Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell:)

This post needs to be kept really short. Otherwise i would be cursed by my neighbor and in turn i would curse my brother. My dear blogdosts, i am back home and enjoying the "vella time". The extent of vellapanti is no access to internet too. I think it has the positive side if you have an eye for it. And i think i have found one for myself. The day looks llooonnngggg. Moms food taste heavenly, hyd looks gorgeous seriously, and the cold nights look embracing. So, here is what i am doing : I have always longed but unable to watch the collection of "must watch hollywood movies". I am too laid back when it comes to hollywood. I have always been a real bollywood buff. Thanks to my friends, i have the collection of many of them lying idle on my laptop and i am hoping to finish most of them by the end of vacation. 

Merry Christmas:)

It's special today. Yayaya. This time of the year always have a positive aura around you. Is it really so or we have been accustomed to is a different thing. Santa is around me round the year. And i would like to thank every single being around me for making this year one of those that shall have its mark throughout. The list is endless.

> First thanks giving to my dearest family and God. Nothing need to be said against this.

> There is no life without friends atleast for me - A big hug to Gem(although ur my bro i prefer to put you on this list), Nits, SBG, 3 Idiots, Chillar Party, khushboo, , , , 

> A bigger thanks to all my blogdosts because this year you all became a part of my life. And i must share, my year wouldn't have been so memorable without finding you all on my journey. Blog writing has become one of the most inevitable part of my life.And it wouldn't be so without your support and encouragement.

Don't know how far i havekept it short..:) But i need to rush now. Also thank you neighbors - For being my part time santa otherwise i wouldn't be able to post this today..:)

Merryyy Merryyy Christmas to one and All..:):):)Enjoiiessss and yeah! Break All The Rules!!!



  1. Merry Christmas to you too. And it's good to be catching up with those movies. Do you have 'P.S I love you, A message in a bottle,Notebook
    and yeah My sister's keeper' in your list? Try watching them. They are really good.

  2. @Neha - Will try catching up with them too although i don't have them..:)

  3. .com.....mast it is as always....i have P.S. I love you...if you want... :) :) Merry Christmas...

  4. Meerrrryyyyyyy Christmmmmaaaasssss!! :)
    this time has never had a positive aura but there was always a good part of vacation during school n college :P
    but ya its a very positive and beautiful festival if u celebrate :)
    this blog suited the thanks giving day more, rather than christmas :P jokes apart, truly appreciate your thought and time behind thanking everyone :)
    thank u for this blog and for everything else :) hug!!
    stay the same and keep bloggingggggg!! :)

  5. Merry Christmas... happy to see you watching some movies... I remember first few you watched in Mumbai... A Walk to Remember, was the first I think then Definitely May Be,Someone like you and some more...Most of them were romantic movies, so I hope no romantic movies this time...
    Having nothing to do(Comparing to b-school work), movies to watch nd mothers food... My dreamland... not been there for a long time... love to see u r der... Enjoy...

  6. nice blog.... Christmas was never special to me except for the vacation part until this year coz of ma dearest secret santas......Happyyy Christmass (belated):P

  7. @Disha - This time you took over jinal wrt timing of comment..:) And I forgot to take P.S : I Love you..:) Never mind. I'll get it here.

    And dishu pancholi, i am so so so happy for you..:) I was happy to see aunty also happy for you and also for her new school:)Be the same and keep growing. Love you:)

  8. @Must not be named: Glad to see you back here in the comments section. i know you are in my reader's list always. All thanks to you for providing inspiration towards non-usual things in my life:)

    Hope you get to go to your dreamland soon.


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