Friday, 11 November 2011

It's 11-11-11

Once in 100 years
It happens once in 100 years. They always have something that catches me on and i have been following it since 2001. Every year i feel that day to be special and myself to be special enough to experience it. Though next year shall be the last, this year, now that i have started writing, it is imperative to share this special feeling with you all. 

 Got done with the mid terms just two days back. Life seems to be running at a super pace. It was amazing to be back at home for the most awaited celebrations. Every moment of it was worth missing the any damn most important thing. More to write on it in the next post.  

Then back from home, had to immediately switch gears from the most pampered days to toiling hard work. Managed to get done with exams with fairly decent performance. 

Its time to watch RK!

Yes this day is special for one of the very crazy reason this year. And you might find it crazy if i say the reason is "Rockstar". Yes!!!I am a RK fan..:)I have been waiting for it every since i saw the first promo in july. I remember talking to my brother about the movie and regret of not being able to watch this movie together. We both always loved each other's company. We watched all AK's and RK's movies together. We made it every time with the least chance of getting the tickets. Still we promised each other to watch it again on the first day. This time in two different places, still together. 

Open to new adventures, i am excited for the first movie with "Friends" here. It is not that i haven't been since i came here, but it was at the time and with people.......In short it was too formal. This movie is my way of thanking all who made my 21st B'day a memorable one by showing them a movie of my "Rockstar".Haha. I know that is dominance but isn't that the leverage you enjoy in friendship..? 

P.S: Thank you my blog dost neha - Live rather than exist. You made my this special day all the more special with your gift..:)


  1. Hope you enjoy Rockstar..will be watching it too this weekend. And also wishing you do well in your mid term exams.

    Thank you for your mention of me here. I'm glad that you liked the gift :)

    Take care. Lots of love.

  2. as i read through, i figured out there are so many things that i don't know about you.. surprised!!
    i din know you had been following that neither did i know u were such big RK fan :)
    u n bhaiya watching the movie at different places but still together was cute cuter cutest part :)

  3. @Neha - You're welcome. All Good Wishes for you new life..:)

  4. @Jinal - So blog unveiling many things..:) The way you catch up with my smallest part of post which means so much to me is so admirable..:)

  5. OK, So here comes the initial communication on my next blog .. it’s going to be my side of 'It's 11-11-11' an extension to Meet The Multifacet’s edition.
    The readers who wish to climb aboard watch this space

    P.S: Now that everybody realises that I use this space for promoting my blog.. why not make it louder :D

  6. @Vijender - N its gets official with no delay..:)Simultaneous publish of comment..:)


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