Monday, 1 October 2012

A letter to my roomie

As I am starting to write now I do not know what I want to write. Just two days back as you left campus for short visit to home I realized how much you mean to me. To all my readers, a short introduction about my roomie – Lakshmi. Going by her name, she truly lives upto it. Rich in expenditure terms and super rich at heart.  A  thorough foodie, ever smiling chap and the most lazy of all.

Dear Lakshmi(Laku),

If I shall ever recall any of God’s miracles (which are many in my case) our meet would be one among the top on the list. In a big q of room overflowing with girls, my instinct of choosing you as my roomie is none less than God planting thought in my mind. Ever since then we have rolled together.

Together we sail...

Our friendship is one of the most precious memories I shall be carrying out from GIM. We have smiled, laughed, cried, hated and loved each other. You have made many of my days away from home worthwhile with care, warmth and innocence of yours. No one is perfect. And so are we both. We both gave each other moments of disappointments, sorrow and anger. We vented out and ended up hugging each other with tears.

That's Lakuuu and Myself

Our crazy laughter riots watching Sarabhai and giggling discussions about the colours of face packs being used by girls always put a smile on my face.  I have never told you this but I need to admit it here. I always believed God never leaves me alone. He has ensured throughout to keep me in the company of his messengers/angels throughout who guides my thoughts and actions. And in this journey of 2 years away from all my loved ones you have been his angel sent to me to protect me, take care of me and guide me.

Through this letter I always want you to remember few things. As we move ahead in life low phases may come when you would need me but time or distance may not permit us. In those moments of despair please refer to this letter and remember my words. Like I say always remember “Everything happens for a reason”.  We may not be able to decipher the reason for the events then but you need to trust the universal power. Never compare your life with someone who you think has got a better life than you. Instead look at the other side and you shall be grateful for what you have got. And lastly never lose faith and confidence in yourself. Every individual is blessed with remarkable talents. It is only the ability to see, recognize and nurture it that makes the difference.

Always Smiling!!!

Sniff sniff!!! Enough of this emotional drama moma…Haina??? (in our typical sarabhai style). Always there for you! And Thank You!

Hugs and love
Your roomie.


  1. Wow .. it's a barfi post :))))
    Lakshmi jii - yeah i think every single word here is a truth ... I have heard n known so much about you from your roomie .. it often made me feel that her desire of having an elder sister got fulfilled in your presence :)
    n Well, if my opinion counts, I think you are an amazing person .. a poster girl of the hatke :)
    somebody like Abhay Deol - having a unique style statement .. pretty cool and hip !
    oye lakshmi lakshmi oye :P :))

    1. Thanks for the marvelously hearty appreciation..:)And the comment reflects your recency effect of "Dev D" and love for Abhay deol..*-)

    2. where has Lakshmi gone? waiting to hear from her .. please pass on the msg miss multifacet..

  2. Dear Komal
    I have lost the count of how many times I have read this post, but still this post is something which makes me smile.
    The reason is not the good things written about me , but the actual feeling behind it, the friendship behind it and most importantly person who has written this. We started our journey of MBA TOGETHER BY BEING "ROOMIES BY CHANCE"(remember that rainy day, a dingy room in H2 and some big crowd of girls and Vijender and you calling out my name) and have walked together,been a partner in crime for many of the crazy things,shared our joys,problems and experiences. This friendship is something that I am going to cherish for long.
    Your maturity and your outlook at sometimes amazes me. Your ever optimistic and fun loving and happy bindaas attitude is sooooo endearing. No wonder your friends adore you soooo much :) ....... I am now really falling short of words..... so ending in typical Om shanti Om style,
    wah kya friend hai!!!!!
    wah kya firendship hain !!!

    1. Laku - All i have is smiles...And yes momma - wah kya friendship hai wah kya friendship hai:)wah kya fighting karte wah kya fighting karte..:) CHEERS

  3. Dear Vijender
    I am back !!!
    ha ha ...... thanks to your comment, it only made my smile wider..... :):)........ really sweet of you.
    I liked that "poster girl of the hatke" and " somebody like Abhay Deol " part a lot..... keep laughing whenever I read that.
    Had it not been for you, I would not have been able to spot Komal among some 100s of faces on the first day of GIM. Whenever Komal tells me about , I really wish I had an elder brother like you.
    I am not sure of Komal's fulfillment of the desire of having an elder sister coz she lands up being the elder sister most of the times..... :).......
    @Komal : Abay deol,Hritik Roshan don't need recency effect. The coolness and hotness they exude makes them ever memorable :)

    1. Ohk Laksh...I can understand your possessiveness for you child hood start Hrithik and ever green star Abhay...Although i like only latter..:)

    2. @Laksh - yeah, i remember i was shouting your name all over the corridor .. like selling of a commodity :P it was an amazing day .. i was stinking like hell by eod ;)

      you can actually consider me as your elder brother if you so really wish :) .. as such i have become an universal brother thanks to my sister... now just waiting for the day when my wife will wake me up one fine morning and clarify - "I really wish I had an elder brother like you" hahahaha (:)

      Cheers ~


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