Friday, 14 December 2012

Pre-corporate experience & observations

If getting a job brings down the curtains on the journey of MBA, I am glad I have been able to do so successfully. All the mad rush, tension to make it through, the last piece of puzzle to be put in order etc etc etc. All the while I kept asking myself – Is this the end of all?

I know holding a job in hand and spreading knowledge(*Gyaan*) about the other side of the coin is an easy task. And look at the irony of this – till the time you do not grab a job and you talk this stuff you are considered to be a brave soldier or a wise man. The moment you cross the road you lose all the rights to explain to people that “this isn’t really the end of all”.

The war for the job.....

 Each one of us has our own corporate experiences. This was my second campus recruitment experience. I had decided this time to enjoy every bit of it. I knew these will be the memories I shall look back upon. Taking my profession of future HR seriously and above all I like being the silent observer. With the process closing to an end, here is a list of my observations. Some funny, some to learn from, some weird…..

Disclaimer – “I am not writing this against any individual in specific. Any identical behaviour to the ones being described is purely coincidental”

Starting with the preparation part. Few of them like to skip meals and avoid going for breaks during the time of serious preparation. While there are other who flock around in the small store to buy packets of chips, biscuits, breads. They stock it in their room and lure themselves for eating so much after having studied this part. Few prefer to keep the doors locked and study in isolation and peace. Few prefer it in groups. Few love it with music. While others like it in Library where they can see other souls doing the same and take inspiration. While one side is content not knowing what others are doing, other side cannot survive without knowing the level of preparation the person next door has gone upto.

Now coming to the D-day. Few prefer to keep the routine of waking up early morning, having breakfast, reading the headlines before going for the process. Others like to make it to the last minute sweating, skipping breakfast and arriving in the room all tensed up.

Next when people are waiting in room either for their Group Discussion or for their interview turn. One of them is glued to laptop to read everything possible that he/she has not been able to read so far in the short time left. One of them would like to calmly recollect the notes made while preparation and gather their thoughts. Another set would not want to do anything but get nervous seeing people around flipping pages. Few keep getting nervousness jitters and nibble around with things. Few prefer not to do anything and just walk along in the corridor trying to make small chats with people around.

Each individual’s personality defines their thought process. And moreover the manner in which they take failure. Few take the whole blame of situation on themselves and become their own best critique.  “I didn’t give the best for this job…I think I screwed up the interview ….. I didn’t deserve it because I hadn’t worked much hard for it….” Few others put it on factors around which are beyond their control. “ My luck never favoured me anytime in past too…..The interview was not at same level of difficulty for all…..The panel had demographic criteria in mind before itself(sex, experience, age) and I didn’t fit it inspite of being good in the interview”. And then there is another set who puts an argument on the system itself. “ This is a pathetic way of recruiting people…How can a person be judged in an interview…They took the person who was most silent in the GD…This time they have taken aggressive people…They selected xyz on basis of ‘this’,’this’ and ‘this’. I am amazed…..”. No right or wrong way of taking this but just an observation.


Now reaching the last and the most beautiful part when you make through. Few are overwhelmed, joyous with tears in eyes. Others remain calm and composed taking stalk of the situation and trying to sink the news in. Few go around immediately calling up distant loved ones. Few walk back preferring to be the shoulder of those for whom it was not meant to be. And finally there are others who shout out and express their happiness, hugging people around and sharing the love and joy.

Nothing judgemental about anybody. Nothing right or wrong. I enjoyed being a part of this process and have my own set of learning’s which shall keep nurturing me in years to come. I wanted to share this experience with you all and mark it in my diary of memories and this is the way it goes.

And still I would say to all facing hard-luck in whatsoever manner – “This isn’t the end of all. Everything has to pass. And this too shall pass”. Stay there and face it with courage. For God knows which child can take it all. And he has chosen to you because he considers you to be brave.

Signing off for now.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Love Cleaning?

Hello blogdosts!!! It is been long since I wrote or read everyone’s updates. I promise I shall do that soon.

What has kept me away from this space has got nothing to do with hunting of my job as I draw closer to the end of dream journey! Instead I have been completely out of focus towards that aspect. I have visited home twice in a span of 20days. Yeyeye. First occasion was Dussera (birthday to be noted) and second was Diwali. What both the celebrations were like would require another post. In one word it was “lovable”.

Continuing with the title – “ Love Cleaning?”. Well it might be Yes, No, May be haven’t tried or anything else. For me I have grown to love cleaning from the extreme of hating it. I did not realise till I became independent (*away from home*) how engraved my mumma’s teachings of cleanliness and organization have become. My roomie (Lakshmi) would agree to that completely. She has seen me freak out for scattered things, not so clean clothes of washing machine or a miss of “eco-clean’s regular cleaning of room”. I did not realise my finicky attitude towards this unless I was made conscious of. But I am proud of it and I love it.

And cleaning for Diwali always has always been exciting. It has been a bonding activity for our family. It was never shouldered or considered something only ladies should be doing in the house. Images of dad splashing water on the floor, me clicking images of brother on the roof, mom’s teacher like instructions and me being “chotu assistant” to all flash as I recollect old Diwali. Mom yelling to clean properly while the rest three of us giggling anticipating the “yelling dialogue” of mom being the best memory.

I have been missing this fun since two years. But I ensured to give it a different direction by enjoying cleaning my room with laku (my roomie) last year. This year, being in a single room, I had been postponing proper cleaning for the occasion of Diwali. An unplanned visit back home deprived me of the pleasure to clean my living place. No regrets at all for missing or rather delay of the opportunity, but ever since I came back I was feeling uneasy. Growing layer of dust had been increasing my anxiety till today when I decided come what may I am taking it up NOW!!!  People around my room (who rarely peep inside) knocked on to check if I was packing bags for permanent return (yeah! It is a self – praise to the method of cleaning. Hehe).

CIP - Cleaning in Progress - Snap 1

CIP - Cleaning in Progress - Snap 2

As I write this a smile spreads across my face seeing the nick clean tube light, fan, bed, shoe stand ,study table etc. It is not because I feel sense of achievement after doing it. Rather I feel good because I feel I have returned the respect back to the things I make use of on daily basis or the things I have received as gifts because I am special for them.

Post Cleaning :)

That's my study and decorative table :)

P.S: In the cleaning spree I do not remember how I cleaned my tube light but it has stopped working: P 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Evening Walk…..

Putting on my tracks, wearing my shoes,
I plug in my ear phones to break the routine of daily chores.
Making way from the unknown crowd,
I cross the gate and feel sense of relief.

The treasured path...

Walking down the road listening to loud music,
I slow down the volume at the entrance of the village.
Birds chirping all over the sky,
Sun bids good bye with a promise to return by.

Fences of trees surrounding houses,
I admire their evening lifestyle.
Tired after day’s real hard work, a man return to his home,
Outside the house on a small stove is a lady cooking coughing due to smoke.

My memory lane runs down the past,
I remember how the food cooked on “chullah”(stove is a modern version) tastes.
I smile at the real unknown people yet get true smile back,
I feel the serene feeling in my heart as I turn back.

Putting again the loud music on the phone,
I sway back to my place of unknowns. 

Baadal zameen par!!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

In the state of Joy…….

“So I got the new one-liners to be added in the list which people use when they are high” ! Exclaimed my brother last night. No, I wasn’t alcoholically drunk still I was high. I was high with emotion of happiness. I do not remember last time when I had this feeling.

When hands join.....

I still wonder would I be longing so much for the small visits to the city if it was not for my family and friends. Each of my visits become special with small and big moments of happiness. Be it early morning walks, rush of finishing household duties, crazy photo shoot in girls night out, trying riding bike, late night dandiya ,  or a serene time to write a blog sitting by a rainy window with a mug of “maa k haath ki chai”. Everything falls in place with so much ease. I adore each thread of this life and feel blessed.

People have their own way of forming opinion about various cities. I have opinion about each city based on people and relationships I develop there. Although I haven’t travelled much, I have two cities that I am in love with. Hyderabad is a perfect city for me – Perfect not because of its lifestyle, culture or beauty. It is perfect for me because of the warmth of the people whom I can call as mine. It is not perfect because I have stayed here from childhood; it is not perfect because I can identify most number of people of this city. It is perfect because I have found many pair of eyes in which I see genuine care and love for me. It is flawless because I have found pair of hands and shoulders that can raise my spirits from the abyssal of darkness. And this shall continue to be the best city for me till the best people I know are here.

P.S: And so I am back in my city to celebrate b'day and get high without the alcohol of Goa!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Looking forward.....

Not much to write blogdosts but still just wanted to mark this day as a memory of beautiful blend of tears and smiles :) Full of positive energy with a sense of relief on having taken the advice of the most sensible person in my life. Hoping to clear out things and get back life on track. 


All looks well,
Trouble bubbles began to disappear in hell,
A true helping hand was all I needed in this phase of disdain.
Thank you lord for holding the torch on my way and making me sane.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A letter to my roomie

As I am starting to write now I do not know what I want to write. Just two days back as you left campus for short visit to home I realized how much you mean to me. To all my readers, a short introduction about my roomie – Lakshmi. Going by her name, she truly lives upto it. Rich in expenditure terms and super rich at heart.  A  thorough foodie, ever smiling chap and the most lazy of all.

Dear Lakshmi(Laku),

If I shall ever recall any of God’s miracles (which are many in my case) our meet would be one among the top on the list. In a big q of room overflowing with girls, my instinct of choosing you as my roomie is none less than God planting thought in my mind. Ever since then we have rolled together.

Together we sail...

Our friendship is one of the most precious memories I shall be carrying out from GIM. We have smiled, laughed, cried, hated and loved each other. You have made many of my days away from home worthwhile with care, warmth and innocence of yours. No one is perfect. And so are we both. We both gave each other moments of disappointments, sorrow and anger. We vented out and ended up hugging each other with tears.

That's Lakuuu and Myself

Our crazy laughter riots watching Sarabhai and giggling discussions about the colours of face packs being used by girls always put a smile on my face.  I have never told you this but I need to admit it here. I always believed God never leaves me alone. He has ensured throughout to keep me in the company of his messengers/angels throughout who guides my thoughts and actions. And in this journey of 2 years away from all my loved ones you have been his angel sent to me to protect me, take care of me and guide me.

Through this letter I always want you to remember few things. As we move ahead in life low phases may come when you would need me but time or distance may not permit us. In those moments of despair please refer to this letter and remember my words. Like I say always remember “Everything happens for a reason”.  We may not be able to decipher the reason for the events then but you need to trust the universal power. Never compare your life with someone who you think has got a better life than you. Instead look at the other side and you shall be grateful for what you have got. And lastly never lose faith and confidence in yourself. Every individual is blessed with remarkable talents. It is only the ability to see, recognize and nurture it that makes the difference.

Always Smiling!!!

Sniff sniff!!! Enough of this emotional drama moma…Haina??? (in our typical sarabhai style). Always there for you! And Thank You!

Hugs and love
Your roomie.

Monday, 24 September 2012

What you should know about me?

Reading an article in Times life dated Sept, 9th 2012 I thought this should be shared with you all. I request all my readers to give this article a thought and do share in form of comments what you all feel.

We all live in the fear of world laughing at us. In German, the word is “schadenfreude” meaning “the pleasure one derives from misfortune of others”. We mistake it to be our good soul’s empathy which is in reality the pleasure. When one slips in a mall it is not the physical fall that hurts us. It is rather the amusing stares people give to you that make us lose our self-control.

There are many feelings and emotions we want others to feel about us but amusement at our expense is certainly not on the list. The opposite of “schadenfreude” is the Buddhist concept of “mudita” meaning “Happiness in the fortune of others”.

If we look back even as kids we tried to manipulate the way world looked at us. As simple as crying aloud with no tears in eyes meant our wishes to be fulfilled: P Well such is the significance attached to it.

Now coming to the centre stage. Each one of us desire and want others to feel and know certain things about us. Talking about me I would want people to know and consider that I am a Frank person. Do not expect me to be one of those wonderful actors who can pretend to be happy when they are not or find the conversation amusing when it is not really. My expression says it on the face that “Dude! Your company is boring” or “you do not know your subject. Don’t try to fool around!” Although these days I am trying to avoid being so explicit because soon it’s going to be the management world I’ll be stepping into.

Secondly, I am the weirdest creature who is lost between practicality and emotions J Clearly I do not like interference in my personal life from people who are “nothing more than strangers”. Let’s talk business and end it there. At the same time I want my close ones to understand that I am not devoid of emotions. Honestly I am much more emotional than people around me expect from me.

Next I hate gossips. I do not want people to talk at my back of something which is not true. So I do not like doing the same with others. I have enough in my life to keep me engaged. So please do not expect me to smile back at you and update you with 10other stories.

Lastly I cannot stay long without spending time alone. Some people prefer retrospecting while talking to others.  Some want to do it alone. I fall in the latter category.  This brings to the surface the fact that I keep certain things only to myself. I cannot share it with the closest person also. So far people close to me have respected and accepted that and I owe a “thank you” to them. Well who they are, they know it!

So dear blog friends, what is on your list that people around should know, take care of and accept??? In every individual’s book there are a few things that cannot be stated to people around every time but you want them to consider. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

The burden on eyes!

They here always refer to "eyes". It is an attempt to explain the pain eyes have to go through as it is the true mirror of the heart. 

When eyes speak...

The eyes that always longed to meet another,
Now escapes the sight with fear.
They are never free from the guilt,
Of having ruined the relationship long built.
They always knew they can never become the one you desire for,
Then why did it tread long enough on the path before looking backward???
Whenever they are closed to get some sleep,
Tears flow down without notice.
They want to talk and sort things out,
But the mind says it is not the right time to settle things down.
They always believed in the silent magic of lord,
And still believe all the souls will rest in peace when the final call is announced loud!!!

No words can convey what eyes can...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ala Ala matwaala 'Barfiii'

This is a quick update of my excitement this morning. It no less a Friday than "my own movie release". I have been going gaga over trailers of 'Barfi' and waited eagerly to watch the movie with a person whom i called "Third most handsome" after Akshay Kumar and Rabir Kapoor. 

As I lifted my cup of milk and opened newspaper to read some serious news my eyes caught the section of newspaper "Review". I put my mug down, rolled over the sofa seeing rating of "4.5 by TOI". And started humming "ala ala matwaala barfi" as I read through the review. With each line of appreciation for Ranbir it felt my success. That's the effect of My Recent Love as already shared.

(ref post:

Sharing with you all The Times of India Review details:

The most engaging comment which shall make each one of us watch the movie is :

"The biggest human disability is we can't find happiness. So go indulge in 'Barfi'! It'll leave you 'happy high'! - Times of India.

Although each day at home had and will have its own touch of fun, excitement, love and pampering. Tomorrow shall see the peak of it when I will watch the movie in the most lovable company. 

Keep spreading smiles :) And stay Happy! Get back to you all soon.

P.S: I have my graduation convocation due tomorrow after 2.5 years. Had it been more 6months i would have completed my PG. Better late than never :-)


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Packing bags home with a sigh of relief!!!

 Hey der! I am doing just ok. Hope you all are rocking! So here I am having packed my bags for home finally after 2.5 months. Yes it’s the first time I have been on campus at a stretch for so long. And quite a few first timers happened this semester and more to come in my chutti.

As I look back upon this term it is a proper blend of contrast between mind and heart’s desires :-) I did everything what according to my mind was correct and ideal. On the way I betrayed my heart (it has betrayed me on lot of occasions!!!). But it was all good for the first time to see sensible side of myself. Although people around felt I have changed a lot, I feel the change is for good.

Yay!!! I have been waiting and on occasions resisting the feeling of leaving everything right here and running back home. I am longing for the moment when Maa shall open the door and embrace me. I am waiting for that peaceful moment as it has been long since I have rested in peace. And yes ofcourse I have one crackling week ready for my brother. Once again he shall find his life running because of me. I have planned half way through and I know he’s already dreading my visit.

 I am going to travel by train for the first time from Goa to Hyderabad. Plus I am travelling first time in 2 tier A/C. While booking the tickets I gave this rational to myself that you need to keep bringing change in your life to keep it away from boredom. And it has worked. I am excited like a small kid and looking forward to the luxury of home in train with pillow, bed sheet, charging point. I have planned to pamper myself sitting against the window watching movies back to back and listening to songs!

P.S: I intend to experience hangover in train. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

...contd - Recent Loves?

So what's next on my list. Not surprisingly it has to be filmy. And when it is me it has to be Bollywood filmy!!! And this time it is a person. Ahem! I can sense you reading quickly and escaping words to arrive at that name - I shall not disappoint you with my choice. Presenting to you all - One and only Ranbir Kapoor - aka - RK...I know you all must be wondering is it recent? Although i did not fall for him when other girls did when his towel slipped, but my heart fell for him a little later. So what's in it now? I am glad for two equally important reasons:

Komal Laddha Loves Ranbir Kapoor:)
1. Barfee promos have come out(I know its quite sometime now). I am again often spotted in a dramatic situation when promo is on TV in cafeteria. My hand stops in between while i am feeding myself and my eyes remain glued to the screen in the same posture till he is off the screen. 

2. Second important thing is its release date - 14th Sept 2012. This time i shall be back home and will be able to watch after a long time with my handsome brother.

We have many memories of rushing into the multiplex on day 1/2 without tickets and I wait there with my extreme possible innocent face and ask the guy for ticket. If its girl on the counter my brother does the same. And often they get confused with our relationship and smile. But but but, it proves of no use and they politely put down saying - sorry ma'am/sir - No tickets!!! And when we start walking back in despair, it is then that a poor guy for some reason comes to cancel out his tickets and we get the rightful share :) Ofcourse he gets lot of blessings.

Looking forward to the time and fun back home more keenly than ever before, the reasons for which shall be shared with you all blogdosts when the time is due!!!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Recent Love? Loves..:)

Hey der!!! How have been you all..? Well on my end quite good things have kept me smiling apart from my regular optimistic outlook :) Does it happen with everyone or am i favorite on God's list to be picked up for things i least dream of...Ok! I am referring a trip to "Chennai". 

A conversation few days back with my office colleague who moved to chennai went like this - 
C: I know we couldn't catch up last time you were in Hyd. Do let me know anytime you come to chennai. We'll surely catch up.
Me: After a sarcastic laugh - "Da! I have no reason to visit chennai. I am sure you'll visit Goa before that and we'll catch up here :)

Slurppp!!! A few weeks down and out of all options of Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore I am chosen for a corporate visit to "Chennai". Yes - You're right. I anticipated, assumed and dreamt of visit to Hyd and all possible things i would be doing back at home for a week. I gave mumma the list of dishes, gave bhaiyya the list of shopping and gave paapa the amount of money i'll be requiring (No, I am not a pain in ***). The contrast effect played its role to the max when i saw my name in list of people going to Chennai. Adding to the disaster was people narrating their experiences(bad ones) with "rickshaw guys", "food", "language" etc etc. I packed my bags with a heavy heart and least hopes cursing the people responsible for it.

Chennai Kamaraj Airport

Landing in Chennai after a 3 hrs hault at Mumbai(which allowed me to visit places and revisit memories) was just the beginning of an awesome experience. What unfolded in next 4 days can be summed up as typically as "We worked hard and partied harder". In the company of 3 other (then *unfamiliar* now *amazing*) batch mates i had one of the most memorable experience as GIM'ite. 

We rolled over *phone-calls* , *city roads* and *company gates* during 11am-4pm in the most formal business attire. And were spotted in the most informal clothes from 5pm-12,1,2 am. We shared, we learned, we ate, we shopped, we roamed - A full package of work and masti. 

Day Thinkers - 10am to 4pm

Thanks Sudhir for being a wonderful guide and caretaker in his home city and not making us fall into the "general- first timer-perception" of Chennai. Well i was some much so in love with city i could have dared to buy a "I Love Chennai" t-shirt. Kidding over the last part :) Thanks Disha for making me believe "i always get good roomies:)"and Shandy for the special commentary on missing "sarvana bhavan" and "veg food"(Its a sin not to eat at that place when visiting chennai)

After 5pm

P.S: I know i am grammatically incorrect to say *loves* but when did true emotions come out through grammatically correct English!!! Keep checking  this space to discover more on my list:) Ta-da. keep smiling :)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nature at this best!

Blog friends,

Off late my eyes are least complaining inspite of less rest that i am able to give them. Because they too do not want to miss the heavenly beauty of Mother Nature.With my new phone camera i am having amazing time trying to capture the beauty and nurture my deep hidden photography desire. Below are few glimpses of it. 

Shadow travels!
Can't be tired of sitting here staring into the water!
GIM beauty surpassing its own best!

Can you study???

Craving for more of beautiful clicks! Let your mood be as pleasant as the weather around :)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thoughts after a fall……….


Head buried between knees, 
Tears fell down tip by tip,
Music slowed in background, 
Inner silence finally broke its marathon.
Sobbing uncontrollably she hugged him tight,
Her world stared in her eyes in a moment of plight.
She admits she made a mistake,
Over stepping some boundaries that she had caressed.
She always said to herself she would never fall into it,
And that is the reason it is so hard for her to forgive.

Things look messy, relationships haywire,
Too much of love is driving her into the abyssal dire!
She wants to be away, without seeing another day,
Lonely in the clouds she wants to live her way.
Lord give her rest, Lord give her heal,
 She doesn’t want to be a part of this spinning wheel.
She’s confused like a silly girl.            
She needs a hand to come out of this swirl.

She never meant to hurt anyone,
Still on the way lost all her loved ones.
Now she sees, she’s too late,
To ask her loved ones to erase their memory lane.

She wishes she wouldn’t have this pain,
She murmurs those words in the rain.
Sitting all alone in her room she’s once again thinking of her life,
With happy images of past she efforts to smile with tears in her eyes.
It is a night of darkness, she decides to vent out her pain,
Her long survived efforts of happiness end up in vain.

Live Freee!!!

P.S: An attempt after inspiration from bloggers and friends to try a different genre. 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Back to my personal space

Dearest blogdosts,

I have been away from this space for the first time so long. And I missed it badly. The disclaimer that I gave at start of my internship (of being irregular in blogging) proved to be true at its end and after that.  Lot of things have changed. Here’s a list of changes

1. In Bangalore when I was on a shopping spree during last few days, I remembered how I searched for XS tees and kurtis for myself. Now I am fitting in the M sized ones. But soon I realised that are a bit too loose for me still. Never mind the money spent, for a girl it’s always important to know she is still in shape (*wink*)

2. I survived the lonely stay in Bangalore seeing the calendar I don’t remember how many times every day and counting weeks. I missed Goa and friends first time so much. Still at the end of it I had smile when I bid goodbye to the city because it taught me many things on the personal front the hard way.

3. First time I could sleep in the flight because I guess air travel have become a bit too regular in recent time. But yes next up on the bucket list is air travel in monsoon seeing rains and clouds.

4. I got to stay at home for proper 15days. It’s surprising how easily one can get comfortable at home and you never feel as if you are back to the place after a long gap. I still take about a week to adjust when I reach back campus.

5. Oh yes! The most important of all – Lately when I use to be back home I use to be given princess treatment which looked more like a guest treatment to me. And I disliked because I knew the reason was I visit home rarely. Well nothing wrong in that but this time I got nice scoldings, mom yelled and complained to my brother for me not helping her :--) I had tears in my eyes not for the scolding but to see the similar kind of expectations from mom again.

6. For the first time I spent good 3hours in parlour to pamper myself with beauty care days before my sister’s marriage. And it reconfirmed to me that I am not one of those who like it. It was pretty boring and I wish not to spend so much time again.

7. I missed first time 9 working days of college at a stretch. But all for good. I had good time enjoying the family get together and reassuring everyone I have not become the “Modern Babe of Goa” just because I am in Goa.

8. Lastly, I reached back campus a week back. I thought I would get back to writing as soon I reach here. But few things kept me away from it.

So that’s in a nut shell my story since the last post. How have you all been?

Wishful of getting regular on this space.
Cheers & Love

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Peace - - -

My attempt to express thoughts in poem format.

Peace - 

For child it’s sleep
For adult it’s a day off
For oldies it’s death
For world it’s no war

Peace is what the world needs fast                                                 
Peace is something the most sought
It can’t come by waging wars
But who knows the definite path?

We close our eyes to get some peace
Images of past daunt our sleep
We try to dream of a happy future
And the moment of failure tear us apart

A task done makes us happy
A taunt made makes us sad
Our eyes longs for consent
We fear the sight of reject

We blame people for destroying our peace
But did we ever see our self-play?
We are the ones who gave over our rights
Then how can we put off the blame?

Every day we wake up to prove to the world
In this mad race we have forgotten our real self
Peace and happiness are traits of our personality
They have just got tainted with clouds of rationality

It’s time we wake up and take the charge
And do the undone of self-task
Let us be responsible for our peace
Let it start and end in our hearts.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

~~Trust, Faith & Belief~~Destiny!

Greetings to all fellow sufferers of the human condition. "Such
 a life on such a planet"! Yeah! How many nodding in consent?No, this is not going to be a post for the pessimistic and sadist outlookers of life. So let me repeat -

Greetings to all fellow sufferers of the human condition. "Such a life on such a planet"! However if you think about it a minute, you can remember brief moments in your life when everything did add up and make sense, complete with feelings of peace, well-being, and an overwhelming sense of purposefulness and zest for life. Now granted, these blissful experiences don't occur often, seldom last long, and are not easily generated at will, but you will never forget that feeling you once experienced on a mountaintop, at the beach, in a lover's arms, in spiritual ecstasy, or some other special moment of your life.

We have a shararati doctor in our group of SBG’ians. To give you all a background, we are group of 8 friends. Our parents managed to give us as different names as possible with especially different first alphabets. Still we managed to give our group a common identity of SBG, named after the nick names given to all 8 of us based on our distinctive personality. This my most precious and graduation day’s friends circle. I can imagine each one of us the sharing our lives from our first date, first job, and first break up to the first (hopefully only) marriage (kidding guys in good sense), first of those special moments, first baby and then our kids becoming friends…….

How many girls reading this post can imagine her most beautiful dream of life i.e. marriage being decided in a span of few days? How many can even think of leaving your city within a month to embrace a new life with a person whom you have not met till the day before your marriage just with the belief and trust on parent’s choice? To be honest, I couldn’t have gone a single step in that blind direction.

This shararati doctor of our group, always known for being organised, matured and most sensible welcomed or rather cherished this new phase of her life with a smile. We all friends kept telling her this is not the way things should be happening, but she always smiled back and said – I believe first in God, then in my parents and finally in my destiny. Soon this shararati doctor of SBG became someone’s wife, someone’s daughter-in-law, someone’s sister-in-law and the list goes on...!

Recently she celebrated her second anniversary with her first baby girl. As I saved her daughter’s photograph on my desktop, I gave it a closer look. The baby’s lips and eyes resembled that of her. Suddenly an emotion ran across and I could feel the closeness to the baby inspite of the distance. I realised this is baby of our Saloni (shararti doctor), our friend Saloni. She’s a mom now. And I don’t know why tears ran down my eyes recapping those moments we spent as friends and realisation of how one of us have grown up emotionally to take so many responsibilities and the biggest being that of Mom.

That's SBG's Shararati doctor
Her daughter 

Everything happens for a reason. So what if you’re not able to connect dots standing here. Have courage, take a step forward, face it all with trust and you’ll smile seeing how the dots connect looking backward. Today everything in Saloni’s life adds up and makes sense, complete with feelings of peace, with a caring husband and a pretty daughter. (Picture Perfect)

Love you Saloni.

P.S: Too Fast Forward but a thought:

 I don’t know which anniversary 7 of us will be celebrating when you celebrate yours 25th :) Also what will be the age difference between our kids :)

With Love

Cheers SBG

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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