Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Journey is about to begin…..

Journey Begins...
As i drove on my Activa today for the last time to office, I realized that i will not be having access to many things. Roads of Hyderabad and my activa I shall miss the most.The most important included my laptop. Soon after this blog, i shall be handing over the laptop to the office authorities with due respect. I wish to write this last one from my memorable laptop which shares lot of my memories.Now i am all set to leave this beautiful place and phase of life and welcome the new era. I take this opportunity to thank all my loved ones - Maa, dad, bhaiyya, 3 Idiots, SBG, Nits and office colleagues with help of whom i am embarking on my new journey.

Since the past 10days i am roaming everywhere in search of everything that shall make my life easier. All the memories and the thoughts i went through is:

Packing1: As I started packing my bags today memories of past flashed in my eyes. This city, this locality, this home and all people around me have seen me growing since I was a kid. As first bag of luggage lay completely packed with clothes, I stood still and my eyes stopped at the sight of my almirah. It was completely empty with pictures of my favorite stars and myself up on the cupboard doors standing all lonely. The empty cupboard looked like the trodden path that I took hundreds of time to reach many destinations and now I shall be leaving it forever. Recollecting occasions of how I fought with  my brother for the poster of a favorite hero from the newspaper to put up there and how I wandered around it standing, sitting taking many garments on that big occasion and banging it when I was in a dilemma to decide made my eyes wet . So many things, so many memories and so many people - People who care for me, people who love me, people who fight with me ,people who mean life to me. My heart asked me is it worthy to leave all these loved ones and go into a stranger’s world. You shall find friends but where will you look for family??? Mind counteracted with the wisdom of “This is life” theory. “Change” is the only one which shall never change. You are about to begin a new life and this is part of it…Ages abound mind and heart are on war and this shall be on ever.

Packing 2:  Another two bags of luggage is ready. The summary of these two bags goes like this – The things that filled the bags are the one whose presence does not/ is taken for granted but its absence makes you incomplete. Yes it starts right from my toothbrush, paste, bed spreads , mirror, to the emergency light, plate, spoon, socks, hair bands…Oh the list goes on. This packing tested the maximum sharpness of brain. Every minute my mom shouts – “beta this will also be needed” and I say “Maaa aap na hote to mera kya  hota”!!!

Packing 3:  This is the ultimatum. The gifts from my loved ones is making one more baggage with the most weight. Haha. My mom is having bad time. All shouting around the house insisting me not to take all the gifts at once. I am adamant. Yes I want all to be taken with me. I don’t understand the logic of leaving behind the gifts which are made for remembering and feeling good each time I miss them or whenever I feel low. I can compromise to an extent on the material stuff but not on lovable immaterial gifts which reminds you of the good old times and can get a smile instantly.

Today: I am here in office to finish all formalities of exit procedure. I completed my one year yesterday(7th june) in the corporate world and today(8th june'2011) i am ready to go back into my college life. As one of my friends said :"Make the most of this opportunity as you know now what is "after college life". By EOD i'll have more to write but would not be having the provision. Will update on that as soon as i can.

Till then take care all my Blog dosts..:) Keep smiling..:)

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  1. Hi Multifacet, you know what I started reading all your blogs from starting and suddenly stopped at this, noticing that all your blogs have 1 or more comments but not this one:)

    So your journey began last year,I couldn't wish that time, but when you achieve milestone and come out from GIM with flying colours..I wish you in advance a great success after that.....All the best!!! tc


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