Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Close to Heart....:--) Contd.....

The new home was more close to Nature. The girl lived in a pent house as bubbly as the child. It had a terrace as big as the entire house or the house was as small as the terrace..:) The sunrise from the balcony made her days cheerful. She longed the entire day to get back home from school to watch the sunset and follow the pattern. The first milestone of her career (10th std) crossed with ease in the lap of nature. What she didn’t realise was the fact that the same place shall be sharing many such milestones hence forth. It was just the beginning. She enjoyed spreading her carpet on the terrace with books around her, sky over head, birds chirping and sun setting or rising. She soon became an ardent lover of morning walks and yoga on the terrace.

Day came when she started going to college. Radio became her next best friend after the loneliness brought in to her with restrictions. A girl full of on road activities now started loving music. When she first realised her fall to first crush, she felt an adrenaline rush. Avoiding the disclosure to any, soon she figured out it to be a passing phase.

The Angelic Home!!!

The home had a charm that always offered something worthwhile. Not only the girl, but her family too longed to get back home after day’s work, college, market or vacation. The pleasing nights with moon light spreading its warmth over her beautiful home, kept fears and tensions at a bay. The first step in the house made anyone smile. The girl felt to be a part of angelic palace so close to nature, trees, birds and God.

Rainy days meant lot of water sweeping in front of the house, which gave an opportunity to play in water. Sitting at the door, watching water splashing with mug of coffee in hand, made hours run like seconds. While god washed terrace, it was duty of the God’s child to wash it during summers. Throwing water on the terrace, sometimes on herself, sometimes on people around her, she soon started finding a world within her. A world of endless happiness and a world ruled by her, her thoughts and her beliefs. The nights of “summers” were “The Best”. Everyone she knew, would complain of sleepless nights due to hot temperatures, trying to get some sleep with help of “so-called breeze” of A/C. she always felt proud in saying, that she sleeps under the sky with the nature’s cool breeze cuddling her to the glory till the eyes blinked and blinked and the mind went off to the dream world. She recollects the same today with the song of “summers of 69”, “Those were the best days of my life”.

 :) :) :)
Graduation brought lot of fun and friends of lifetime to the princess. Best things always happened to her. And here she was with a set of friends, who let her rediscover, herself, her child hood, which she had lost for some time. There she was again, with naughtiness hidden behind sparkling eyes, playing pranks, teasing couples, getting into trouble with experiments of adventure. This time she rediscovered herself, rediscovered not to lose herself again. She has always been thankful to those special friends.

Now was the time, to make her dream come true. An aspiration, of doing MBA. Home and family provided the support. Throughout this, the talks of purchasing an own house were close to getting final. Both were the dreams that were nurtured since long. While dream of MBA faced failure once, the dream of “A Place Called Home” required the biggest, most desirous, yet most sensible decision of their lives. Both came true simultaneously.

Moon lit night!!!

It was the month of June 2011, when “The Journey was about to begin”. (Ref: Post of 8th june). The moment her bags lay packed, the entire world went round with thoughts of never being able to set them back in the same lovely home. There she was, standing in a place, where she crossed rather faced the most important milestones and the same shall not be there to share the fruits of happiness that shall be coming thereafter. She forced herself to feel the pride of owing a house, but no good words pacified her emotions of leaving “Her Dream Home”.

Nov 2011, she left everything on campus, to get back home. It was the time family was celebrating the long waited ownership. She smiled with them. Her eyes became moist, as she saw the happiness with which “her best couple” of “mom-dad” sat down for the Grah Pravesh pooja. She knew the reason why she was there. While everyone was busy celebrating and desirous to spend the first night at the new home, she preferred to bid adieu to her “Angelic pent house”. She did so, thanking the place for all the comfort, strength and happiness that it provided throughout. She smiled at the moonlight over the home while she took a last walk on the terrace.

The ray of hope that one day....:)

Exactly 20 days later, the family is celebrating the “much hyped” success of their daughter on campus. She is eagerly waiting to get back to Hyd in another 20days, assured of taking the road to the “angelic house” first by mistake. This is in no way a tribute to her home, for it would be too small a one to be considered so. “Aashirwad” – the name of old (as well as new home), shall always be remembered as one of the many invisible hands in defining the personality of the girl. And she secretly dreams to make that place her’s forever one day.


  1. lovely dear :)
    I am turning into a real admirer of your skills...
    Truly a heart touching n refreshing one.. one of the best narrations i have read!!!
    to be continued...

  2. Beautiful!!! Could feel your sadness of leaving the old "Aashirwad" with the excitement of going to the new one :)
    This blog so evidently shows your love for nature and simplistic things :) one could fall in love with your simplicity, after reading this :D
    It surely made you what you are today, right word to call it 'angelic' :) the house has given you the strength, the purity in you.. you truly have discovered so much of you there :)
    wen u come down, like u, even we might by mistake take the road to the 'angelic house' first :D
    PS- the house and the terrace will be missed by us as well :)

  3. M speechlesss....!!!!! i read this blog thrice....Ur simplicity can touch anyone's heart. The way you find happiness in the small things is commendable :):)

  4. wowwww totally speechless...your love for old'ashirwad' is truely amazing and i can actually understand ur feelings as i ve gone through tht part....and as said by everyone anyone will fall in love with your simplicity.....your blogs are the best :) :)

  5. @Vijender - Always in a hurry but still finds time to comment first..:) It feels good to know that the thing so close to my heart, i managed to put it across in a justifiable way..:)

  6. @Jinal - I was so so so happy to see your commen even before me saying you that i have updated my blog..:) Your simple and caring gestures mean a lot to me..:)

    We as a group too had so much of memorable time..:)Will miss every bit of it..:) But yeah memories are to be cherished but new ones are also to be created..:)

  7. @Harpreet - Thanks kudiye..:) N it has always been valued by all ppl around me including SBG...N that's the best part...Not too often ppl share the same view of simplistic things..:)

  8. @megha - My blogs are best becoz ppl reading are bestest..:) Thanku..:)

  9. AAAAAARRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! am all confused now about which one is your current home and which one was in past! :P plz enlighten me with the truth...
    P.S: one thing is for sure that those color and wall paint tabs in your screenshot were indeed for 'AASHIRVAD' SMART ME! B-)

  10. @Gourav - See..!The two posts all together talks of 3 homes..!The first one (with no name) is where she spent her childhood after moving from joint family(Rented)

    The second is the home next to the "no name home" with its building's name as "Aashirwad" - The angelic home(Rented - pent house)

    The latest is also named "Aashirwad" to keep the sanctity of Pent house. This is in new colony away from the memorable lane. This time it is own house.

    Hopefully confusion is cleared. I had replied to this misinterpretation in my earlier response to your comment.

    P.S: Yep! You were street smart to identify that..:)

  11. "It had a terrace as big as the entire house or the house was as small as the terrace." - Get this patented.. this is one of your best lines !
    I bow down to you madam .. this is exceptional!
    I have been making a statement many a times.. but let me make it official now - I am really amazed with how you are growing at GIM .. truly a satisfactory experience.
    This home will always be our favourite one.. no matter where we progress in life...
    There is a huge emotion attached to it.. but the way you have pulled the strings together to make up for this beautiful write up is highly commendable..
    Indeed the dream of “A Place Called Home” has come true and the credit for this goes to everybody who has been contributing to our lives every single day.. THANK YOU ALL!
    Your “much hyped” success statement definitely needs a must correction... for you need to believe and treasure the fact that you have accomplished an outstanding n a rare feet.. which most of us long for..
    The likes of RK and Komal are remarkable .. you guys are BIG..have the potential to be BIGGER .. and will surely be the BIGGEST some day :)
    Cheers n Kudos...

  12. Whenever i read your blog it feels like i m reading a novel written by a renowed author, i can visualise n feel all the emotions of it. So beautifully narrated , hope this becomes the "Bhagban" of your life one day. And yes ofcourse we will also miss that house a lot, having so many beautiful memories of sbg . Waiting to see your new home eagerly.

  13. simply superb...
    Read all your posts which i have missed earlier and a 10/10 for this 1..beautifully scripted...felt like wow after reading your blog after such a long gap...
    and a must mention to Vj's comment...4 chand laga diya tere blog ko hehe..

  14. Thanks Khush - can you also name those stars for me .. n how they can be seen :D
    for All - Some good,intelligent and real funny thoughts here... go get a breezer for yourself here..
    n Yes, this very moment, miss Multifacet is also writing on the other end :) Bingo!!

  15. @Vijender and Khushboo - Feels nice to see your comment after a long time..:)And more nice to reply it after even longer...hehe..:) N yes perfectly said - I think it should be read together - vijender's - "A place called home" followed by this, together with the comment..:)

  16. @Saloni - I am so so so happy that you keep finding time to read my blog and feel happy about it..:)This is like exceeding expectations because i know its difficult to manage at a point where you are..:)

    And yes miss oops mrs. saloni jain - I am now your neighbor..:) The next lane...DIsha and Appy ki *** gai..:)Hope to see you soon here in hyd..:)Take care dear..:)


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