Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lost and Found/Re-gifted

I already have a post on my list of things that I had lost. That’s nothing new for people who know me from close. I had the audacity to lose the most precious gifts of my life just due to my carelessness. And not just one but quite a lot of them. But this post is not to talk about my carelessness but my loving people/favorable luck. Here is a list of them:

The eye candy red watch...

1.    Remember my lost red watch? If not, let me tell you the story behind it. Three years back on my birthday, I had received probable the most expensive gift till that date. A sexy-red fast track watch which looked sexier on my hand (no it’s not a joke  :P) I loved that piece from the bottom of my heart for two reasons. First because it was my special birthday gift. And second because it was gifted by best man so far[to clear out it’s my brother, I didn’t quite have many guys in my life till then :P]  and within two months I lost it god knows where and how!!! From then on as a self-imposed punishment I stopped wearing watches which I was decently used to. My punishment ended a year back when I visited home and found the same red watch kept in my cupboard. I know I know, you all must be thinking how lucky I am :P

My Go gear!!!

2.  Then two years back, again on my birthday I was gifted a music player by my best friend to enjoy my jogs around campus. This enjoyment too lasted for about two months. But this time I know where I lost it. Someone took it away from me while I was sleeping during my travel back home in bus. No, music can never stop in my life. But yes I decided no music player ever as a punishment. And no. Don’t get me wrong that I do this drama so that I get them back. I do not disclose about these punishments to anyone. But a person who have people in their life who understands your unsaid emotions would know, how easily the things not so prominent are still observed by them. Four months back I was re-gifted the same music player again :)

My precious.....
3.   The final story is of those days when love started blossoming in life. Probably my first gift during that phase around three years back. It was a key chain, a special one. In my excitement to keep it most safe, I kept it in a place which I myself forgot. I searched and searched, took out all things of my cupboard still I couldn’t find it. There was no punishment for this because it was not a thing which mattered if I used or not. It was just that, that piece of key-chain meant special because of the person from whom I received.

As recent as 4-5 days back, my mom pulled out entire stuff that I had kept back home when I went to campus. And ordered me to check evry inch of it and remove all unwanted stuff. As I was going through some waste papers, some old memories of college and school friends, I found a familiar Archies bag. And I knew that yes it was!!! The wrapper was as new as yesterday and the key-chain was intact. All I could do was pick up phone and call up the person asking him to take back all the taunting he had bestowed on me for having lost his first gift [Not that he made me feel bad, but I had this guilt since a long time]

So as I found my last gift, the previous instances of losing and coming a full circle rushed in my mind. And I knew this would be my come back post on blog.

P.S: Thanks Laku for encouraging me in your simple words to start writing by saying that you miss my posts. And here you go…..


  1. Your Life is a Fairy Tale !!!
    I have never seen anybody so much at ease with life.. :)
    All i know is the care and affection you get from others is the Gift of your own character.... :)


    1. It is so because of people like u..:) ~~Cheers~~

  2. I hate losing gifts. I too lost a fast track watch that my father gifted to me. I managed to handle it for more than 7 years and then i lost it.
    Hope you dont lose the found gifts again :)

    1. Hehe..:) Ya i am taking care of them really well now...


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