Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Final Lap - ….In Between Daysss IV !!!

Exam fever on..! Entire campus especially the TT room looks gloomy because everyone is glued to their chairs. I can see classes being conducted in rooms with gurus in respective subjects talking the lead as I stroll across the campus. Considering the keenness to write and urgency to study I’ll fast forward the things to an extent.

Scenario on 21st:  Last night almost everyone was on the roads of Goa. Firstly it was Saturday night, second it was the most peaceful weekend ever with no assignments and lastly except for the organisers who had events on 21st rest had all reason to party on the eve of long awaited success. Me, Joel and team of Alekh and Ranneeti (oh yes another offering for compering for the event. Look I am God’s child) were the only ones hanging around in the library.
It was the last day of Samriddhi. Alekh was to begin at 9 am. When people were returning back to campus after a fundu night out, I was decked up in business suit, ready to conduct alekh – The paper presentation competition. God had in store a nice way of waking me up or rather shaking me up on a Sunday morning. I go inside the cafeteria, talk to the team, only to realise that my so called co-comparer (not the one from the team selected but from the organising team) has bad throat and is in pain. And now I am expected to to do it alone with no sympathy. Words of cedric flashed in my mind. He had prepared us for all possible adverse situations that could happen with the comparers form the organising side. This was the extreme in that adversity.
The next moment, I call up a person. The conversation goes:
Komal : Hey ****! Are you sleeping?
****: No I am awake.
Komal: Ohk. I need your help and it’s urgent. I don’t have a co – comparer now and it’s impossible for me to do alone because it is a 3hr event. I can give you 20mins of time. Get ready and reach here at 8:45 am. Don’t worry. I shall explain you things and I believe you are the only who can manage and help me now. (HHhhhuuu. I said it all in one go without giving him a chance.)
*** - Are you sure?
Komal – Yes! I shall be waiting for you. See you at 8:45 sharp. Hung Up!!!
And that sweetheart is no other than Joel(Jo - L -) – My co – comparer of Ranneeti.  He was there sharp at 8:45am, with a cool head that time demanded. I handed him the scripts with a surety that he won’t need it except for the introduction of judges. He was my saviour and we performed excellently in the board room in front of the esteemed judges and enthusiastic participants. 

Ranneeti really required coherent articulation skills. It took half an hour for joel and me to understand the contest, elimination procedure and the rounds. Soon after Alekh we went to the MPH-Auditorium to check the status. Having understood the game, it was now a daunting task to explain the same in a coherent manner without creating excitement among participants, judges and the audience. Initially we were supposed to introduce the game and conduct the first round. Later the organisers had planned to take over. Impressed with the unfolding of event, we were impromptu asked to compere further rounds.  

There was not much gathering in the audience owing to many reasons. In spite of it we were proud to have conducted one of the most hyped events of Samriddhi 2011 in a way that left participants, organisers and judges satisfied. Finally we got the grand end to the last event of Samriddhi 2011 in a King style. Following this was the closing ceremony in the evening.

Autographs, photographs followed. Hehe…Kidding…We did lot of silly things post this. We were happy with the way the day had progressed and we made the compere team 2011 proud. In between compliments kept pouring in and we cherished with each one.

Compere team - 2011 L-R Cedic, Joel, Komal, DIsha, Chitra, Gunjan, Hitaishi, Shawn, Aran

Of the many, below is the one official compliment from the organising team:
The accolades just keep coming in J

Cedric De Menezes
Goa Institute of Management

From: Aseem Sharma []
Sent: 22 August 2011 10:47
To: Komal Laddha; Joel Dias
Subject: Thanks a lot for the effort

Hi Komal/Joel,

We had a great show yesterday. Everyone right from the judges to the participants liked the way we had organised the event J.
I would like to thank both of you on behalf of the AALEKH team for the great effort you people had put in.

Komal, the effort put in by you to prepare the speech along with the handwritten write-ups is really commendable.
Please pardon us for the all the trouble we created for you L.

Joel, you were the saviour for us. The last minute back out by one of our teammates could easily have led to a disaster.
But you pitched in at the right time, keeping aside your preparations for the next event.

Thanks a ton for making the event such a big success and we look forward to share the same team with you in the future assignments as well.

Thanks and regards,
Aseem Sharma
On behalf of AALEKH team

Following this was the final meet of team to share experiences and thanks giving for the effort and the success. Remember the message of cedic. Yeah!!!


  1. You r on a rise..awesome..
    aja laga du tere gaal pe til kaala :) Touchwood!
    continue REMIXING your LIFE my ROCKSTAR!!!!!

  2. WOW...loved the post and it brought back so many memories. I, too, used to compere shows and events and it used to be so much fun.

    Many congratulations on the job well-done. First time on your blog and loved it :)

  3. @Neha - It is great to have you on my blog and to have loved the post..:)


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