Sunday, 12 February 2012

It’s Captain Jack Sparrow and John Mc Clane

Valentine disclosure

Woho! I hereby declare my valentine/s for this year. Yes you read it right. Aye.  It’s Captain Jack Sparrow and sir John Mc Clane. Do not miss the first’s. So, what is it with you all this valentine? Read quite a few beautiful write ups on “love” and valentine. For me love is anything that can keep me engaged. So this year these two heroic characters have taken my time with friends, food and sleep on time and have enraged me to do the same in real life. Of course last one is exaggeration.


 I have been staring into the screen for 2hrs 2 and half hours, feeling the thump and the emotion. As the ship is sailing calmly with the wind my eyes widen, for there has to be a topple next or small boats appearing around. And then I repeat it and shout loud “Awesome” , “Bloody hell” to get stares from the people passing in the corridor if I had forgotten to close the door. That’s how my date was with captain Jack Sparrow watching Pirates of Caribbean series. I fell for his style of walking and dialog delivery. It has that pirate touch and feel. The best each time was the “Entry” of captain. Aahh!!! It stole my heart time and again. It was more and more legendary each time and also raised my anxiety in the 3rd sequel when it was delayed.


While I was still having dreams of being Elizabeth Swan and “aye” captain sparrow around, I met a new hero. Sir John Mc Clane. His movie seires “Die Hard” is supposedly a “Must Watch Movie” in guys list at least. When I expressed my smitten love for the movie and its direction, girls gave an annoyed look. Hehe. In this series, there is this hero Sir, Mc Clane and a person just like us. How things change in one’s life and its aftermath are depicted with beauty. Each sequel gets better and better. My favourite is the Die Hard 2(airport). The story line is amazing. It can all happen in real life and just around you. For the first time I got a different angle of looking at an airport, Wall Street, or FBI. The action sequences with mostly logical and not heroic counterattack make me take a bow. Although it is an action packed movie, it did drive home certain beautiful points about relationships. Be it with stranger or wife or daughter.

Well I got my valentine for this year and also certain insights about myself.
·        -->  I love watching movies that can keep me on my toes. Do not show me the expected.

·         --> I am not the “chic-flick” buyer who would like to spare money and time to enjoy a movie over popcorn with no crank to brain.
-    Nor do I like the idea of watching a movie only once. All the movies on my favourite list have been watched and enjoyed more than before.

·         --> I like Bollywood’s brainless rather than Hollywood’s I am sophisticated.

·        --> My brain does not respond to the quickness of dialogs of Hollywood. In short I need subtitles

Looks like I am giving take away for someone who would want to be my next valentine. Aaahh!!!

Wishing you all a very happy and enjoyful Valentine 2012.


  1. Oh... u forgot Kevin McCallister :-)
    Loved reading through nd through... Blog is as awesome as Jack Sparrow :D
    And wait till ur brain adopts to dialogs of hollywood movies... I think u won't need subtitles on valentines day to understand what ur valentines are saying :P
    Hope u will watch 1-2 romantic movies b4 Valentines...
    Finally loving the new gadgets on the blog...

    1. Rewelcome to the blog after a long time..:)
      Oh ye! I forgot Home Alone..:)I hoped not to get some "firangi" valentine in real..!

      I am loving those gadgets too..:)

      Keep visiting more frequently!

  2. kamaal hai yaar tu komal...
    i really admire you for your creativity n perfection..
    In such a simple way you make things look so perfect.. that's commendable.
    Well..Happy Valentine's day!
    Keep smiling n enjoying .... :))

    1. Thankuu buddy..:) That's a real compliment to get from most simple person..:)

  3. Aaaahh!!! I guess i missed kiera knightly by a whisker, i just finished watching the series a month back, how i wish she were mine.. (aaarrrrggggghhh).. But then suddenly i realized i can watch it all over again and in the first part, be the one who kidnaps her and puts penolope cruz instead of her for all the remaining parts, sit in my room with her and watch the remaining parts on the 14th.. My idea of a perfect valentine..!! I guess that's a herculean task, shud get going now..!!!
    Well written!!!

    1. @Edwin - great annotation ...

    2. Edu - Already got the appreciation..:)That's really an idea of valentine..:)

  4. Wen i read the title and the first line, i wondered what was wrong with you, couldn't u get anyone better :P
    But as i read through i kinda understood your love :P
    Still i would say try n find someone better for the day :D
    Happy Valentine's Day!! :) have fun!! :)

    1. Thank you for the appreciation plus advice..:)You know i will not listen to..!(*wink*)

  5. Wat a well written blog man!!!!! awesome awesome awesome......n its sooo you...all the guys who want to take u on a date can surely get tips here ;) ;)


    1. :)Hope you had a different valentine this time..?

  6. Aahhh!!! i can imagine your facial expression and tone while saying this...So very you komal..:)


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