Monday, 20 August 2012

...contd - Recent Loves?

So what's next on my list. Not surprisingly it has to be filmy. And when it is me it has to be Bollywood filmy!!! And this time it is a person. Ahem! I can sense you reading quickly and escaping words to arrive at that name - I shall not disappoint you with my choice. Presenting to you all - One and only Ranbir Kapoor - aka - RK...I know you all must be wondering is it recent? Although i did not fall for him when other girls did when his towel slipped, but my heart fell for him a little later. So what's in it now? I am glad for two equally important reasons:

Komal Laddha Loves Ranbir Kapoor:)
1. Barfee promos have come out(I know its quite sometime now). I am again often spotted in a dramatic situation when promo is on TV in cafeteria. My hand stops in between while i am feeding myself and my eyes remain glued to the screen in the same posture till he is off the screen. 

2. Second important thing is its release date - 14th Sept 2012. This time i shall be back home and will be able to watch after a long time with my handsome brother.

We have many memories of rushing into the multiplex on day 1/2 without tickets and I wait there with my extreme possible innocent face and ask the guy for ticket. If its girl on the counter my brother does the same. And often they get confused with our relationship and smile. But but but, it proves of no use and they politely put down saying - sorry ma'am/sir - No tickets!!! And when we start walking back in despair, it is then that a poor guy for some reason comes to cancel out his tickets and we get the rightful share :) Ofcourse he gets lot of blessings.

Looking forward to the time and fun back home more keenly than ever before, the reasons for which shall be shared with you all blogdosts when the time is due!!!


  1. WOW ! I think first time in your life, you have said something so DIRECTLY n PRECISELY .. outright stuff !! so i can guage your madness for him...
    I would suggest you post this link on his twitter account, you never know he might reply you back :)

    But, have they not taught you that it is not advisable to have rifts with fellow ladies in the house :D :P

    1. Thank you for the first ever DIRECT Compliment :*)
      Haha..! Fight for this should be Fun :)

  2. I did know u were a fan of RK but i dint know it was so much that u would write it on that wet sand :)
    Hope you manage the tickets this time also :) n yes let us know when u r coming, m assuming you r here for the convo :)


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