Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Evening Walk…..

Putting on my tracks, wearing my shoes,
I plug in my ear phones to break the routine of daily chores.
Making way from the unknown crowd,
I cross the gate and feel sense of relief.

The treasured path...

Walking down the road listening to loud music,
I slow down the volume at the entrance of the village.
Birds chirping all over the sky,
Sun bids good bye with a promise to return by.

Fences of trees surrounding houses,
I admire their evening lifestyle.
Tired after day’s real hard work, a man return to his home,
Outside the house on a small stove is a lady cooking coughing due to smoke.

My memory lane runs down the past,
I remember how the food cooked on “chullah”(stove is a modern version) tastes.
I smile at the real unknown people yet get true smile back,
I feel the serene feeling in my heart as I turn back.

Putting again the loud music on the phone,
I sway back to my place of unknowns. 

Baadal zameen par!!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

In the state of Joy…….

“So I got the new one-liners to be added in the list which people use when they are high” ! Exclaimed my brother last night. No, I wasn’t alcoholically drunk still I was high. I was high with emotion of happiness. I do not remember last time when I had this feeling.

When hands join.....

I still wonder would I be longing so much for the small visits to the city if it was not for my family and friends. Each of my visits become special with small and big moments of happiness. Be it early morning walks, rush of finishing household duties, crazy photo shoot in girls night out, trying riding bike, late night dandiya ,  or a serene time to write a blog sitting by a rainy window with a mug of “maa k haath ki chai”. Everything falls in place with so much ease. I adore each thread of this life and feel blessed.

People have their own way of forming opinion about various cities. I have opinion about each city based on people and relationships I develop there. Although I haven’t travelled much, I have two cities that I am in love with. Hyderabad is a perfect city for me – Perfect not because of its lifestyle, culture or beauty. It is perfect for me because of the warmth of the people whom I can call as mine. It is not perfect because I have stayed here from childhood; it is not perfect because I can identify most number of people of this city. It is perfect because I have found many pair of eyes in which I see genuine care and love for me. It is flawless because I have found pair of hands and shoulders that can raise my spirits from the abyssal of darkness. And this shall continue to be the best city for me till the best people I know are here.

P.S: And so I am back in my city to celebrate b'day and get high without the alcohol of Goa!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Looking forward.....

Not much to write blogdosts but still just wanted to mark this day as a memory of beautiful blend of tears and smiles :) Full of positive energy with a sense of relief on having taken the advice of the most sensible person in my life. Hoping to clear out things and get back life on track. 


All looks well,
Trouble bubbles began to disappear in hell,
A true helping hand was all I needed in this phase of disdain.
Thank you lord for holding the torch on my way and making me sane.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A letter to my roomie

As I am starting to write now I do not know what I want to write. Just two days back as you left campus for short visit to home I realized how much you mean to me. To all my readers, a short introduction about my roomie – Lakshmi. Going by her name, she truly lives upto it. Rich in expenditure terms and super rich at heart.  A  thorough foodie, ever smiling chap and the most lazy of all.

Dear Lakshmi(Laku),

If I shall ever recall any of God’s miracles (which are many in my case) our meet would be one among the top on the list. In a big q of room overflowing with girls, my instinct of choosing you as my roomie is none less than God planting thought in my mind. Ever since then we have rolled together.

Together we sail...

Our friendship is one of the most precious memories I shall be carrying out from GIM. We have smiled, laughed, cried, hated and loved each other. You have made many of my days away from home worthwhile with care, warmth and innocence of yours. No one is perfect. And so are we both. We both gave each other moments of disappointments, sorrow and anger. We vented out and ended up hugging each other with tears.

That's Lakuuu and Myself

Our crazy laughter riots watching Sarabhai and giggling discussions about the colours of face packs being used by girls always put a smile on my face.  I have never told you this but I need to admit it here. I always believed God never leaves me alone. He has ensured throughout to keep me in the company of his messengers/angels throughout who guides my thoughts and actions. And in this journey of 2 years away from all my loved ones you have been his angel sent to me to protect me, take care of me and guide me.

Through this letter I always want you to remember few things. As we move ahead in life low phases may come when you would need me but time or distance may not permit us. In those moments of despair please refer to this letter and remember my words. Like I say always remember “Everything happens for a reason”.  We may not be able to decipher the reason for the events then but you need to trust the universal power. Never compare your life with someone who you think has got a better life than you. Instead look at the other side and you shall be grateful for what you have got. And lastly never lose faith and confidence in yourself. Every individual is blessed with remarkable talents. It is only the ability to see, recognize and nurture it that makes the difference.

Always Smiling!!!

Sniff sniff!!! Enough of this emotional drama moma…Haina??? (in our typical sarabhai style). Always there for you! And Thank You!

Hugs and love
Your roomie.