Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lost Bottle, Broken Glasses.....

Oh yes! One month already into 2012 too..:) Is time flying just for me..? Life seems to be taking me on a roller-coaster whose pace my senses are failing to keep up with. Last weekend i was in Pune. That place has something captivating for me at least. I fell in love with the place when i visited the first time. I continue to be captive of the place. It sends out a message to its visitors - 

"Don't think we are behind in comparison to metros. We have some very renowned personalities, places and institutes running across the lanes. At the same time, we assure of peace and tranquillity which is often missing in metros." 

The place is a perfect blend of business and stay with touch of beauty, sensitivity and comfort. Never must have i travelled with such ease using the local buses or trains in my own city. This place is always on my cards for settling in future. 

I have grown old but my habits have become only more etched to me J My not so good habits which always landed me with scolding’s for being ignorant and careless. I realise now how these things are taking toll on me with no one around to set me right..:)

Dare you mess with my glasses!

1. It’s close to one month I broke my intellectual red glasses. I was never so fond of seeing myself with glasses until I got myself this pair. It gives me a matured look and prevents me from the uneasiness of having to wear lenses. Hoping to get them repaired by this weekend. (All thanks to the non-proximity of campus to good optical shops)

Meri Pyaari Bottle

2. Second most precious thing with me on campus – My bottle. I think in this respect people around me are missing it equally for the reason that I was their water supplier in class. I have left them with friends who visited goa two weeks ago. I have been assured of a courier delivery. Awaiting for the same eagerly.

3. I am missing my 90W laptop charger since 5months..:) It got exchanged with someone’s 60W on campus. My laptop has faced the consequences twice in spite of being as new as 7months old. I still need to figure out the person.

3. I haven’t shopped for myself since 4-5 months. Although I am not fond of shopping, but wardrobe update is a must for me. I am tired of seeing the same old clothes and I need to get my cupboard right before April. I might visit home bhai for this reason..:P
Suited Best on my Wrist:)
4. This missing agenda reminds me of one more thing – My Lost Red Watch – It was the most precious gift I had received on my birthday. I have no idea when or where I have misplaced. There is no hope of getting back the same and I haven’t worn a watch after that.

 Apart from these tangible things that are missing and keeping me uneasy (still I am lazy enough not to do anything about itJ), I am missing the fights with mom for TV remote, permission of dad over a night out and “A secretive smoke” with brother..:P Ooops was I not supposed to let out the last one..?Hehe…

Keep smiling friends..:)

Most Adorable Couple

P.S: My mom and dad’s journey completes 26 cherish able years this 8th..:)


  1. Congratulations to your parents :). They make a lovely couple.

    And hoping you get your list straightened out soon. I know how it's like losing/damaging things you really like. No worries...when old ones go, they give way for new ones :)

  2. Pagal hogayi tu ??(with the worst face expression you can imagine)
    U were definitely not supposed to let out the last one..
    if caught, it will drive me straight to hell .. U better sensor it right away ~
    coming to your list of Lost items .. I think it this could have been lot lengthier :P

    The pic of yours reminds me of JWM's Shahid (Lol) but seriously ..
    lovely pic.. true reflection of what you are in the real sense :-)

    well good timing.. i am just hearing to "khilate hain gul yahaa, khil ke bikhar ne ko" by Kishore da..
    I will get all the lost items back for you .. so Cheers !!

  3. I totally agree with u ya... Pune is the place to be... I have been fond of the city since childhood and it keeps increasing with every passing year... Its iss the place to beeee.... Missing pune.!! The city gives a special feeling which none others have given as of now.. I just lovvee pune!!!

  4. ur simplicity comes across this blog so profoundly :) u r attached to the smallest thing that u have from that being simple glasses to bottle.. u still miss that watch :) thts amazing :)
    if u can miss them so much, i can imagine the level when it comes to missing ur family :)
    u r the same :) remain the same always!! :)

  5. As already mentioned...this 1's your bst pic i've seen...ur glasses actually gives a matured look (studious too..hehe)...I simply adore the way u love your things and your ppl(and u express it the right way)...for tht matter u can call me your secret admirer(no more a secret though hehe)
    Be the same...
    Cheers to uncle aunty:)

  6. Hope your brother isn't caught coz of revealing the smoke thingy ;)

    N i agree with u...Pune is a very good place. Awesome crowd, nice places to hang out, no traffic and full of peace..

    And as said by Jinal, the way you get so attached to things would make all the ppl in your life realise that how much you value them :P :P

    Hope u get all your things fixed :) :)
    Take care!

    1. @Harpreet- Not yet .. but there's still a possibility!!

  7. I was waiting for u 2 get ur glasses back to comment so that you can read my comment :-)
    This is ur 1st trip in 2012 to Pune... Pune- Goa Journey is as awesome as Pune city.
    Pune becomes a special place if you know someone who knows abt pune and help u getting where u want to go...
    But please don't ask him abt where u could find beauty parlour near swargate while waiting for the bus:D

    Some things to help u out (Even though I have told u abt them time to time; I think Public display will ensure prompt action)
    1. By another pair of glasses as this is 3rd or 4th time u broke ur glasses in GIM
    2. Buy a new charger
    3. Don't expect courier delivery of ur bottle, Buy a new one


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