Friday, 13 July 2012

Thoughts after a fall……….


Head buried between knees, 
Tears fell down tip by tip,
Music slowed in background, 
Inner silence finally broke its marathon.
Sobbing uncontrollably she hugged him tight,
Her world stared in her eyes in a moment of plight.
She admits she made a mistake,
Over stepping some boundaries that she had caressed.
She always said to herself she would never fall into it,
And that is the reason it is so hard for her to forgive.

Things look messy, relationships haywire,
Too much of love is driving her into the abyssal dire!
She wants to be away, without seeing another day,
Lonely in the clouds she wants to live her way.
Lord give her rest, Lord give her heal,
 She doesn’t want to be a part of this spinning wheel.
She’s confused like a silly girl.            
She needs a hand to come out of this swirl.

She never meant to hurt anyone,
Still on the way lost all her loved ones.
Now she sees, she’s too late,
To ask her loved ones to erase their memory lane.

She wishes she wouldn’t have this pain,
She murmurs those words in the rain.
Sitting all alone in her room she’s once again thinking of her life,
With happy images of past she efforts to smile with tears in her eyes.
It is a night of darkness, she decides to vent out her pain,
Her long survived efforts of happiness end up in vain.

Live Freee!!!

P.S: An attempt after inspiration from bloggers and friends to try a different genre. 


  1. someone is trying poetry :)..... good one komal :):)

  2. mastttt :) too deep, makes me wonder wat were u thinking wen u were writing this :D

    1. Hehe...Good question! But no answer...It's just moods play..:)

  3. this post is just so full of pain...honesty..!! loved it..awsum work,a new follower of yours!! :) impressed!! :)

  4. could not understand any bit of it .. but the pictures are some indication of what it may be talking about ..
    as such i am bad in poetry .. :D

    1. I know you're so bad at poems..:)May be read it when your mood is low and u might connect..!


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