Thursday, 21 July 2011

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It’s the CSR Thursday. I returned an hour back with English books of primary classes in my bag. This is one of the few things I like about GIM. Every Thursday we have to work with a NGO and help them in the project which shall make a difference in the lives of unknown but needful. I want to give my best in this. Always wandering about ways to help the society, but failing to find it always, I find this to be an opportunity to create difference. Our group is to train the teachers of primary school in English. Teaching teachers – I felt the same irony as you all are feeling. But the ground realities are too bad here. Anyways that’s another story.

So what am I going to write about today..? Who knows..? You..? No...! Nor do I…Just felt the urge to write with nothing so specific to write about.  Attending classes, Washing clothes, listening to music, playing table tennis,  walking in campus, going for a movie, preparing for club selection – everything seem so randomised. I am directionless or was my life too directionful..? I wonder now. An ardent sleeping queen of min 10hrs a day has now become an insomniac staying awake all night long. Doing mistakes for which regret/tears is not the repent. I feel incomplete. The undone tasks mounting each minute I am loosing on health every day. This is a mad race. I can never be or I never want to be a part of this. Emotions, ethics, relationships have no place here. It is like now or never for everyone. ‘Living in the Moment’ says everyone. But is it always right to do so?  Is this true, or is this my perception? Always my mind run in two thoughts – Do this do that..? People do this but I want to do that.  Too many things pouring out. That’s the spur of the moment and music.
I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream.
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean.
I don't know how I got this way
I know it's not alright.
So I'm breaking the habit,
I'm breaking the habit

On a lighter note:

“Hey baby! How r u..? I miss u…Wish you were here…”  “I had classes so couldn’t talk to u…” “Are I am telling no, I was busy with my assignment so couldn’t answer your call…” “I cannot talk to you always…”The overheard scenario of all committed singles here. Personal space, insecurity, possessiveness and what not..! What’s your take on “long distance relationship” – I questioned and then I smiled at myself. My research is on. I tend to observe a bit too much. Always that you find me smiling for no reason, or quietly taking the bench listening to opinions – It should be understood that I am onto something. Personally and seriously my true opinion says if the couple have something much more in common than just Love – relationship will work out no matter if its long distance or otherwise. It is open to debate and I know it shall lead to. Not many or rather hardly any share this opinion.

An update for dear ones:

Things were different a few days back. I became the JCC (Junior Core Committee) member of SOFIA after a rigorous selection process. SOFIA - The Society of Finance - one of the most prestigious clubs of GIM. Before going back home last month, presentations of various clubs were made by various clubs. Student Advisory committee (SAC), Mecca – for marketing, SOFIA – for finance, Razzmatazz – the cultural club, Kshitiz – the club, eerrrrrrrrrr. Altogether there are 15clubs and each club have about 6 SCC’s i.e Seniors core committee members and invitation was given for 6 JCC’s i.e Junior core committee members. From the batch of PGP – 1, 90 out of the batch strength of 240 get the opportunity to be a part of one of the clubs.

Once selected for a club, you are not eligible for any other club. Obvious reasons being, every club required lot of effort and time to organise respective events and to live up to the expectations. Managing one club responsibility with the management’s hectic schedule is itself a daunting task. So I had all reasons to smile. I again got to be a part of minority (hehe).I am a finance freak. I might sleep in any class but finance wakes me up. I waited all along and applied for JCC of only SOFIA. While many around starting trying their luck right since the first club. It doesn’t make sense to me. Clubs require dedication and passion and Finance is my passion. The only justification I gave to the question “why you should be taken as a SOFIA JCC” was “Passion”. Few decisions are backed by reasons and few others by passion. It has been proved time and again that latter serves best in the long run. The same is true when it comes to finance and me. I smiled when I made through it. SOFIA – JCC. Congratulations pouring in. But as they say success never lasts for long and failure never fades away quickly……………..

Lastly Goa looks mesmerizingly different in day and night. A ride along the roads of drizzling GOA in broad daylight has its own charm in comparison to the ride in the dark long bushy roads. When visit GOA do remember this.

At a standstill
I'll paint it on the walls
'Cause I'm the one that falls
I'll never fight again
And this is how it ends
So, I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit 
I’m breaking the habit 


  1. I am very happy... I have been wanting to be the first one to comment on your blog.. but most of the times Jinal deprived me of that happiness... :) just kidding...not to be taken seriously..
    Well, let me post this..otherwise, somebody might again post it before me ,... wink!!
    Real comment coming in next .....

  2. Best post that you have given to us so far...
    I am ridin' high after reading this..!!!!!!
    Well, i already confessed to you that this is the only platform i get to run through your mind and get a feel of 'you are around'....
    Many congratx to you for having made it to the JCC of your fav club, I know how difficult it would have been :)
    Sit back and smile for yourself.. it's the second coming feat after having made it to the GIM!
    It feels even better to know that you are growing as a person... you are vesting time in interacting with people in need and going the extra mile to support them.It's a different feeling may be just like owning a SUV if i had to compare :)
    I know you are very efficient in hadling your ups and downs :)
    People do believe 'Living in the Moment', even i do to a major extent,however blending it with right sensibilities would make it better.
    :) hmm you have also touched the topic on relationship ;)
    All i can advice is "Mazaak banao, Mazak bano mat"
    Stay focussed and let these things take no tool on you and your self :)
    So,U are loving goa...that's a welcome news to me. To tell you the fact, u are such a beautiful person who can give a New direction to the Adverse Winds..
    keep blogging...

  3. You hav so so so many laurels to ur name...n this one is another feather in ur cap...kudos to miss SOFIA.:)..Your answer truely justifies why u deserve to be a part of SOFIA JCC...definitely your passion got u there:)..sumone truly said...With passion...all th.ings r possible...

    In spite of being amidst such an hectic schedule..u still manage to write such wonderful blog..its real appreciable..
    Intricacies of life has been put forth by u in simple lines....great meaning indeed!!
    Your post says it all.. your urge to write even without knowing wht to write or i would say to keep in touch with your blog dost is truly appreciable...

    Keep sharin ya GIM experience with us:)

    Stay connected:)

  4. @Vijender - I can sense the urge of you to be the first one by seeing the first comment..! I am loving it..!

    The actual comment is a real booster. All advices taken. And for the last line - I fell for you:)

  5. @Khushi - All i can say is it is the appreciation and encouragement of readers like you that keeps me going on the blog..:) Stay the same!!!

  6. hi again! sorry for being late but this gave advantage to few(bhaiya) :P
    ok abt the blog now.. random, yes the rt word for the blog :)
    m so glad u r getting a chance to teach the teachers, we always decided that we wanted to do somethin, get a change around but never did anythin in real, but m so happy n jealous that u actually gettin to do tht :)
    m so happy that u r no more a jaldi sleep jaldi get up girl with 10hr sleep :P i like that change though u must be hatin it :D
    living in the moment- for me, yes it is true n i shall do tht all through.. inspiration being zindagi na milegi dobara. its fun n satisfying to live tht way with regrets behind :)
    ummm long distance relationship- a highly debatable topic, no personal views on tht, in general depends on individuals or rather the couple n their understanding :)
    congrats ms JCC of SOFIA.. i knw ur love with numbers :) u r pro with them, would have undoubtedly got into it :)
    to take time out n to write this comment look me so many days, i wonder hw u manage to write such gorgeous blogs after being busier than me :) keep it goinggggg :):) tc!

  7. Hi .Com.......I am late yes i know but its k cause i am honestly keeping busy not as much as you though......I am trying hard to push my feelings away as they are bad negative and will take me nowhere but depression. But I think the fight is between two strong contendors and so I am the one who is loosing.....anyways lovely moments komal....I understand by what you mean when you say "this is a mad race". Its the same here...what you need to keep in mind is, be it there in GIM or in real life one rule lives long and that is Survival of the Fittest. Don't loose our .com in you and success will always be at your doorstep. its not necessary to win always...many a times you might fail but what is important is learning and those moments, they teach you a will never forget them....Congo for your success of the title JCC. I would like to answer few questions...
    1. Living in the Moment’ says everyone. But is it always right to do so? Is this true, or is this my perception? --- yes its true, I can tell that cause I have lost too many things or better if I say I don't have many, so what you have live the best of ll love it

    2.Personally and seriously my true opinion says if the couple have something much more in common than just Love – relationship will work out no matter if its long distance or otherwise - not necessary....not telling cause i am emotional....telling cause i have almost 3 year long relation LONG DISTANCE relation...believe me wen I say nothing is similar except for love between us....what keeps you bound is first the love and then your trust - the 2nd most important pillar of any relation not only love...want to talk so much you know how I am ..... you take care obviously love you loads and jinal rightly said keep it goingggggg


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