doubt questions elevated by your inner self. Although people might consider it be vice versa. Ref : Movie 3 Idiots – ***Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aa jaye toh jyada dukh hota hai. *** Yahi to hua hai. Two of very special people in my life have made it to the Top B schools of IIM. Any further explanation needed?

Flashback memories of a year back april month confirms to my belief of April being star-crossed for me. Having made to two of the best brands in campus recruitment and awaiting the confirmation from the bestest, April month again took the shoulder of breaking in the news. Out of the final shortlist of 13, *Google – the brand mania* decided to let go off 3 people. What else – I was among the minor lot. The entire success of making it to the most companies in college recruitments was overshadowed by the failure of one. History repeats and so did it.

If I don’t reveal the May’10 luck saga it would be unfair. After days of crib over not making it to *Google* and declining another good job for my own reasons I was at crossroads. I had to choose between last job offer left which I least thought about and which required me to travel to Mumbai for three months or take a break and prepare for the gang of entrance exams.  With the support of the family, I chose the former. Why I consider it be one of the best things in life would require another post (which I intend to in the near future). So will the History repeat for the month of May’11 is something to ‘Wait N Watch’

Steve Jobs said – *** Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards ***
None of this seems to make sense to me now, but hope to make at the end of this month

P.S: I am a happy-go-lucky and ever enthusiastic champ and this is one of the very rare times when I am on the Downturn. 


  1. Dear - Welcome to the blogging family!
    Best Things First:
    >The Blog looks very well finished and gives an uncluttered/professional feel,nice work :-)(goes well with your current and post MBA personality)
    >Your writing style is genuine,confident and plausible. Stick by this and i am sure you will have many readers :-)
    >In a rush... will comment on the script(On the Downturn) later..cya

  2. The Blog is really nice.. i like it...
    This is the kind of feel which every1 go thro some or the other time...
    very few dare 2 say it out..
    u r one among them:)
    so feel proud of it;-)

    comment on the script(On the Downturn):-

    well there is time for everything and also a reason it has to happen ...but very rarely....that time might be late for some and early for some...but it happens becoz of a particular reason.....u just think, did something happened in ur life that is not planned... even if u do something u plan it one sec before that...u wont do anything unless it hits ur mind..... so dont b upset, just move on.. you might have loads of * BIG surpise in a store* for you :):)

  3. you have written the Downturn.. but u didn't wrote any of your achievement or the good things tht happened in your life so far in 20years... just like a *Ek Sikke(coin) ke do pehlu;)* you should even write the best thing tht happened in your life :) :) hope very soon i can read those things on ur blog... will b waiting...

  4. So it started...
    At first I would like to say that I am amazed by the person you have become over a year.
    The Multifacet. The Determined.

    As I have said earlier you started like a pro. Your writing style shows your potential(May be it is a key factor that helped me to bag you know what). Your overall blog style shows your creativity (It is always changing and every time you come up with something new).

    Even though the blog says the downturn I can't help myself finding some traces of joyful and Happy-go-lucky komal.

    I hope this blog will come with many more upturns in future and show us multi-colored experiences of Komal.

  5. and to continue with steve jobs lines...
    So you have to trust that dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something, your life,gut,destiny,Karma,whatever;
    because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if it leads you of the well worn path and that will make all the difference...

    Thats what I have believed and still doing same...
    And when I gave that video to you I was damn sure that you will not like it and its great to see those lines on your first blog... :-) :-)
    Stay Hungry. Stay foolish.

    Miles to go...

  6. @All - Sorry for late reply...Couldn't log on...

  7. @Vijender - Thanku so much for the warm welcome...Your comment is a real booster to teh confidence...Will keep up to it...

  8. @Shreyans - Will definitely take your advice and come up with the upturn..:)Thanx for the support...

  9. @Nits - I am so very elated with the kind of appreciation...Special likes for the line - you could find my true self in the midst of this...

    I do remember how much time it took for you to convince me to see the video...But i m glad because those were the lines that could hold me from breaking down...So it was surely a worth mentioning here...

  10. Offo Komal a very very nice one.. Very appreciative the way u hve put ur stuff across.. Really love the idea of blogging..

    Abt the downturn, its really a shock or rather I should say a surprise to see u express stuff like this.. There seems hope n positivity through out as we read it.. I hve always known u as a strong person, which is reflected here.. Amazin to see u express it like this..

    Abt google thingy, I thought u were chilled out abt it after u heard its profile, this ws jus an example of 'everythin happens for a reason'.. Hope this may also has surprises for u :) Hope things turn the way u wan them to :)

    Yet another time, feel good to knw stuff frm u, keep updating n expressing ur inner self.. Very well expressed :) Stay positive, way to gooooo :)

    Amazinggggggggg! :D N yes waitin for ur 'upturn' blog :D

  11. @Jinal - First of all thanku - 1st SBG'ian to comment..:) All i can say is i ready your comment 5 times back to back - this should convey how much i loved it..:)

  12. Hey Komal :) :)

    I just have no words. You know I really wanted to make you feel better after the results were declared but just couldn't do that(I don't need to explain here I guess).. I could completely empathize with you because I had been through a very similar situation in the year 2009-10.
    But you know what.. one learns a lot when one fails. And this failure 'll become an even better teacher when you start succeeding in life.
    I believe Steve Jobs rightly said and I want you to be super excited for your coming future so that you can decipher the connecting dots :) :) Want you to always succeed and still be modest!

  13. @Paridhi - Thanku for the support...I shall always strive for being successful and yet modest..:)

  14. wow ab tu b bloggin...
    after seeing ya msg was xpectin some gud stuff here...
    and its actually far better than my expectations...beautifully presented...
    Mast hai...keep blogging....

  15. And coming to the script..
    no worries sab chalte rehta...
    you are strong enough to handle dis...
    m sure you will definitely acheive your GRAND dreams..
    jahanpana tussi great ho :)

  16. @Khushboo - I always loved your appreciation and was waiting for your comment...I am glad i could lived upto the expectations as i can imagine what they would have been considering the ppl whose blogs u read(vj)...

    @Yeah - Grand Dreams!!!Tohfa kubool hai..:) :) :)

  17. Back!
    hmmm where do i begin...
    ok,let me first justify myself :P
    I said you will have many readers in my earlier comment and you see your very first post has got tremendous response with so many deserve kudos for this :-)
    Coming to the script...
    You made a mention of people making to IIMs that has made you more "dukhi", i would say you could have drawn some comfort looking at me who has failed to make it to any Nukkad Natak B Schools too..for the second time..hehe..still smiling as ever!
    It's worth recalling a scene from the film "The Secret" where the narrator describes how the journey of life is similar to that of driving a car at night.You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way ...likewise in life also, we can only plan things to certain extent.If one of your original plans fails, you should adjust quickly Or try another One!
    Remember, the secret to a happy life is lowered expectations.
    I know very well that
    You know very well who you are
    Don't let these emotions hold you down, reach for the stars...
    I am dead sure that you are definitely going to get something very good and these are just hard times.
    Till then keep Enjoying and stay Precious :-)

  18. @Vijender - I was smiling reading your comment...And yes you reminded of "The Secret" at a very right time...Had taken gr8 learning from that and forgotten...You are meant for this stuff and restricted life...You are and always shall live life limitless..:)N you still don't know what you mean to others bro...U r precious and as ever the spirit..:)


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