Thursday, 15 December 2011

Exam Blues and Wonderful Thoughts

Sounds like oxymoron? Give a deeper thought. Before, I use to long for exams to get over, for the fun-filled holidays to start. Now I wait to get back home. Although it’s only a week away, it looks long. All to be blamed is “End term Exams”. I am here, waiting eagerly to get on the other side. How I wish, I close my eyes and there comes the 22nd morning and I am home. Well, I guess it’s only one of the very few thoughts you get before exam. 
Here is a collection of more of what happens before exams:

HAHA...The only book we are aware of!

Never Again!!!

1. It starts with a startling thought of “Agli baar pehle se padhai karunga/karungi”. For my English readers, “I shall study beforehand from next time”.

2. Insomniac persons suddenly become sleep addicted.

3.  All of a sudden you start seeing (noticing) many  friends online on FB or Gtalk, and the time seems too little and you curse the exams.

4. You set targets of syllabus followed by breaks and want latter to become never-ending. Clock should miraculously start losing time..:)

5. You have put up an alarm of early morning. You get up at night, check time, and it shows you still have 2hrs to sleep. Nothing can match the happiness of the moment.

6. Your love towards Nature - clouds, sunsets, moon rise and mountains seem to be growing multi – fold. You wish how you had all time in the world to admire the creation of nature.

7. There is a curiosity development for strange things like newspaper articles, subject videos, sensex and what not. And it all disappears soon after the exam.

8. Dusting room, arranging cupboard, going to gym, going through friend’s feedback about you in class during ppts – All become so enthralling.

9. With a booklet of 50 pages in your hand, you decide to focus and finish within a deadline. You read few pages, and the mind flight takes off to the dreamland of holidays. I want to go here, shop this, eat this, play that and an hour is gone.

10. Lastly, God starts receiving more and more bribes for favours ranging from easy paper, good seating arrangement to exam cancellation.


Studied concentric is too high?

Never thought about it..? Well there could be lot more with you:)

Signing - off now. Keep enjoying blogdosts.


  1. awesome blossom ths one is ...... loved every word and also believe in the same. the best one is the graph, it is so true. love you .com come home soon waiting for you and pari.... :)

  2. All the best for exams! loved the 2nd point! i can soo very well connect to it :D

    and ohh! am done with my end terms \m/ (feel envious....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah!)

  3. N asking ur friends hw mch did dey complete studyin and if u are ahead of them, it feels soo gud ;-) hahaha....i cud so very well connect wid each n evry word. M sure all students do :D :D

    ALL da very beSSSTTT dear!!!:P

  4. @Dishu - Awesome blosson..:)Typical dishu..!its always gud to feel "i am student still"..:)

  5. @Mr. A - When i am writing this my exams are done..:)Enjoying the vacation...But ofcourse i read it when i should not have *wink*..!Never mind..!

  6. @Ms. Kudiye - Aha..!That's so much like harpreet..!Komal - kitna hua tera? baap re itna ho gaya...Maine to start hi nai kiya..:)haha..!

  7. a true breather :P mast it is.. a smile stays throughout the blog :)
    very true, so many such things happen, but the points 6 n 7 r only meant for u, never will the sensex attract me ;) :P


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