Wednesday, 30 January 2013

~~Moments Worth Living For~~

Hellooo blogdosts!  It’s been almost 2 months since I logged on to this place. No, not that I am doing something important! Never mind! So how have you all been..?

I have been waiting for that indomitable urge to take out my laptop and pen down my thoughts. Because that is what blogging has always meant to me. And yes it was back just 2 days back and at no other time than when I was leaving my city!

It was just another time of travelling back from home to campus. It’s the irony of time that makes you blend into everything. Now even my travel’s busboy recognises me [because of my geeky specs]. So you can guess on the frequency of my travel.

Miles Unlimited!

In these two years, the time I felt most independent was while travelling. And I traveled alone a lot. So much so that it seems a restriction if I am questioned on – “……But how will you travel alone?” It has its own charm and charisma. And if I have gained any deeper awareness of myself then it is my love for travelling. I have decided to keep travelling to places and not settle in one single city. The feeling of being new to a place, the fear of getting lost, the slow interaction between you and the city to the time that your eyes become moist when you leave the place. I love this experience.

Little Moments!

So what was special about this departure? It was supposed to be my last travel from home to campus [Goa]. At all times [for which the count goes to 13 travel trips=26 bus journeys in 17 months] I always had my Big B[bro] to drop me and keep waving ‘bye-bye’ till I could see him. This time it was different. He couldn’t stay back at home due to office reasons. And here I was sitting in my pick up bus, ear phones plugged in with a gloomy face watching other passengers waving goodbye. The main bus is to be boarded at a distance of 35kms from the pickup point.

Sitting in an A/C bus, watching outside the window, I was lost in the music. In a matter of time the bright sun was taken in by the dark clouds. Hot wind turned into a pleasant breeze and I could suddenly feel the happiness in the environment around me. Tip went down the first drop against my window. And soon enough it started raining. I love rains. And however bad mood I may be in, a shower from clouds, can make up my mood. I quickly tuned the music to accompany my mood with rain. Motor cyclists started to speed up, road-side vendors began covering their material. But no one seemed complaining. Or rather I wasn’t so I found no one. I was mesmerized at God’s way of cheering me up with a message. When I first time travelled from home to Goa, it was the monsoon time. And the city shed tears as much as I did on my departure. Probably this would be my last travel and association as a student with Goa. And with this unexpected and inexpressibly touching moment, I relaxed back in my chair saying – “Dream Journey has come a full circle”!  

Wait! This was not the end of it. I reached the main boarding area and was sitting in the waiting lounge awaiting the announcement. As I heard the details of bus, I looked up the stairs from the room. To my eyes it can be the best moment worth keeping as a memory. Yes! He made it this one last time too! All I could do was pick up my bags smiling, rush to him and give a hug! Yet one more time he was standing there waving “bye-bye” with a smile on lips and sadness in eyes.