Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell:)

This post needs to be kept really short. Otherwise i would be cursed by my neighbor and in turn i would curse my brother. My dear blogdosts, i am back home and enjoying the "vella time". The extent of vellapanti is no access to internet too. I think it has the positive side if you have an eye for it. And i think i have found one for myself. The day looks llooonnngggg. Moms food taste heavenly, hyd looks gorgeous seriously, and the cold nights look embracing. So, here is what i am doing : I have always longed but unable to watch the collection of "must watch hollywood movies". I am too laid back when it comes to hollywood. I have always been a real bollywood buff. Thanks to my friends, i have the collection of many of them lying idle on my laptop and i am hoping to finish most of them by the end of vacation. 

Merry Christmas:)

It's special today. Yayaya. This time of the year always have a positive aura around you. Is it really so or we have been accustomed to is a different thing. Santa is around me round the year. And i would like to thank every single being around me for making this year one of those that shall have its mark throughout. The list is endless.

> First thanks giving to my dearest family and God. Nothing need to be said against this.

> There is no life without friends atleast for me - A big hug to Gem(although ur my bro i prefer to put you on this list), Nits, SBG, 3 Idiots, Chillar Party, khushboo, , , , 

> A bigger thanks to all my blogdosts because this year you all became a part of my life. And i must share, my year wouldn't have been so memorable without finding you all on my journey. Blog writing has become one of the most inevitable part of my life.And it wouldn't be so without your support and encouragement.

Don't know how far i havekept it short..:) But i need to rush now. Also thank you neighbors - For being my part time santa otherwise i wouldn't be able to post this today..:)

Merryyy Merryyy Christmas to one and All..:):):)Enjoiiessss and yeah! Break All The Rules!!!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Exam Blues and Wonderful Thoughts

Sounds like oxymoron? Give a deeper thought. Before, I use to long for exams to get over, for the fun-filled holidays to start. Now I wait to get back home. Although it’s only a week away, it looks long. All to be blamed is “End term Exams”. I am here, waiting eagerly to get on the other side. How I wish, I close my eyes and there comes the 22nd morning and I am home. Well, I guess it’s only one of the very few thoughts you get before exam. 
Here is a collection of more of what happens before exams:

HAHA...The only book we are aware of!

Never Again!!!

1. It starts with a startling thought of “Agli baar pehle se padhai karunga/karungi”. For my English readers, “I shall study beforehand from next time”.

2. Insomniac persons suddenly become sleep addicted.

3.  All of a sudden you start seeing (noticing) many  friends online on FB or Gtalk, and the time seems too little and you curse the exams.

4. You set targets of syllabus followed by breaks and want latter to become never-ending. Clock should miraculously start losing time..:)

5. You have put up an alarm of early morning. You get up at night, check time, and it shows you still have 2hrs to sleep. Nothing can match the happiness of the moment.

6. Your love towards Nature - clouds, sunsets, moon rise and mountains seem to be growing multi – fold. You wish how you had all time in the world to admire the creation of nature.

7. There is a curiosity development for strange things like newspaper articles, subject videos, sensex and what not. And it all disappears soon after the exam.

8. Dusting room, arranging cupboard, going to gym, going through friend’s feedback about you in class during ppts – All become so enthralling.

9. With a booklet of 50 pages in your hand, you decide to focus and finish within a deadline. You read few pages, and the mind flight takes off to the dreamland of holidays. I want to go here, shop this, eat this, play that and an hour is gone.

10. Lastly, God starts receiving more and more bribes for favours ranging from easy paper, good seating arrangement to exam cancellation.


Studied concentric is too high?

Never thought about it..? Well there could be lot more with you:)

Signing - off now. Keep enjoying blogdosts.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

An opportunity Lost

 Is education a myth today? Has today’s educational system become a commercial business? Is it no more than any other business whose final shore is to make profits? This thing has taken me aback one more time and this time to a deeper extent.
A check needed?
Today’s institutions sell their degrees on the basis of large 6digit, 7digit numbers and not on the basis of knowledge. They distinguish themselves on the basis of infrastructure, posh automated systems in place, luxurious hostel rooms and sometimes go to the least extent of bragging students by providing free laptops. They promise to educate the students to creatively fool (“Jugaad” being the c-word) others and do the same in turn to the students of their own college.

It's all the number game..

It starts from the central of the entire system,     from the dean of the college to the security guard outside the main gate. Everyone wants to earn green but show their system as “going the green way”. Every one considers themselves to be the central stakeholder whose interest should be taken care of. And on the way forget their real stakeholder “students”.

Anything is possible!

Faculties have forgotten the “purity” that is needed to take on the job of being a “guru”.  The word “academician” is no less than “black magician” who can cast every possible wrong spell on you. Nowhere does the word “credibility” come into picture when it should be the epicentre of all. The shady picture of the system has its roots stretched till the deepest clay of soil. Say it the attendance system, say it the grading system, say it way of conducting exams, or say it the way of setting exam paper. Or for that matter, the syllabus to be taught to the students is decided more on the basis of convenience than requirement.

And then you have one gem amongst all, who by mistake falls into the trap or rather prefer the trap to change the things. But when you have one climbing the ladder, there are 10’s of others waiting for that opportunity to put you down.  These are two mutually exclusive sets. Either you can be on good terms with the few members on panel or be the ray of light of those 100’s of students who need a helping hand. While there are many to show the “dirty road”, it takes something to be on the other side. But it is not all that easy. Each time you make a small attempt to improve the system,  you are pushed aside to the possibility of going out of sight. You try and retry, and from all I have come across, either the system throws you out or you prefer to walk out of the system. And I pity those institutes who discards the once in a lifetime opportunity of rewinding the steps.

Either ways

This is my channel of putting across the emotions of a dear friend, who called me yesterday evening, while I was busy admiring the lunar eclipse.  Although the shadow of earth went past the moon post 9:30pm, it left a shadow on my thinking, my life, my approach.  

P.S: It's not that students are not to be blamed.But who started the vicious circle..?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Close to Heart....:--) Contd.....

The new home was more close to Nature. The girl lived in a pent house as bubbly as the child. It had a terrace as big as the entire house or the house was as small as the terrace..:) The sunrise from the balcony made her days cheerful. She longed the entire day to get back home from school to watch the sunset and follow the pattern. The first milestone of her career (10th std) crossed with ease in the lap of nature. What she didn’t realise was the fact that the same place shall be sharing many such milestones hence forth. It was just the beginning. She enjoyed spreading her carpet on the terrace with books around her, sky over head, birds chirping and sun setting or rising. She soon became an ardent lover of morning walks and yoga on the terrace.

Day came when she started going to college. Radio became her next best friend after the loneliness brought in to her with restrictions. A girl full of on road activities now started loving music. When she first realised her fall to first crush, she felt an adrenaline rush. Avoiding the disclosure to any, soon she figured out it to be a passing phase.

The Angelic Home!!!

The home had a charm that always offered something worthwhile. Not only the girl, but her family too longed to get back home after day’s work, college, market or vacation. The pleasing nights with moon light spreading its warmth over her beautiful home, kept fears and tensions at a bay. The first step in the house made anyone smile. The girl felt to be a part of angelic palace so close to nature, trees, birds and God.

Rainy days meant lot of water sweeping in front of the house, which gave an opportunity to play in water. Sitting at the door, watching water splashing with mug of coffee in hand, made hours run like seconds. While god washed terrace, it was duty of the God’s child to wash it during summers. Throwing water on the terrace, sometimes on herself, sometimes on people around her, she soon started finding a world within her. A world of endless happiness and a world ruled by her, her thoughts and her beliefs. The nights of “summers” were “The Best”. Everyone she knew, would complain of sleepless nights due to hot temperatures, trying to get some sleep with help of “so-called breeze” of A/C. she always felt proud in saying, that she sleeps under the sky with the nature’s cool breeze cuddling her to the glory till the eyes blinked and blinked and the mind went off to the dream world. She recollects the same today with the song of “summers of 69”, “Those were the best days of my life”.

 :) :) :)
Graduation brought lot of fun and friends of lifetime to the princess. Best things always happened to her. And here she was with a set of friends, who let her rediscover, herself, her child hood, which she had lost for some time. There she was again, with naughtiness hidden behind sparkling eyes, playing pranks, teasing couples, getting into trouble with experiments of adventure. This time she rediscovered herself, rediscovered not to lose herself again. She has always been thankful to those special friends.

Now was the time, to make her dream come true. An aspiration, of doing MBA. Home and family provided the support. Throughout this, the talks of purchasing an own house were close to getting final. Both were the dreams that were nurtured since long. While dream of MBA faced failure once, the dream of “A Place Called Home” required the biggest, most desirous, yet most sensible decision of their lives. Both came true simultaneously.

Moon lit night!!!

It was the month of June 2011, when “The Journey was about to begin”. (Ref: Post of 8th june). The moment her bags lay packed, the entire world went round with thoughts of never being able to set them back in the same lovely home. There she was, standing in a place, where she crossed rather faced the most important milestones and the same shall not be there to share the fruits of happiness that shall be coming thereafter. She forced herself to feel the pride of owing a house, but no good words pacified her emotions of leaving “Her Dream Home”.

Nov 2011, she left everything on campus, to get back home. It was the time family was celebrating the long waited ownership. She smiled with them. Her eyes became moist, as she saw the happiness with which “her best couple” of “mom-dad” sat down for the Grah Pravesh pooja. She knew the reason why she was there. While everyone was busy celebrating and desirous to spend the first night at the new home, she preferred to bid adieu to her “Angelic pent house”. She did so, thanking the place for all the comfort, strength and happiness that it provided throughout. She smiled at the moonlight over the home while she took a last walk on the terrace.

The ray of hope that one day....:)

Exactly 20 days later, the family is celebrating the “much hyped” success of their daughter on campus. She is eagerly waiting to get back to Hyd in another 20days, assured of taking the road to the “angelic house” first by mistake. This is in no way a tribute to her home, for it would be too small a one to be considered so. “Aashirwad” – the name of old (as well as new home), shall always be remembered as one of the many invisible hands in defining the personality of the girl. And she secretly dreams to make that place her’s forever one day.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Close to Heart....:--)

The story is of a kid and the world through her eyes. A kid who always hid behind her mumma.  She refused to go to anyone and everyone who wanted to cuddle her in their arms including her father. A kid who walked down to the school alone. Turned back just to have the comfort of mumma watching her from the balcony. A kid whose saviour was her elder brother whenever she was troubled by remaining cousins. A kid who was afraid to come down to the first floor with the fear of grand - mother. She was the same until she was 5.

Things changed when the family moved out of joint family. A lane close to the new school, an undeveloped locality, became her new home. A small locality with hardly few people settled made her explore the surrounding and herself. She let herself free from the hassles of fear. Soon she found new friends in neighbourhood. Now she walked to the school happily with them. Played, studied, fought, learnt, walked, and slept with them. She made friends with not just kids. People living around welcomed her always. She hopped from house to house in summer vacation. Innocent enough to sit inside a mechanic shop watching TV, playing and running with guys in the lane, fighting in the midst of the road, she was known by all. She loved her life.

She watched more and more people coming and settling in the locality. She enjoyed herself right with a 2 months baby in the neighbourhood, watchman next door to the bhajans of the old dadis living the neighbourhood.  While she laughed with everyone, she was the one most missed when someone left the society. She cried too when her best friends left her and settled in their own house. That was the day she realised the difference between a rented and an own house. Everyone was happy in their family except the kids (girl’s friends). Just like her they too could not understand the happiness behind owning a house.

Soon she became old enough to start cycling. When her brother was gifted a cycle, she was determined to learn the big cycle directly. She did so although without hurting herself much. But in turn, her elder brother who got taught her got memories of her learning cycle in the form of scratches, sprains and stitches. (Kidding with the last one).

Years started and ended and soon the girl became matured enough where few restrictions started being enforced on her. She hated her life, she disliked being grown up. She was stopped from staying on the roads, roaming after the school got over, cycling in the lane late in the night etc. She missed the fun of a free bird. But as the time passed by se accepted the rules of nature and society. And a day came when her family started to talk about changing the house. She always disliked the conversation and prayed for not liking the house that mom-dad went to see.

God can never deny a child’s wish. After almost a year of search for a new house, vacancy came right next to the house she lived in. That was the same barren place which she saw getting developed and occupied by a big three-storey independent bungalow. The watchman, with whom she played, the bhaiyyas with whom she burst crackers, flew kites and went for rides. They welcomed the family and she loved being in the same locality. That was the day she felt the love of God being closest to her and ever since then her faith has never blinked.

P.S: To be continued…….

Friday, 11 November 2011

It's 11-11-11

Once in 100 years
It happens once in 100 years. They always have something that catches me on and i have been following it since 2001. Every year i feel that day to be special and myself to be special enough to experience it. Though next year shall be the last, this year, now that i have started writing, it is imperative to share this special feeling with you all. 

 Got done with the mid terms just two days back. Life seems to be running at a super pace. It was amazing to be back at home for the most awaited celebrations. Every moment of it was worth missing the any damn most important thing. More to write on it in the next post.  

Then back from home, had to immediately switch gears from the most pampered days to toiling hard work. Managed to get done with exams with fairly decent performance. 

Its time to watch RK!

Yes this day is special for one of the very crazy reason this year. And you might find it crazy if i say the reason is "Rockstar". Yes!!!I am a RK fan..:)I have been waiting for it every since i saw the first promo in july. I remember talking to my brother about the movie and regret of not being able to watch this movie together. We both always loved each other's company. We watched all AK's and RK's movies together. We made it every time with the least chance of getting the tickets. Still we promised each other to watch it again on the first day. This time in two different places, still together. 

Open to new adventures, i am excited for the first movie with "Friends" here. It is not that i haven't been since i came here, but it was at the time and with people.......In short it was too formal. This movie is my way of thanking all who made my 21st B'day a memorable one by showing them a movie of my "Rockstar".Haha. I know that is dominance but isn't that the leverage you enjoy in friendship..? 

P.S: Thank you my blog dost neha - Live rather than exist. You made my this special day all the more special with your gift..:)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dream coming true..!

Nothing but Pictures are going to define this post!!! 

The place where the dream has come true:)
P.S: Back home for wonderful celebrations just 3 days before mid terms. The visit is worth more than anything:)

3rd Nov - Grah Pravesh

The door Opens:)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happiness Sharing..:)

Wassup blogdosts..? It is Diwali time and i am just back from shopping for my room decoration and diwali celebration away from home. i realised today a box of "Fuljhadi" costs 110 bugs. the box just slipped out of my hand on hearing the price. Ah i miss dad as i never realized and just kept burning crackers piled up at home days before diwali. the sad news is it's raining today. keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow. Enjoied every moment of shopping diyas, oil, decorative items, rangoli..!Feels Wow!!!

The cake cut under the moonlight with dear friends:)You guys are awesome

N yes. I completed 21yrs yesterday on this beautiful planet Earth and people around me have endured me this long..:) What a day it was..!Couldn't have asked anything better on the 1st b'day away from home. Each moment of this day, i was made to feel special in every possible way. It started from the mid night celebration blast on campus, video trend of GIM followed by cake cutting under the moonlight with nice friends. I walked 3 times from my room till the main gate parading in joy the long walk to amuse myself with the special gifts given by my most most beloved ones. People around call me princess and i felt the same for the first time yesterday. My room is so pleasing to look at with 3 bouquets, 1 teddy bear, 1Mp3, 1 box of ferrero Rocher, 1 biggest diary milk, 1 bournville, 1 night lamp, 5 small diary milks, and 3 beautiful message cards. Everything right next to me on my study table with no space left for studies...(hehe). I went to the same temple that i had visited with my sweetest brother right on the day when i was here for the interview of GIM. The day ended with another cake cutting at mid night..:)
The parade that i was happy to take!!!
On my study table..:)

As i slept back yesterday night i was happy just to realise i have been able to develop so strong and special relations. As sister shivani words of love and affection echoed in my mind, i smiled with a sense of satisfaction, tears rolled down my eyes and was soon in my dream world.

P.S: People visiting this blog should and must and are obliged to visit the special blog dedicated by my brother:

Saturday, 8 October 2011

22nd Sept Thought – “Aaj Mai oopar, Aasman Neeche” – First experience!!!

 It was my first term break visit back home. I didn’t want to wait for a single minute after the exam. If asked for, I would be ready to write all the exams in one day and get back home.  Not that I was so prepared for the exams but he fact that I was missing home extremely and the week before exam was passing too slow. But I had to wait for one day after exam due to unavailability of tickets and limited transport.
I had never travelled by air till then. Various reasons could be accounted to it. I was never away from home and so most travels were with family and mostly self - driven by road. And also I didn’t consider my time to be so precious that I need to reach a place so quickly spending huge bucks. I think flight journey is more of convenience than luxury. It is a matter of opportunity cost and no one how much ever wealthy would be willing to spend unless it is worth for it. So, I hardly or actually never visited “makemy” or individual airlines website. Thanks to a friend, who explored this option, considering my eagerness to get back home. And as always, I am god’s child. The time I was to travel back, there was an introductory offer by one of the airlines, and I got the maximum bargain during the window I booked the tickets. So I had no repent of not leaving the same day and I was excited of the First journey ahead.

Dabolim Airport - Goa

Its Location...
 Back home, they were unaware of this part of the story and according to them I was to arrive later than I actually was. I remembered my first travel by train as I left my room to board a bus to the airport. I was 8yrs old when I first travelled by train with my maternal grand- mother and still the memories are so very clear. This is going to be another such journey I told myself. Around 40-45 batch mates had their flight almost at the same time to different places and hence we were together. Goa airport is not very big. So almost everywhere I could see familiar people. I was little conscious too, trying to take quick cues and understand what is to be done. Although I didn’t care for revealing that it was my first travel but why do you have to until you can manage? (*wink* - managerial learning)

1st :)
My flight departure time was the last among all batch mates. Having done all the formalities, I threw my laptop bag back on the shoulder and moved towards the boarding room. Sitting in the room, I wondered how independent I have become. Here I was on my first flight journey and I was alone strolling through the airport, getting the luggage checked and boarded, took the seat of my choice and walked heads up. I always longed for such things and I loved travelling alone.  But a pinch of anxiety lay there in the bottom of the heart. After all I was to travel by air and I recollected few instructions given or experiences shared by first time travelers.

Natural was best...
The new customer to .....
As I took my window seat, I was helped by air hostess in tying the belt. While others didn’t bother, I gave all my ears to the instructions given by the flight attendants. As it started, I felt like being in a car with no gears and breaks. It started, raised the speed on and on and on with no pause and here I was on the end of the run way and the wheels folded and I was in the air. Suddenly I felt as if nothing was moving and outside window my eyes confirmed I was in the air and there was no relative ground to measure the speed. And hence such feeling. Aaahhh!!! It was beautiful. Goa airports location is one of the beautiful, I had heard people say. No sooner the plane took off from the runway, I was over the sea. It was pleasantly sunny and I saw the rainbow kind of shadow of the plane down on the sea. That moment is memorable. There was blue stretch of water all -way long, and the distance between me and the sea just kept on increasing. I was still not sure of the speed of the plane, and I tried to analyse by looking back and seeing the amount of distance covered ( how kiddish!!!) soon I was “Up above the world so high” and for the people on the ground “like a diamond in the sky”. It was cloudy. And soon we were above all clouds.

Own pretty world
Then I raised my head up, I could see plain blue sky stretch and as I looked down I was mesmerised. I was in a completely different world. There were all patterns of
Till the eyes can see
clouds or I can say snow white clouds and nothing else could I see. It was as if it was 
their world. I could see them 
moving, and trying to interact with each other. All this while, I was smiling continuously and that made my neighbour wonder if it was my first travel. I nodded my head and again I was back in my world. Let me enjoy this. I don’t want anyone to disturb me. As I kept looking, I imagined the game of Mario, the clouds stage. It resembled just the same. I was cursing the pilot to fly the plane sooo over the clouds. I was instructing him from inside to take the plane down and down till we reach the clouds and once I reach there I instruct to open the window so that I can put my hand out and feel the snowy clouds that in no way resembled so. They were so thick and opaque, I imagined myself putting my foot on it, and start walking miles and miles. It was a different world and an experience one of its kinds.

In the meantime, the flight attendants came and went back after offering snacks and I didn’t realise. The journey was short and now we were asked to put back the seat belts. Now my wish came true. No no I was not allowed to sway my hands in the air or put my foot on the clouds but the plane started moving downward and downward. The plane was in the middle of a cloud and it zoombled and there were butterflies in my stomach. I could see a thin aura of white vapours around me. It moved out from one and went into the other and my happiness exemplified. Next I could see all huge building and a damn area of drought ground and I realised I was in Hyderabad.  There were clusters of buildings that looked like conglomerates from the distance. They sparkled as the reflected rays of sun passed through the height and reached my eyes. Hyderabad is a beautiful and green city but the airport is located too far from the heart of the city and so it looks deserted. The only impressive thing while landing on the hyd airport was the pattern of the outer ring rode. I have been on those long roads on often long drives with family or friends. But the aerial view was worth taking a look at the pattern of how it was laid. It is one of the best works done by hyd govt.

Zoom out

Zoom In

The tyres were out and we were close to the runway. Closer and closer, finally the wheels touched the ground and I felt a “zoomp” in my stomach and lyrics of “Ding ding ding ding – Rang De Basanti” in my ears. Again I felt the speed and finally it stopped. I was on the ground again and things looked large. It was a journey of just an hour but a journey I shall remember lifetime.


Wright Brother watch their first plane

P.S : I never felt before the advancement of technology to this extent. The journey form goa to hyd takes 18hrs by train, 14hrs by bus and just an hour by plane. Hats off to the first person’s thought and the first team’s execution (Orville and Wilbur wright).

Back at Home :) Journey that cherishable from start till end

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I am Here.....

I just realised I am more efficient during exam times because I find time to update blogs.  But lot kept happening here on blog in the form of comments and increased followers. It’s pleasing to add new friends to my circle of blog dosts. So I am back in Goa, after a 10day visit to home.  Lot of things and experiences to share. It has become pretty hot in Goa. People here cursed rains and now they are cursing the scorching heat. Unfortunately there is hardly any winter period here. I always preferred rain to heat, hence having pretty tough time.

It is the month of October, the month of my birthday and the month of Diwali. There is always a kid in you, no matter how much you grow. Whether you believe or not, the month of your birthday is always a little special than other months. I shall be celebrating purely without family and hyd’badi friends for the first time. So there is not much of regular excitement and shopping.

2nd trimester has started and this sem we have almost double the subjects with half the time of last trimester. Although it ends in mid-December, still we have lot of other things to focus on. Those also include various parties and celebrations of navratri, dusserra and Diwali (Hehe).

Post this quick update, I sign off but I shall try to gain the same efficiency. Till then, keep enjoying and have good time blog dosts.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Final Lap - ….In Between Daysss IV !!!

Exam fever on..! Entire campus especially the TT room looks gloomy because everyone is glued to their chairs. I can see classes being conducted in rooms with gurus in respective subjects talking the lead as I stroll across the campus. Considering the keenness to write and urgency to study I’ll fast forward the things to an extent.

Scenario on 21st:  Last night almost everyone was on the roads of Goa. Firstly it was Saturday night, second it was the most peaceful weekend ever with no assignments and lastly except for the organisers who had events on 21st rest had all reason to party on the eve of long awaited success. Me, Joel and team of Alekh and Ranneeti (oh yes another offering for compering for the event. Look I am God’s child) were the only ones hanging around in the library.
It was the last day of Samriddhi. Alekh was to begin at 9 am. When people were returning back to campus after a fundu night out, I was decked up in business suit, ready to conduct alekh – The paper presentation competition. God had in store a nice way of waking me up or rather shaking me up on a Sunday morning. I go inside the cafeteria, talk to the team, only to realise that my so called co-comparer (not the one from the team selected but from the organising team) has bad throat and is in pain. And now I am expected to to do it alone with no sympathy. Words of cedric flashed in my mind. He had prepared us for all possible adverse situations that could happen with the comparers form the organising side. This was the extreme in that adversity.
The next moment, I call up a person. The conversation goes:
Komal : Hey ****! Are you sleeping?
****: No I am awake.
Komal: Ohk. I need your help and it’s urgent. I don’t have a co – comparer now and it’s impossible for me to do alone because it is a 3hr event. I can give you 20mins of time. Get ready and reach here at 8:45 am. Don’t worry. I shall explain you things and I believe you are the only who can manage and help me now. (HHhhhuuu. I said it all in one go without giving him a chance.)
*** - Are you sure?
Komal – Yes! I shall be waiting for you. See you at 8:45 sharp. Hung Up!!!
And that sweetheart is no other than Joel(Jo - L -) – My co – comparer of Ranneeti.  He was there sharp at 8:45am, with a cool head that time demanded. I handed him the scripts with a surety that he won’t need it except for the introduction of judges. He was my saviour and we performed excellently in the board room in front of the esteemed judges and enthusiastic participants. 

Ranneeti really required coherent articulation skills. It took half an hour for joel and me to understand the contest, elimination procedure and the rounds. Soon after Alekh we went to the MPH-Auditorium to check the status. Having understood the game, it was now a daunting task to explain the same in a coherent manner without creating excitement among participants, judges and the audience. Initially we were supposed to introduce the game and conduct the first round. Later the organisers had planned to take over. Impressed with the unfolding of event, we were impromptu asked to compere further rounds.  

There was not much gathering in the audience owing to many reasons. In spite of it we were proud to have conducted one of the most hyped events of Samriddhi 2011 in a way that left participants, organisers and judges satisfied. Finally we got the grand end to the last event of Samriddhi 2011 in a King style. Following this was the closing ceremony in the evening.

Autographs, photographs followed. Hehe…Kidding…We did lot of silly things post this. We were happy with the way the day had progressed and we made the compere team 2011 proud. In between compliments kept pouring in and we cherished with each one.

Compere team - 2011 L-R Cedic, Joel, Komal, DIsha, Chitra, Gunjan, Hitaishi, Shawn, Aran

Of the many, below is the one official compliment from the organising team:
The accolades just keep coming in J

Cedric De Menezes
Goa Institute of Management

From: Aseem Sharma []
Sent: 22 August 2011 10:47
To: Komal Laddha; Joel Dias
Subject: Thanks a lot for the effort

Hi Komal/Joel,

We had a great show yesterday. Everyone right from the judges to the participants liked the way we had organised the event J.
I would like to thank both of you on behalf of the AALEKH team for the great effort you people had put in.

Komal, the effort put in by you to prepare the speech along with the handwritten write-ups is really commendable.
Please pardon us for the all the trouble we created for you L.

Joel, you were the saviour for us. The last minute back out by one of our teammates could easily have led to a disaster.
But you pitched in at the right time, keeping aside your preparations for the next event.

Thanks a ton for making the event such a big success and we look forward to share the same team with you in the future assignments as well.

Thanks and regards,
Aseem Sharma
On behalf of AALEKH team

Following this was the final meet of team to share experiences and thanks giving for the effort and the success. Remember the message of cedic. Yeah!!!