Monday, 2 July 2012

Back to my personal space

Dearest blogdosts,

I have been away from this space for the first time so long. And I missed it badly. The disclaimer that I gave at start of my internship (of being irregular in blogging) proved to be true at its end and after that.  Lot of things have changed. Here’s a list of changes

1. In Bangalore when I was on a shopping spree during last few days, I remembered how I searched for XS tees and kurtis for myself. Now I am fitting in the M sized ones. But soon I realised that are a bit too loose for me still. Never mind the money spent, for a girl it’s always important to know she is still in shape (*wink*)

2. I survived the lonely stay in Bangalore seeing the calendar I don’t remember how many times every day and counting weeks. I missed Goa and friends first time so much. Still at the end of it I had smile when I bid goodbye to the city because it taught me many things on the personal front the hard way.

3. First time I could sleep in the flight because I guess air travel have become a bit too regular in recent time. But yes next up on the bucket list is air travel in monsoon seeing rains and clouds.

4. I got to stay at home for proper 15days. It’s surprising how easily one can get comfortable at home and you never feel as if you are back to the place after a long gap. I still take about a week to adjust when I reach back campus.

5. Oh yes! The most important of all – Lately when I use to be back home I use to be given princess treatment which looked more like a guest treatment to me. And I disliked because I knew the reason was I visit home rarely. Well nothing wrong in that but this time I got nice scoldings, mom yelled and complained to my brother for me not helping her :--) I had tears in my eyes not for the scolding but to see the similar kind of expectations from mom again.

6. For the first time I spent good 3hours in parlour to pamper myself with beauty care days before my sister’s marriage. And it reconfirmed to me that I am not one of those who like it. It was pretty boring and I wish not to spend so much time again.

7. I missed first time 9 working days of college at a stretch. But all for good. I had good time enjoying the family get together and reassuring everyone I have not become the “Modern Babe of Goa” just because I am in Goa.

8. Lastly, I reached back campus a week back. I thought I would get back to writing as soon I reach here. But few things kept me away from it.

So that’s in a nut shell my story since the last post. How have you all been?

Wishful of getting regular on this space.
Cheers & Love


  1. phewww!!! u went through a lot in past few days! lol!
    well...congratulations on ur sister's marriage :)
    and WTH! who wears an XS tee! how can one be so small in size! i wear an XL :P
    in the end i'll say...home is where the heart is, vice versa also holds true

    keep rocking!

  2. i missed being here myself toh i can imagine ur level of missing it :D
    yes u r in shape, n glad u went from XS to M :) abt the banglore stay, u rock, i mean i dun really understand even in ur worst times u end up being so positive and calm and jus look for learning from them at the end of the day, thts like woowww
    yes completely agreed it takes jus a few hours to feel like home at home even after months :)
    hahaha cute :) hw u love being treated like always and enjoying the scoldings, i never understand y ur mum scolds u for not working even after u work so much more wen compared to us :P
    3 hours in parlor??!!!!! komal kya ho gaya tha, bimaar thi kya :P thank God u realized its not worth :)
    yes keep blogging as often as u can :)

    1. Yo jinal - Missed your presence here..:)

  3. big list ... it's always amazing to read your posts.
    I don't know the whys n hows but alwayz i feel very positive about things around me whenever i visit your blog.
    This place surely transmits positive energy to the readers.
    That is why i thought let me start my important week by reading your blog :) Happy?? i am sure you are :-)
    in short, i believe you are a good source of learning as to how life is to be lived and enjoyed :-)

    1. I am honoured my dearest blogdost that u thought of beginning your big days like this :)Thanks for the hearty compliment :)

    2. Monday mrng .. visiting your blog again with the same motive :)
      it's becoming a habit :-)
      Cheers n wish you a great week ahead !!

    3. :-)
      Cheers n wish you a great week ahead !!

    4. when is the next master piece coming up? lookin forward :)


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