Monday, 23 May 2011

And the May Saga continues…….

The road I shall take...

Yes!!! The ‘May month’ showered its blessings yet again and the journey is about to begin...So what if it is not an IIM it is GIM…It is a difference of only one alphabet (Heights of optimism..:) The latter represents only GOA and former entire INDIA. Specialization serves best…haha…Ohk no more talk on this…I might encourage enemies from IIM’s. To be clear it is ‘Doing MBA from a college which provides sound platform and lifetime experience that matters to me’. GIM is bound to do meet that. With a close knock out between “No MBA” and “MBA from Good but not best college” the latter survived. Everyone is happy and cheering around me. On a day when I least expected, the news came across in the form of a phone call which Ms. Laddha(me) as usual missed. On a call back considering it to be a customer call, a pleasing voice verified my credentials and finally disclosed that I am being offered.  As of now in a huge rush -  I am Juggling between so many things with too close deadlines. Before I sign off – This update is my way of Thanking to all my blog dosts and others who empathized and supported during my rough times.

For time being I would like to leave you with a copy of my first resignation and with glimpses of the wonderful campus -

First Resignation - Dated : Monday, 23rd May,2011

Dear sir,

This message is to formally communicate my resignation with *** effective June, 8, 2011.  After careful consideration, and as a direct result of my experience with ***, I have made the decision to pursue my higher education on a full time basis.  Over the course of my notice period of 2 weeks, I assure you that I will continue to work diligently and assure you of smooth transition of my responsibilities.

My association with *** since June 2010 has been a great learning experience and I am grateful to the entire organization and its esteemed associates for their unrelenting support and understanding extended to me. I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity, training, and guidance I have received over the last one year.  I am excited to further my career by completing my higher education.  Upon completion of my MBA program, should *** have need for my skill set, I would welcome the opportunity for re-employment.  Until that time, I wish you continued success.

Komal Laddha

Reason for Resignation - GIM


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  1. Komalllllllllllllllllllll........ i'm sooooo sooooo sooooooooooooooo happpy........ I was waiting for this... I wish I could express my happiness in person but you know my voice says it all :)
    The campus looks superb :) :) I love the spirit :) I just love it :) All the veryyyy best :):):):) Love you :)

  2. Wooohhhhooooooooo :) finally the good news comes :) M sooo happy for u.. But gonna miss u n Paridhi so much.. With 8 of us in college, only 50% would be left nw.. Frm 8 to 4, the friendship n journey of Sbg is been awesomest, n m sure its still goin to go veryyyyy strong :)
    Yes with no mba n mba frm a a 'im' in hand, the latter wins any day :)
    Allll the besttt! M sure as usual u gonna rock :)
    Small town girl makin it big yet again :)

  3. @Pari - yeah campus is awesome...Love u too..:)

  4. @Jinal- Love ur way of expressing..:)Thanku..:) N yes group is getting smaller but it shall continue becoming stronger..:)

  5. yyyyoooohhhhhhhhoooooooo...
    This blog has become the symbol of 'Changes'.
    From downturn to small town to rise of Multifacet...
    Go goa for Komal... hope you will get whatever you wanted(Including tough competition, cruel profs and rigorous schedule of IIMs)...
    wish you all the best...
    and (star wars style)may the force be with you...

  6. Here comes the winning memorable style :)
    Congratz dear, you have done it!
    Take a moment,feel proud of this achievement!

    To be Honest, i always felt this was coming,may be this is what we know as sixth sense..
    There may not be any logical explanation why I felt this way but if you remember i always kept believing that you will land in GIM,whether it was during our chase to campus for the interview or the premiere of Dum Maaro Dum.Strange but true. :)

    Well,having thought beyond the IIMs, I suggest you to take this journey forward on a high note with no reservations/regrets and you are bound to have a lifetime experience in 'The Rockheart Goa'.
    Once Again Many congratz and feel the happiness!!

    P.S: Add the L for LIFE in GOA and you have met your GOAL

  7. @Nits - Oh yes its all changing...i didn't notice that..:)
    Hopefully and if not i shall create trouble for the IIM dosts...

  8. @Vijender - Agreed...You understood my destiny ever since the first goa ride...I shall add L for LIFE in GOA and whenever i fail i shall call u..:)Happy 2 years to myself..:)

  9. Congrats dear...

    A step towards your GRAND Dreams:)
    You have reached one of your goal post..good luck for d next 1:)

    This surely calls for a party...thou i least expect it from u(pakki madu) Haha...kidding..

    Awesome Campus...
    its indeed gonna b 'happy 2 years' for u..

    All d v best and do miss me :)


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