Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happiness Sharing..:)

Wassup blogdosts..? It is Diwali time and i am just back from shopping for my room decoration and diwali celebration away from home. i realised today a box of "Fuljhadi" costs 110 bugs. the box just slipped out of my hand on hearing the price. Ah i miss dad as i never realized and just kept burning crackers piled up at home days before diwali. the sad news is it's raining today. keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow. Enjoied every moment of shopping diyas, oil, decorative items, rangoli..!Feels Wow!!!

The cake cut under the moonlight with dear friends:)You guys are awesome

N yes. I completed 21yrs yesterday on this beautiful planet Earth and people around me have endured me this long..:) What a day it was..!Couldn't have asked anything better on the 1st b'day away from home. Each moment of this day, i was made to feel special in every possible way. It started from the mid night celebration blast on campus, video trend of GIM followed by cake cutting under the moonlight with nice friends. I walked 3 times from my room till the main gate parading in joy the long walk to amuse myself with the special gifts given by my most most beloved ones. People around call me princess and i felt the same for the first time yesterday. My room is so pleasing to look at with 3 bouquets, 1 teddy bear, 1Mp3, 1 box of ferrero Rocher, 1 biggest diary milk, 1 bournville, 1 night lamp, 5 small diary milks, and 3 beautiful message cards. Everything right next to me on my study table with no space left for studies...(hehe). I went to the same temple that i had visited with my sweetest brother right on the day when i was here for the interview of GIM. The day ended with another cake cutting at mid night..:)
The parade that i was happy to take!!!
On my study table..:)

As i slept back yesterday night i was happy just to realise i have been able to develop so strong and special relations. As sister shivani words of love and affection echoed in my mind, i smiled with a sense of satisfaction, tears rolled down my eyes and was soon in my dream world.

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  1. wow! it's always so good to read your blog..I really admire your 'No Compromise Wherever you are' attitude...wish u a very happy diwali with warmest regards ....Have good celebrations!
    N d list of gifts.. amazing.. U r really loved by all n all of us find ourselves wanting to be a part of your beautiful world... :)
    n ofcourse Thanks for promoting my blog here by stepping outside of yourself...I always felt we can work in great collaboration as we honor the space we share more than what our individual thoughts mean to us.... ;)

  2. woww yr... wishing u again a belated happy bday:)the cake looks yummieee n the bouquets are so beautiful n also the gifts....i can imagine u had such a nice bday:):)(lots of ppl love u including us)n also wish u happy diwali:):)

  3. hie komal!! happy birthday and diwali again :) :P
    sounds so much fun :) this blog reminds me of ur mum's words, she told me 'komal ki yahi baat hai woh jaha jati hai waha apne bana leti hai' :) so true.. u truly got mast friends, happy for u :) love the way ur bday was celebrated :)
    bag full of gifts huh :) m jealous :D
    i love ur description of diwali shopping, sounds super fun :)
    keep having fun with so much learning.. excited to see u back for a day :)
    bye for nw keep blogging and smiling :)

  4. waiting eagerly for ur next blog....have seen enough of GIM...want to see it from a new angle, from ur eyes. u give it an altogether new post soon......

  5. @Megha - Absolutely!!! It was diff but one of its kind:)

  6. @Jinal - Loved the line of mumma as remembered and reflected by you..:)And i only have to say this - "I am God's Child"!!!

  7. @Anonymous/Gourav - Thanku for such a eye pleasing response..! It is being taken as a compliment even if sarcasm is embedded in between the lines:)(hehe)


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