Saturday, 19 November 2011

Close to Heart....:--)

The story is of a kid and the world through her eyes. A kid who always hid behind her mumma.  She refused to go to anyone and everyone who wanted to cuddle her in their arms including her father. A kid who walked down to the school alone. Turned back just to have the comfort of mumma watching her from the balcony. A kid whose saviour was her elder brother whenever she was troubled by remaining cousins. A kid who was afraid to come down to the first floor with the fear of grand - mother. She was the same until she was 5.

Things changed when the family moved out of joint family. A lane close to the new school, an undeveloped locality, became her new home. A small locality with hardly few people settled made her explore the surrounding and herself. She let herself free from the hassles of fear. Soon she found new friends in neighbourhood. Now she walked to the school happily with them. Played, studied, fought, learnt, walked, and slept with them. She made friends with not just kids. People living around welcomed her always. She hopped from house to house in summer vacation. Innocent enough to sit inside a mechanic shop watching TV, playing and running with guys in the lane, fighting in the midst of the road, she was known by all. She loved her life.

She watched more and more people coming and settling in the locality. She enjoyed herself right with a 2 months baby in the neighbourhood, watchman next door to the bhajans of the old dadis living the neighbourhood.  While she laughed with everyone, she was the one most missed when someone left the society. She cried too when her best friends left her and settled in their own house. That was the day she realised the difference between a rented and an own house. Everyone was happy in their family except the kids (girl’s friends). Just like her they too could not understand the happiness behind owning a house.

Soon she became old enough to start cycling. When her brother was gifted a cycle, she was determined to learn the big cycle directly. She did so although without hurting herself much. But in turn, her elder brother who got taught her got memories of her learning cycle in the form of scratches, sprains and stitches. (Kidding with the last one).

Years started and ended and soon the girl became matured enough where few restrictions started being enforced on her. She hated her life, she disliked being grown up. She was stopped from staying on the roads, roaming after the school got over, cycling in the lane late in the night etc. She missed the fun of a free bird. But as the time passed by se accepted the rules of nature and society. And a day came when her family started to talk about changing the house. She always disliked the conversation and prayed for not liking the house that mom-dad went to see.

God can never deny a child’s wish. After almost a year of search for a new house, vacancy came right next to the house she lived in. That was the same barren place which she saw getting developed and occupied by a big three-storey independent bungalow. The watchman, with whom she played, the bhaiyyas with whom she burst crackers, flew kites and went for rides. They welcomed the family and she loved being in the same locality. That was the day she felt the love of God being closest to her and ever since then her faith has never blinked.

P.S: To be continued…….


  1. A sincere n beautiful dedication to both - the girl in u and the wonderful lane... lot more to write .. but for now, need to catch a bus to home.. the chase begins :)

  2. I always get amazed by the subtlety u use....after i came to know that ur new place is in the neighborhood where u used to live before, my belief in that "life, sometimes gives u pleasant surprises" grew stong :)
    i really wish that Aashirvaad brings a lot of blessings to you and your family.

    P.S: child inside a human body never dies. it's always there, taking a short as ur back to the same place, form up a gang or something again ;)

  3. This post continues to tell me new things about you :) I did know lil of it but not so much in detail.. beautifully described as always..
    As i was reading through it, with every sentence u told SBGs that 'gundi' IS the word for you :P
    waiting for the next update eagerly.. dying to see the way you would express the rest :)
    update ASAP! :D

  4. I get to know more abt u onli thru your blogs....very well written!!!!! and i always feel dat if u hav unwavering faith in GOD, u can feel his presence always in some form.....:):)

    Eagerly waiting for your next one! :P

  5. @gaurav - The story is yet to continue. The new place mentioned in the blog is not the same as new "Aashirwad"..:)

    Very well quoted. Child never and should never be allowed to die..:)

  6. @Jinal - I can sense the excitement in you. I always love to see that in your comments. If not for any other reason, but at least seeing your eagerness i would soon continue on it..:)

  7. @Harpreet - You're back with comments on my blog..:) Thank you and will update soon:)

  8. Rocked it, It was a mystery of how i found this blog... Totally inspired me to write my own blog..

  9. well, gudmrng!
    i am finally here with atleast 0.5 hr time to spare.
    it looks like this story from you has been liked by everybody unanimously.. as expected..
    right now I am not going to write any praises for you ... my real idea is to give your followers an insight of who you really are... as u have been boasting to be a sweet simple sober(sss) girl right from the beginning :)

    well, people.. things are not that straight forward as she seems to portray...
    shez been a real gundi type person from her childhood. I still recollect her avatar on way back home..
    her tie and belt would be sufficiently dislocated from their ideal position(as if she had a fight with someone) and would take a zig zag path.. from one end of the road to another to and fro...
    She would always indulge in fights with cousins and expect me to be the refree(biased - to her)
    she is among those rare people who take 1 hr time to come back from school to home when the distance is less than 0.5 km... always up with some great excuses.
    She will be quiet demanding to people whom she really feels close... U will at one point feel exploited .. haha... just kidding...she'l kill me ..
    She along wid Dad are the two cutest persons in the family... no matter how old they grow. it is always a delight to admire n njoy their cuteness... interestingly funny ppl.. :)

  10. Hi Komal, sorry but am anonymously following your blog....well read ur blogs and appreciate ur thoughts you put up. After reading ur blog I have created my own blog too and posted one thought of read..


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