Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Best Thoughts in Bathroom

Would   Be   Manager

I was wanting to write on this for quite a time but couldn’t get through to pen down thoughts in the midst of all happenings in quick span…While still I m engaged in all of those, I think multi tasking is one of the key skills of a manager. Although the ‘Gyaan’ will start in a few days, self help is the best help. So why not start from now. So here I go…!!!

Best Thoughts in Bathroom!!!

Reading this caption how many of us can re collect the instances where we got the most ‘out of the box’ thought in bathroom??? How many of us dream of the most lavish bathroom in the beautiful home with all luxury, that to some extent we are ready to compromise on bedroom but not bathroom??? How many of us get the most peace of mind while showering and jump out of happiness on the bang of the most needed thought..??? Be it how to plan a surprise for the birthday of a loved one or how to escape on a working Saturday with a posh reason to manager…All this have happened with me time after time. Everything works out so perfect in that one place…The very realization of how amazing it is that such thoughts come to me in bathroom also came in bathroom..:) and for that matter the zeroing of thought to write an article on this also came in the same place…

'Archimedes Eureka'

"Eureka!"  shouted the Greek scholar Archimedes when he stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose — he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. Sooo it starts from History I explained myself when I realized that it was not usual to happen in that fashion always. Right from childhood I had a kind of bond with my bathrooms. All thanks to mom for her cleanliness freak that often I found bathroom to be the most hygienic place of all rooms. Living place changed many times but I was lucky enough always to have a long, polished and balcony embraced bathroom.

I have always been an early bird when it came to exam time preparation. Being a single BHK flat and my brother being a person who hardly woke up anytime for studying, I had only two options to study without disturbing him. [BTW it is not out of concern that I preferred not to wake him up, but because if he wakes up he shall drag me too on the bed again raised my concerns.] Talking about two options, one was kitchen and the other bathroom. The fear of rats hindered me from entering in kitchen in initial days, so I had no other option but bathroom. As time passed, although there were no rats in the house, although I had other options in terms of places to study, I preferred bathroom. I always believed I got the best ROI of the time spent there.

I have been of the types who love spending time with myself and enjoyed doing so. Come what may, I make sure I find time for myself everyday. And most of the time bathroom provided me with that comfort.

Rejuvenating time!!!

Again the time came during my three months experience of hostel life. Three of us shared a room with a single bigggg bathroom. Bathroom looked more like a corridor and I expressed a sigh of relief as I went to check the bathroom on the first visit. Each of us belonged to a different species. One finished all the work and ppts during night, I always woke up early in morning and the other switched between the two. I was renounced as the ‘Best Presenter’ of the class and I owe all not to my skills but what my skills become when I do things in bathroom. Oh yes, not to forget, I always saw to it that the bathroom was cleaned a night before either by maid or myself and I missed my mom for sure. Now it has become kind of a superstition if you call so that I start thinking on all important things only in bathroom..!!! That was and shall always be the place where I find my true self, where I can talk to myself, vent out my anger, celebrate my happiness,  Plan a big surprise , motivate myself after a failure or sing a song all loud in the most worst voice…! All without intrusion !!!


  1. "Eureka!"
    I have found the success Mantra :P
    Innovation begins at Bathroom :D

    I agree with you on every point that you have claimed here.
    I definitely dream of the most lavish bathroom and get maximum peace of mind while taking shower. :)

    and yes, for the benefit of all your blogdosts,
    let me declare that i am the brother who hardly woke up anytime for studying and dragged you to sleep if woke up... So All credit should come to me kyuki agar mai aisa nahi hota to ...just kidding ;)
    nice post~

  2. Hehe..i cant stop laughin coz it happens v often wid me too....which makes some1 shout from outside saying 'so gayi kya??'' LOL

    but v true..
    M sure it must b d mantra of success for all the 'BADE LOGS' (Gr8 ppl)...

  3. @Vijender- Thanku for clearing the air..:)So here's my brother because of whom i could discover my success mantra all blogdosts..:)

    Success mantra i guess khushboo has answered for that...Hehe...'BADE LOG'

  4. @Khushboo - Yeahh!!!'So Gai Kya' or if i start laughing 'pagal ho gai kya'...very true...

    100% acceptance for the sucess mantra of Bade Log...Hehe..:)


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