Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Few Amazing Facts/Thoughts...Did u know??? I didn't

Swinging out from the cafeteria after a cup of tea, humming the song “Bheegi si bhaagi si” from Rajneeti, here i sit to publish my next post. In spite of the bootless classes I am rejoicing. Weather around is very pleasant or my mood is pleasant. First time since I arrived here I feel like listening to music and relishing. With the same enthusiasm here I go.

 My Classes have begun. Well the main course started recently, but we had a preparatory course running for about two weeks. The person named Prof. Kamath is all what I remember at the end of these two weeks. A very enthusiastic, 60 year old man. A person who wears well ironed formal clothes with clearly appearing folding lines in the mad rains of Goa. I guess that depicts his discipline. A man of principles, who have treasured and left foot prints on every available path right from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry to Zoology, Scientific innovations, Bio technology and Economics. A power hub of knowledge.

Well I had to attend the classes to firm my quant basics, but instead I learnt many other things which I feel are much more important than the academic gyaan. He has this amazing style of presenting a story before taking it to the level of theoretical concepts of Mathematics.

>> According to Indian time when you reverse the hand watch (consider 12 to be 6 and vice versa) it shows GMT time (Amazed???Give it a try)

>> Though sea is considered to be safe to swim due to high levels of salt - why on so many occasions people drown and die?

Two reasons: Water is a good conductor of heat. Entire body heat is absorbed by large sea within minutes. Due to this the body gets stiff and develops cramps which leaves even a good swimmer drowned.
Second obvious reason is that in celebration time, people often drink and make merry. This leaves them out of senses and a possible reason of drowning.

>> What do you think Yoga is? I answered saying it is a set of breathing exercises that brings about mental stability or calmness.
The true meaning of yoga is it is not an exercise. It is a state of unison of Body and Mind. It brings about harmonium between the two which otherwise are always antagonistic.

>> What does the word ‘continental’ mean which appears on the menu card???
It means entire Europe except England. England food is not generally preferred or eaten by people anywhere. Hence the exception.

>> Shipment - Referred to the goods transported through road.
Cargo -Referred to the goods transported through Ship.
Ironical, isn’t it..?

>> Husband: Means one who takes care of.This is how the word husbandry has come. It is only now that the spouse is referred to as husband.

>> We use the word ‘into’ in Mathematical term to indicate *(multiplication). Its true meaning in English is expressing division.

>> One of the most dazzling thoughts – Human Brain grows till the age of 5-6 years. It develops billions and billions of neurons which are the building blocks of the human brain. After this age, every day millions of the neurons die, yes millions. Therefore, I am less capable today than I was yesterday.
This makes the hindi saying valid – “kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab” – “Things to be done tomorrow finish it today, to be done today, finish it now”.

>> How true but never realized – Cow does not give milk, we extract milk from cow.
Similarly, Student does not study and teacher does not teach.
MBA implication – Worker does not work, work is extracted from worker. Manager does this job.

Hopefully I will get a chance again to interact with Prof. Kamath during the main course. I place him in my list of few most respectable facilitators I have come across in my life. I shall always remember his words –“It’s nothing big. You just have to observe”.
Blog dosts, I have something amazing to share with you. Here is the video shared by my IIM friend. Take a sneak into the IIM life. Hitler gets frustrated with rigour ar IIM A.


  1. u leave me surprised!! :)
    there r actually so many unnoticed things around.. its fun to know such stuff n realize how dumb in general we r :P
    every fact is new n never even thought of.. amazin sir he must be with loads of knowledge :)
    now it makes me think of other unrealized stuff around :P hahaha
    the video frm IIM A, sad is the only word comin frm me for them :P :D
    hahahaha :)

  2. hey .com....

    finally I am here to write back to you!! Funny huh that the person from whom you expect the most to write to you, does not write a word.. I am sorry....I am somehow going away from my habit of writting...I think I am loosing myself..It's like I am living someone else's life...well, nothing is new just that the realisation is becomming prominent to me.

    Anyways, let turn the spotlight to you again, the real star....amazingly beautiful work....loved your blogs. I think I am falling for your professor too. I am sure there is so much that you are going to learn and experiment there, definately its once in a lifetime experience. I am happy for you.

    Just few days back, I was thinking about my PGHRM Course, it was actually wonderful, but somehow I could'nt give my best. When I look back it feels empty and full at the same time, I wish I could understand this.

    Anyways may be the best way to be happy is to think about you guys...I am happy people are getting a chance to live their life....I wish I had one too...Love you....Disha

  3. @Jinal - That's the way i use to react each time i came to know..:)
    IIM A - hahaha..!Sad!!!

  4. @Dishu - N finally i have u as my reader...I am honoured..:)
    Thank you for the appreciation..:)
    Yeah!PGHRM added what to you i realise now while experiencing my curriculum..:)Keep exploring and don't loose on individuality my girl..:)

  5. Finally, I make it to comment on your blog...
    I know I am a little late and have been ignoring your multiple reminders hah aha :P
    nonetheless, One amazing fact about you - You are in love with blogging :) Did u know?

    I am turly happy for you, now that you have finally found professor i am well aware of your greed for knowledge :) Keep sharing it with us...
    Well my current favs are 'into' and MBA implication'...

  6. hey! i read some of ur posts! it's nice to hear that ur gaining the most out of ur MBA. also, i'm amazed by seeing ur dedication and hard work towards achieving almost everything. still, it's a request that health is above all...sometimes, one needs to trade-off certain ambitions for the sake of other important things in life. i believe that's what u need to do when it comes to ur health. lastly, i wud like to compliment on your true blogging skills.

    P.S: you are the first person in the history of GIM who extracted positivity from prof. Kamat's talks(in the air) :P :P

  7. @Anonymous - Thank you for the appreciation and advice...All taken..:)Prof. Kamath - Oh yes!!!He's awesome..:)
    P.S: I dislike the name "anonymous". Would like to refer to u by your name!!!


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