Friday, 9 September 2011

...In Between Dayyzzz...III

Childhood Rockstar - Always a Roxstar!!!

It’s my birthday today. I swear. This is how I said to everyone a few years back. I even made it a point to wear new dress every year without everyone’s notice. My orkut profile(the mania those days), had my birthday as sept,9. Without any price for the guess, it is Akshay Kumar – The Funjabi guy’s birthday. I was and m still a fan of him. He’s a ROCKSTAR. After listening to his all - time cherishing songs I went for the classes with all optimism. I wished my buddy, whose blog updated on the same eve and again no pea nuts for the guess. I treated myself with pastry from “Monginis” the “new rescuer” on GIM campus. After a well done day I sit update my blog further.

Scenario on 19th Aug (night) - 20th Aug’201(day and night)-21st Aug(day): Ahh!!! I edited the title 3 times. With only 7hrs of sleep in these 3days I got confused which day had what events..:)These were the most valuable days and nights of my stay in GIM so far. Starting from where I left - on the eventful night, listening to the song “Because Karma is a” made me realise “I was acting selfish” and then I returned back to set things right. Its lyrics are meaningful and worth listening every time you get immersed in this materialistic world.

The first day of Samriddhi doesn’t hold much significance to get involved in. In a nut shell I was sitting in the audience just to listen how the drafted scripts are being delivered. The loneliness made me go down and sit alone in the backyard of hostel. And the only time I returned back to the room was next day morning. Astonishing!!! It happens frequently with many here. It was for the first time with me. One thing good here is you are never let alone on the campus. If you want to, stay in the room. And that’s true only for girls. Hehe. Students of GIM can understand that better.  Coming back to the point, one of them joined and 2 of us were sitting. After sometime 1more, now it became 3. And followed 1 more and 1 more and many more. Within minutes i forgot what for i had come there.

The Spotlight at Night!

With music aloud, everyone was singing away to glory. With no near deadlines, people were” high” otherwise. Who says people booze more when they merry. Here we find lot many better ways to celebrate our good times and the time people booze majorly is when deadlines are near. So here’s a point to ponder on.  We played happy songs, we played romantic songs, and we played and fought over the choice of songs. This reminded me of my old days with friends.  Few walked away in the darkness, few came and went, and few slept and came back again. Before we asked for the time, it was 2 am in the morning. Now was the time to go on a walk on campus to make sure no one slept in the veranda. Dancing the learnt steps of “Jive”, discussing the most happening talk of couple’s formation on campus and an amazing live case study(sshhh that’s a secret), we related all concepts of Organisational behaviour(OB) and marketing management so enthusiastically and perfectly. It was the awesomest time and my cheeks were hurting laughing aloud.

Oh yes. In the midst of this, we had participants from various colleges on campus. We had to lend or share rooms with them on a voluntary basis. So we could see them preparing for the next day long lined up competitions and expressions of surprise to the “GIM way of fun”. At 6 in the morning, everyone decided to go back to sleep. But I had other plans in mind. I wanted to witness “The Udhyog – The B-pan competition”, “Graam shaala – The B-Plan workshop”, “Vibhakti – The case study competiion”, “Pracaar - The advertising competition” . Then I had to prepare for compeering “Alekh – The paper presentation competition” I was allotted. Sleeping was the last priority for the sleeping beauty because the opportunity cost of missing sleep was too low. So I thought I would be awake throughout. I came back to room at around 7 am. That’s the last that I can remember. When I fell asleep I don’t remember. It was 11:30am, when I woke up.

 Having missed the B-Plan competition, I got ready and rushed. I managed to see some of the finest presentations, talks and competitions. Without a break in between, I walked out from the workshop, attended the “Vibhakti”, went for the enriching talk of “Raman Madhok” followed by “advertising competition”. In between calls kept pouring for the need of few volunteers to attend competitions, be a part of audience and encourage participants. Also, calls from “Alekh” team co-ordinator kept coming in to plan for the compering script. I kept the latter one on hold, because I was confident of making it right on time. I liked being the “dummy honourable guest” of various events. I was bribed with “few vouchers and chocolates”. At the end, it was my benefit. I drove back with many memories of Samriddhi and a bunch of learning’s that shall help me helpful when we shoulder this responsibility of holding “National level B-school meet – Samriddhi 2012” next year.  Finally at the end of long and sleepless day, I sipped a coffee before sitting down with the “Aalekh” team for the event next morning.

P.S: Every time the clock ticks mid night 12, I smile if I am awake, because I get a day closer to going back home:) First time, each day closer to exam, increases my happiness!!!


  1. Expected one:)

    Happy bday crazy gal:)

    Readin this blog i got reminded of the day when i called u on 9 sept(couple of years ago) to wish u happy bday thinkin it was actually ya bday(coz orkut told me tht its komal laddha's bday today..LOL)..

    keep blogging..

  2. Hey komal…!!!

    Firstly I sincerely apologise for not commenting on ur blogs but trust me I read them all and I do follow it sincerely….:) :)

    I knew u write well but dint knw dat u write so well….da way u express ur feelings is simply amazing….when I read them I actually picturise everything….i picturise u with all ur emotions….
    I always felt in our cll days dat u nevr share ur deepest feelings but thru ur blogs I got to knw a completely different side of you…. THE EMOTIONAL KOMAL …U always came as a strong gal before hiding dis part of u or may b I cudnt notice it (dis doesn’t mean dat m a bad frnd…lol

    n btw…BELATED HAPPY BDAY….lol….keep blogging wud love to read more…. LOVE u :) :) TC :)

  3. belated happy bday komal.....:P :P

  4. Well well well...U got a style..not just in articulating..but also in taking revenge..
    all the way,i was only wondering Y I WAS NOT INFORMED..about this post.. ;)pat came the reply...i did the same :(
    but to tell u d truth.. I am so occupied.. at times i din even realise i was wearing the same shirt for 3 days.. (exaggerating as usual)
    But my dearest,chal nw i am commenting on all posts due... :P
    P.S:written while listening 'kaisa ye isk haii..ajab sa risk hai'..It's a beauty :)
    I can recall this same pic was ur display some time while your intense Akshay Kumar mania...


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