Monday, 27 February 2012

I had met a….?

Our activa was speeding at 70kmph on the road that was leading where only God knew. As we moved, a "splendour" appeared in the front. We reached him asking for the address and if we were heading correct. A man with average Indian height of 5’8, tough looks and branded glares turned to answer us. His glasses made me uncomfortable. Because I could in them see how shabby I looked. We did not ask the name. Who would ask to a person whom you just intend to talk for a minute plus in such a rush?

Flashback: Same date a year back: 28/02/2011

It was my first encounter with Goa. The train arrived at 6:30 am, an hour late as per the scheduled time. I was accompanied by my brother aka “Akshay” aka “IamVijender”. Within half an hour we were on an Activa hunting roads to reach the venue : Goa Institute of Management, Poriem, Sattari, Sanquelium – Goa printed on a piece of paper. It is amusing and the best part of Goa. You can avail self- transport with ease and at economical price.

Purpose: Entrance interview of GIM.
Time: 8:15 am

It was not long since GIM had shifted to the new campus. So inspite of being a renowned college in the vicinity, people could not address to our desperate queries of guidance for the path. Here is the map for the ease of understanding. Madgaon is the station we got down at. We didn’t expect reaching the venue would be such cumbersome task that we should explore the Goa map.

We were told to head towards Panjim which was 35kms from Madgaon. We reached Panjim at 7:50 am. I was preparing myself mentally for the GD and interview. First I got prepared that I shall have to attend the same without taking a bath. As we reached Panjim, we were told, we had come far ahead. There is a by-pass on the way and we need to take that shortest route to reach venue. No one looked confident and sure of what they were saying.

Picture says more than words

Finally the news broke in. We were still 40kms away. Travelling the said distance was one task, but finding the correct way was the bigger. I recollect saying to Big B, let’s chuck it. All chances that I will be late and would not be allowed. Let us enjoy Goa. While we took a U turn on the road, my mind started answering questions of “why are you late?”, “sorry, you’re late. The process has already started” and ways to tackle them.

Time coincides. He understood from the talk the need of the hour. He spoke very politely and comforted us saying, he’s heading towards the same place.  He assured us of the route that it is the same that he travels on daily basis. We started following him because we had no other option. The clock was ticking 8:10am. I assured myself. As we moved ahead we got down from the National Highway and were soon on the sleekly deserted roads covered with canopy trees. The roads became like “Size Zero” figure and soon we slowed down. We stopped and so did he.

We asked where are you taking us? He answered and his next statement made our eye-brows up in suspicion. He said now that you are running out of time, we shall take a ferry, which is the shortest route. The ferry was near-by and he urged us to move soon as it shall leave and then we’ll have to wait for half an hour before the next turn comes.  Zzziiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg! I exclaimed “Ferry”? I remembered ferry being described as a small boat that carries less people and is round as described by my 5th std teacher. I whispered from behind, bhaiyya ferry is such a small boat. Where do we leave the bike and from there how do we go to campus. We started to take a “U” turn and told him we shall find our way. He was puzzled. He stopped to enquire what happened. He started again that he’s very familiar with this road and shall help us reach us early for the interview. Too much of sweet talk huh?

He said he’s a police guy. He’s returning from his night shift and takes this road on daily basis. We said we do not believe you. You’re taking us on a ride. Ferry? What’s that and how do we trust you bla bla bla. He said after trying hard “As you wish”. And my brother finally asked – You say you’re a policeman right. Please show us your Id card. Slump. I swallowed a gulp on the irony that we enquire the integrity of a policeman. He was kind enough and well understood our anxiety. He showed the same and we verified. Still we did not check on the name!

When we reached the Ferry point I was mesmerised. It is not a small boat made of sticks. It is huge, huge enough, where people park their vehicles inside. At a time it has the capacity to take in 1-15 two wheelers and around 5-7 cars. Soon it was full and the engine roared and we reached the other side of the small lake. And soon we stopped at a diversion which showed GIM, Sanquelium with a left arrow. He removed his glasses and gave a smile and said here it is right at the top of the hill. We were in hurry as the clock was ticking 8:40. We wanted to thank him whole heartedly. But mind was saying to rush. We looked front and then to him for 3-4 times. We said a “Big Thank You and Sorry” and the message was communicated through eyes. We bid “goodbye” to him and started ahead. I turned back and looked till he went out of sight. My heart sighed – “God’s messenger “.

And the rest is history. I am a part of GIM. The person’s face is still in my memory. And I wish to see him sometime during my stay here.

For all you curious readers - Yes I was allowed to sit in the process. It was delayed for me. I had to or rather they had to bear a girl who was smartly dressed from outside. But hadn’t taken a bath nor had brushed her teeth. Yes, you read the last one right!


  1. waah!!! beautifully narrated...loved the way you owed a big thank you by dedicating this post to that unknown person..who made you reached safely...and I laughed a lot when I read this sentence.."The roads became like “Size Zero” figure...hahaha

    no words to describe ur beauty of one word.."you are a STAR"

    (keep writing:))

    1. I think that is what keep life going..:)Remembering and thanking every people who touched your life.

      A star - that is what i always wanted to become -:)But in a different sense. I consider star to be one among 1000's that together lit up the sky and make it beautiful.I want to be a star in this sense..:)

      Keep visiting:)

    2. don't worry...not among 1000's but you will one day become "ONE IN MILLIONS" to lit up the sky and make it d most beautiful,and your art of writing is one of those stars in millions who will lit the sky one day...Keep working towards your goal...

      (keep writing:))

    3. One-star is usual, two-stars are frequent, and three-stars rare but "ONE IN MILLION" stars ... that should actually make you feel embarrassed :) ... it's unreal :D
      But i bet that made for an interestingly funny

    4. Yeah! if i can only give u award online..:)

  2. and yes missed to write in last comment..I will complete ur title...

    You really met a God's Messenger.......

    (keep writing:))

  3. woooaaahhhh that is something :) a real 'God's Messenger' :)
    Awesome dude, destiny :)
    i loved the way u put it across, a killer curiosity remained through out.. n bhaiya had real guts to 'enquiry the integrity of him' :P m sure after verifying, u guys must be satisfied but also embarrassed :D
    ur kinda start to the journey of GIM (adventurous and its synonyms) :P

    1. Destiny - well said..:) Yeah the enquiry part - it was necessary and embarrassing too..:)

      Yes - It was the actual start of the journey..:)

  4. i'm feeling proud while writing here that i've become an integral part of goa in past 2 years and that i'll be elated to recieve ur thanks on that guy's behalf. after all we're known for our hospitality. also, keep this selfless help in ur mind and do try to help any needful soul anywhr, anytime... keep rocking with ur blogs :)

  5. Well.. i got late to reach here .. 7 comments already done .. possibly bcz i did not have a 'God's Messenger' to guide me through .. :)

    I have lot of things to describe regarding this experience.. may be i can plan for a post on my blog..
    but for now, all i wish to share are the learnings from this experience..
    1. Right through, i had an intuition that this is the place she will land .. call it my sixth sense or anything else..
    n since then i started to believe that every single thing around you is hinting to you about the upcoming possibilities in your life..So be attentive to notice them and plan your moves :) (:
    2. If people were all good, this precept would not be a good one; but as some of them are bad,it's always good to enquire their integrity :)
    3. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the ONLY option.
    I never thought after a journey of 16+ hrs, i could get off from the train , hire a bike, carry the luggage and a nervous sister, drive at 80-90 kph to find my way to GIM and finally make it to the GD and PI. Not to be missed, arranging for a quick breakfast during the wait time between GD and PI.We also explored the beaches around,got tattoos and started for our return trip.. all in 12 hrs... it makes me feel like a hero.. otherwise my dear sister has made up her mind to give away all the credit to this 'God's Messenger' :D just joking.. :)
    4. It is not easy to move around with your sister in GOA for mannny reasons ;)

    @Jinal - Trust me if i had any idea that the guy was a policeman.. I might surely had given a second thought :)


    1. luckily the policeman did not come towards the end of our search .. like they show in bollywood movies - "Hands up! You're under arrest.."
      Infact i was wondering what he would say if it were to happen this way :)
      may be - Have a nice return home and all the best for next year :)

  6. No delay in publishing that..:)

    Even i gave a thought to write pre and post happening. But the essence of what i learnt from the day would be lost. So i restricted just to the reach to campus.

    And yes you had an all together different learning experience..:) Wat say? Time to write on same with a different angle!

    1. right now m lookin for another guest blogger ..
      so refer and win rewards :)
      but definitely the next blog that i write will be on our GOA experience .. my version~ (quite optimistic bcz my sys has crashed and is in no mood to get back to work, time to retire)
      thoda time nikaal .. we all want to read your version too..

  7. ah...That's called destiny...destiny will have it's way out, come what your case it was the policeman :)(despite of what u guys were up to...)
    Things like this give us the assurance that world's not all tht bad :)
    Ant it's good to have such experiences in life...u'll have a story or 2 to flaunt your heroic deeds in front of your children hehe....

    1. bus yehi sab sochti reh tu .. :D
      fir bolegi headache hora .. hahaha .. aur kya hoga

  8. @Multifacet-
    Yes, I have absolutely no work today .. and my mind is still not working as ever. :)

    1. Haha..!Still not working matlab..?Kab work karta hai:)

  9. from the time i go to bed for sleep till the time i wake up :)


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