Friday, 20 April 2012

How many times......

How many times did you

1. Feel you reached the bus stop just in time or your boss would have spoiled your Friday
2. think you got into contact with the right person else things would fall apart
3. Just when you were confused you got the best solution
4.  make a comment - i cannot survive without my mobile, laptop etc
5. say i do not know where will i be today had that not happened in my life xyzee years back

And now i thought - how would i survive so long in Bangalore had my company not given me this initial accommodation.

Are all these really important to take place? Or they take place just to give a particular way/direction to life? I never thought in my life i would move out of home before marriage. And here i am close to killing emotions generated each time i have to pack bag to move out trodding upon the memories created. 

Without a few key incidents/people we still would be living, but in a different way, with different people in a different situation. Well, whether we would be happy in those moments is a question which we should not answer without a thought - i can assure you it would be premature. Because you are in this situation, have traveled the path along to reach here - you judge the other side keeping this side of thoughts and emotions intact.You may think you would have been happy marrying your ex-boyfriend or you would not be happy if you didn't make it through that entrance exam. Wait for a while. You're saying so keeping your thoughts and emotions anchored to the present. 

While it's important for us to acknowledge gratitude towards incidents and people who marked the milestones. Make sure, while doing this, you are not loading baggage at every station, which one day would ultimately make you stand still in your life or bend down. At the same time do not fancy the alternatives so much by living in your dream world making your present a suffocating journey! 

Huh! Too much of philosophy on a closure of a work week or start of a weekend. More than anyone i needed to tell this to myself. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Which cage you belong to?

Found this best put article in the impressive employee magazine that my hands lay on while working. It can be accepted with a pinch of salt or rejected in arrogance.Choice is ours!

No Exception!!!
Sometimes it's hard to see which side of the cage we are in. it's even harder to understand if we are actually on the better side of the cage. But caged we are nonetheless. Cages come in different sizes and shapes. Some we built around ourselves and some are built by the society into which we voluntarily get into. And all we do is to perpetually shift from one cage to another as the days go by.

We all are ambitious. Aren't we? We need our houses big and relationship ties small. Based on how much money we make, we buy a house and put all our heart and soul into beautifying it. The house represents how big we dreamt and what we have achieved. The neatly laid out dinner table with four crafted chairs seldom makes us realise its emptiness. The beautiful couch in the living room makes us wonder as to where will we get the people to sit on them.

The first one I want to own

Our roads are becoming wider while the parking lots are shrinking. Owning a set of wheels, for most of us, is a lifetime wish. Our friendly neighborhood car salesman gives us more reason than not to stretch our budget and go for that one car which we find hard to buy. But we still give into temptation and buy the car only to realise that we can hardly stretch our legs. We keep trying to figure out if the two extra wheels "reserve" more space for us on the road or has it shrunk into a smaller cage than we initially were in - the whole wide world.

These are not the only things we cage ourselves or others in. Our religion, our gods, our beliefs, our relationships, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance, possessiveness are a few to name...When a relationship turns sour between lovers, they break-up with the conviction that being separate would be better. If this be teh case then wonder why is it called "breaking up" and not "setting free"? Why then do they spend rest of their lives caging themselves in thoughts and memories of the things that went wrong in the relationship?

         Once a picture perfect

We hurt our loved ones and then look up for forgiveness from him, who more often than not, silently watches us commit sins. In the captivity of our beliefs, we hold our minds and feelings hostage so much that we share our food with the ones whom we don't share our beliefs. As someone rightly said, "Humans are engineered for success but programmed for failure"

Not preferring to end the post on a sad note - Here's a solution to it - 

      Make Your Life A Reason To Smile :) 

My Favorite Badge Always with me

The life is mystic
The relations are so vague
You laugh at one moment 
And to the next you weep
The existence of God is mysterious
Still we say we believe in miracles
You are blessed with successes 
Still you grumble for what you lost
You're privileged with today
Then what makes you think of past
You did the sins
Then whom are you lying 
So come on, get up
It's time to rise high
Make yourself active to do something fine
The life would end one day
Make it a reason to SMILE.

Friday, 6 April 2012

1st Smile in Bangalore:)

I am spending the maximum amount of time sleeping, 2nd most highest in watching movies and 3rd highest thinking would i ever want this kind of life..!Nothing wrong but its just that i am getting too lonely. I have got the best of provisions that i ever got or would get in future - But i am not smiling. Why? Because i do not have people with whom i can share the proud feeling and kid like excitement on seeing a 3BHK flat just for me with TV and A/C in my room, do not disturb hang outs on door knob or all services which are just a call away. I miss not just home but my GIM companions too.

So what gets me this first smile? I have been on a spree of watching Sherlock Holmes TV series. After 2 days of logical deductions and theory of information, i switch channels on the TV. And i listen to the dialog - "Ab ye manjeet kaun hai?" Fans who have watched this movie 2-3 times would have guessed it by now. It's movie "Jab We Met". It sometimes feels good to watch a movie that touches the strings of heart and can spread a smile on face - Don't ask for a logical explanation on this pls..:)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

No time for flashback

Hey der. As I wait at the final destination – Bangalore airport for my colleagues to arrive, I thought let me grab a coffee and update myself and you all. Yeah I need to update myself too. I have been running around since past one week using all possible modes of transport. So life is moving fast and so am I. As I left the green campus of Goa, my heartbeat missed for a while, as it was one year quick completion on campus. As I vacated my room, tears filled in eyes recollecting the day, we had put in things in an empty room, to make it our living room (me & Lakshmi- roomies). It was hard to take in but we had to move. Followed it the shortest ever trip to home of two days. But it was a needed breather.

Then I visited the city where new girl had landed 1st time she was away from home. It was for 1day in Mumbai, but it brought back all good old memories. I landed yesterday by morning flight – where an eye pleasing sunrise made my journey – I could see the warmth being spread to the city and the darkness being absorbed by sun as people woke up to their alarm - As the eastern side glowed in orange, the west was in the brim of darkness waiting to be taken away – All at once, all from thousands of feet up in the air, all with my very anxious eyes. It had been one of the things in my bucket list.

So, it’s Bangalore. It shall be this city that I need to face as a mini MBA grad for next two months. All together there are 19interns from across India colleges and the company says they have started on gender diversity by keeping the G:B ratio of 1:18. Lot of things needs to be put in place. I will be looking for a place to live in, figuring out arrangements on food and many more administrative things. Apart from that, the main purpose I am here is to work :-) Right now the first things look priority. Kidding. I am excited, I am tensed, I am confused. I am welcoming this as a learning opportunity yet a fear of newness and change is daunting me from inside. That’s it for now. I might become little irregular on this space, which I do not want to, still shall keep all my loved ones updated as and when time permits me.

Thanks for all the love and support. Need more of it now :-)wishing myself good luck before I step out on the roads of Bangalore.

P.S: This is the first thing I am doing(posting the write up) as I get my full facility enabled service apartment. I was elated to get Wifi!!!