Friday, 10 August 2012

Recent Love? Loves..:)

Hey der!!! How have been you all..? Well on my end quite good things have kept me smiling apart from my regular optimistic outlook :) Does it happen with everyone or am i favorite on God's list to be picked up for things i least dream of...Ok! I am referring a trip to "Chennai". 

A conversation few days back with my office colleague who moved to chennai went like this - 
C: I know we couldn't catch up last time you were in Hyd. Do let me know anytime you come to chennai. We'll surely catch up.
Me: After a sarcastic laugh - "Da! I have no reason to visit chennai. I am sure you'll visit Goa before that and we'll catch up here :)

Slurppp!!! A few weeks down and out of all options of Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore I am chosen for a corporate visit to "Chennai". Yes - You're right. I anticipated, assumed and dreamt of visit to Hyd and all possible things i would be doing back at home for a week. I gave mumma the list of dishes, gave bhaiyya the list of shopping and gave paapa the amount of money i'll be requiring (No, I am not a pain in ***). The contrast effect played its role to the max when i saw my name in list of people going to Chennai. Adding to the disaster was people narrating their experiences(bad ones) with "rickshaw guys", "food", "language" etc etc. I packed my bags with a heavy heart and least hopes cursing the people responsible for it.

Chennai Kamaraj Airport

Landing in Chennai after a 3 hrs hault at Mumbai(which allowed me to visit places and revisit memories) was just the beginning of an awesome experience. What unfolded in next 4 days can be summed up as typically as "We worked hard and partied harder". In the company of 3 other (then *unfamiliar* now *amazing*) batch mates i had one of the most memorable experience as GIM'ite. 

We rolled over *phone-calls* , *city roads* and *company gates* during 11am-4pm in the most formal business attire. And were spotted in the most informal clothes from 5pm-12,1,2 am. We shared, we learned, we ate, we shopped, we roamed - A full package of work and masti. 

Day Thinkers - 10am to 4pm

Thanks Sudhir for being a wonderful guide and caretaker in his home city and not making us fall into the "general- first timer-perception" of Chennai. Well i was some much so in love with city i could have dared to buy a "I Love Chennai" t-shirt. Kidding over the last part :) Thanks Disha for making me believe "i always get good roomies:)"and Shandy for the special commentary on missing "sarvana bhavan" and "veg food"(Its a sin not to eat at that place when visiting chennai)

After 5pm

P.S: I know i am grammatically incorrect to say *loves* but when did true emotions come out through grammatically correct English!!! Keep checking  this space to discover more on my list:) Ta-da. keep smiling :)


  1. Good to read from you after a long time. Hope you have been well. Nice pictures...and yes, like my doc says, a place is made by the people with and around you :)

    1. Hey Neha! How are you and your doc? i am doing good. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. Well m surprised hw can one love chennai in the first go!!! :D
    maybe its you thats y its positive and thts y its love :P hope you finished what you were supposed to, from the work point of view, because m sure you did finish the partying bit :P
    was so expecting you to come hyderabad, never mind :) keep having such lovely "loves" :P

    1. Oh yes jinal - good you're still checking me on the work aspect...I did...Pretty soon i shall visit the city...Looking forward to it..:)

  4. well, the pictures are really really good .. all 3 equally impressive.
    wrt the content, what to say.. a person goes to chennai n falls in love wid it too .. it only tends to prove that the person is an alien ..
    i mean how man?? what is that jaadu ki chadii u have .. that everything seems to go in your favour .. really u r a killer !!!

    More than being happy for you , i am confident n relaxed .. without any worries about your security n safety like most of other brothers.. come what may,u will alwz b happy n safe :-)

    1. Just fingers crossed and may your words always come true..:)


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