Sunday, 7 August 2011

Friendship Day Ki Shaam - Doston K Naam Paigam!!!

The most precious gift of my life - Friends!

 The butterfly flying from my room, disappeared in the darkness. I was left with thoughts of how a once cherished and awaited "Friendship Day" went in the library drowned in books. No much excitement on the campus and the blame was on "Mid term exams" and "last day studying".

Everything aside, i had to blog today,come what may. Its 11:15pm and i still have 45mins to convey my wishes to all my special friends. Looking back i wonder how times have passed by - From school days of tying friendship bands on the hands flaunting the increasing number throughout the day - To celebrating in the college over a cup of coffee and movie. I have always been a "thorough friend's person". All my friends and family would be better able to comment on this. I loved spending time with friends, driving on the  long roads, watching rain,chit chatting in a friend's room, fighting over choice of music and sharing tears and smiles.

Special Relation!!!

Msg for my hero - Vijay aka Akshay aka Gem - My first and best buddy i got at home. I hardly felt the need to look out for having good time. Life wouldn't have been same without you buddy. The best memories we have together is while shopping and roaming on roads. I do miss a lot of it here. The below is the ad to which everyone in family related our relationship to..:)

Msg for 3 Idiots - AAhhh!!! gullu, tweetu and bubli!!! You all are my mirrors. I might not have shared all my happy moments with you all. But whenever i was low, i felt the comfort with you all. I may not talk to you all for days but i always know you all will be the first ones to stand by whenever i need.
4 Idiots - together

Msg for SBG'ians - You all are just awesome and perfect. The journey from naming SBG and SBG'ians till date is inexpressible. I still remember all those times when we were together and cursed the time for having passed so quickly. Every effort to convince parents for a little more time to get back home, for a night out, an early morning b'day surprise or a mid - night get together. Journey has been just perfect. You guys are "The Best" and "invisible hands" behind the person i stand today.
Truly Girls Fun...

Msg for one special person - Nits/Nitish - I have wished you in every possible way on each friendship day. Starting off with "offline msgs" then "online meetings" then "Msgs" then "phone calls" and still i am waiting to wish you "in person" on a friendship day. I feel there's so much to write about our friendship but when i sit now i get nothing "in specific". You have been omnipresent in my life since we got to know each other.
Omni present bonding

Msg for Khushi - This person needs a special mention. I share a very different and a hearty relation with her. There is no barrier of regular msgng, phone calls or updates in this friendship. But still when we talk it's like we know each other since ages. And not to forget - you are the most ardent and genuine follower of my blog.
Whenever wherever!!!

Msg for other Blog readers - Your presence in the form of visits and increasing number of followers is encouraging. That keeps me going. Would love to know you all than just feeling your presence. 
Many more Invisible hands...

Wish you all a very "Happy Friendship Day"!!! You all are the most valuable and significant part of my life!!! *Hugs* *Love*!!!Always stay there!!!

Friendship day ki shaam, doston k naam - "Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai, ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye zindagi hai"

And yes I did it - It's 11:55..:)


  1. First again... great!
    regards comin in the next one... :)

  2. Hello Sis Dearest...
    a Happy Friendship day to you & all ...
    I was eagerly waiting for this one, i knew you would definitely address us on the eve of a big day.. and here you are! Some times being predictable is also good ;)
    Well, thanks for such a lovely dedication, it is too nice..
    n for you.. i can only dedicate from Tum ho to .. to. Bin Tere ... :)
    You are missed every moment!!!
    keep well and have fun -

  3. arey haan.. few more things to add up here.. to your kitty!
    >U always feel hungry the moment you step out of home with me... need to examine your digestive system, something mysterious ~
    >U make me run around the whole floor , carry all the clothes you wanna try , all kinds ... of all sizes , all colors ... make me sit infront of the Trial Room to give you feedback on every trial , please the sales girl to let you carry too many clothes into the room ...
    and finally pay the bill , and rush back home as it's already too late (same being the reason for not letting me shop anything for myself)
    >You remember to wish me Good mornings on the days when you have some work to be done by allocating to me (Great work allocator)
    and this goes on and on and on..
    But all this is worth doing , just for U..
    All this just for fun ~ not to be taken seriously.
    The returns for this effort is truly priceless :)

  4. I feel there's so much to write about this blog but when i sit now i get nothing "in specific". and You also have been omnipresent in my life since we got to know each other. Hehehe....
    Just one word... perfect... (and efficient also considering time 2315 to 2355hrd)
    Don't know how to complement your blog but something so nice doesn't need more words to justify its beauty. I would love to read it again rather than thinking about how should i complement it... Sorry!!!

  5. spl thnx 4 d spl mention komal:)...but v msgs no calls no meetings but still good frnds...cheers:)
    and ya i liked tht picture...really cute..whenever wherever:)

  6. ohhh this time i m the first one to comment....not bad.....happy friendships day....missed u so much n waited for conference call but had to wait only :( n totally agreed wid u our friendship is words to tell...its just perfect wen v all 8 r together.....miss those days...n convincing parents was specially for u n sbg's......luv u allll :) :)

  7. Hiii!! Belated Happy Friendship Day :)
    Even I expected this blog frm u on the day but had a lil doubt considering ur exams.. U have changed to become a night person :) I like I like :)
    Truly girls fun!! Amazing were those days of college.. Starting with coordinating with miss calls to meet near swathi coffee shop, then on the way fighting for the songs to be played, then rushing on the way to the classroom cursing each other for being the reason for getting late, then goin out after each cls for a breather in the open balcony, then waiting for the break to eat each other's tiffin..N finally praying for free hours n waiting for the day to end to get back home..
    Apart from the routine college life, the fun that we use to have wen we go out was amazing, each time we planned to go out we had to convince everyone then use to struggle to decide the plc to go out :) n m glad most of the time we used to end up coming down to my plc.. N we had the best of fun in my room rather our room :) miss those days sooo much :)
    Amazing was the time, be it going out, be it the routine, be it bday surprises, be it making gifts n cards, be it cribbing for writing msgs on cards, be it having fun jus sitting in the car, or be it anything together; it ws absolute fun :)
    Awww miss u guys so much in life :) this friendship day was awesome even wen all of us r not together :) a fabulous movie on us by disha, a lil bag tag made by me, ur blog, apeksha's call at night, Megha's n harpreet's desperation for the conference call, after long finally paridhi's msg for wishing us, n saloni's presence n her news n our cake celebration :) it ws an awesome day for me :) thank u guys for makin it special in ur own way :)
    Hugs n loads of love :)
    Happy Friendship Day sbg n all others :)
    N as always keep blogging!! :)

  8. @All - Sorry for getting too late to respond.

    @Vijender - Yoo...You are first again..:)
    I always play that song just to say myself that you might be remembering me listening to this song..:)

  9. @Vijender -
    >> I can someday kill you for that.
    >> I think that is a car ad. I don't know whihc car in which the girl makes him run from one corner to other and finally get him back to the first shop - You can guess how much i remember you seeing that..:)

  10. @Nitish- I would love to have readers like you who love to show how much they love reading my blog without writing anything to compliment it..:)

  11. @Khushi - Yor are welcome...Even i like that photo..:)

  12. @Megha - I so very love few SBG'ians...Baaki to i am tired of.......Yeah...N i still regret i couldn;t come to ur place...every1 said its nice "old style" home..:)

  13. @Jinal - In Your room we shared the maximum lovely moments...N chaachi, aunty and baa use to pamper us with all food..:) All memories revisited..:)

  14. Hey,
    It was simply amazing..i wished it went on and on..i really was longing to read described each and every single part of "us"in such a sweet way..!!!still cant forgt the maska polish required for those nte outs..those fights for songs and everythng that you and Jinal wrote..Jinal decribed it all very we..::)it felt like we still are in colg..those days were revinded...i regret i couldnt read ds blog earlier..blv me i curse myself for that...i have no words to express how lovely i felt after reading this..:)the 70mm smile on my face refuses to go...i m super happy..::)guess my treasure becomes more and more valuable..::)I hope atleast this one comes across..:)


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