Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I am Here.....

I just realised I am more efficient during exam times because I find time to update blogs.  But lot kept happening here on blog in the form of comments and increased followers. It’s pleasing to add new friends to my circle of blog dosts. So I am back in Goa, after a 10day visit to home.  Lot of things and experiences to share. It has become pretty hot in Goa. People here cursed rains and now they are cursing the scorching heat. Unfortunately there is hardly any winter period here. I always preferred rain to heat, hence having pretty tough time.

It is the month of October, the month of my birthday and the month of Diwali. There is always a kid in you, no matter how much you grow. Whether you believe or not, the month of your birthday is always a little special than other months. I shall be celebrating purely without family and hyd’badi friends for the first time. So there is not much of regular excitement and shopping.

2nd trimester has started and this sem we have almost double the subjects with half the time of last trimester. Although it ends in mid-December, still we have lot of other things to focus on. Those also include various parties and celebrations of navratri, dusserra and Diwali (Hehe).

Post this quick update, I sign off but I shall try to gain the same efficiency. Till then, keep enjoying and have good time blog dosts.


  1. So you are studying in Goa. A nice place, I have heard.

    Good luck with your 2nd sem and a very Happy Birthday in advance :)

  2. Neha - Yes Goa is a nice place...Thank you for the wishes..:)

  3. Sanquelim is facing heat a bit early this time. it rained till november the previous year.
    and it will be wrong to say that there will be no winters here! late nights are going to be so chilly that even north indian's(like me :P)teeth rattles

  4. Ohh.. so it means more comments and increased followers. ..looks like it's time for me to pull up the socks and take charge of my blog.. ;) HeHe

    Yes, it is your BD month, n u have to remain excited all the way till the day..I have an intuition that this year, it is going to be a differently memorable day for you.. despite the absence(omnipresence) of family and SBG.. :)

  5. @Anonymous/Gaurav - As the word around is there is a very short span of winter or rather hardly any winter. And yes, that short period also, it is during night. But days are worst than summers.

    P.S - As i write this, the clouds are hovering on the campus..:)Hope it rains...

  6. @Vijender - Had i not shifted the blog, i would have stats that would require more pulling of your socks..:)(hehe)

    Let's see how well your intuition works buddy..:)


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