Sunday, 18 November 2012

Love Cleaning?

Hello blogdosts!!! It is been long since I wrote or read everyone’s updates. I promise I shall do that soon.

What has kept me away from this space has got nothing to do with hunting of my job as I draw closer to the end of dream journey! Instead I have been completely out of focus towards that aspect. I have visited home twice in a span of 20days. Yeyeye. First occasion was Dussera (birthday to be noted) and second was Diwali. What both the celebrations were like would require another post. In one word it was “lovable”.

Continuing with the title – “ Love Cleaning?”. Well it might be Yes, No, May be haven’t tried or anything else. For me I have grown to love cleaning from the extreme of hating it. I did not realise till I became independent (*away from home*) how engraved my mumma’s teachings of cleanliness and organization have become. My roomie (Lakshmi) would agree to that completely. She has seen me freak out for scattered things, not so clean clothes of washing machine or a miss of “eco-clean’s regular cleaning of room”. I did not realise my finicky attitude towards this unless I was made conscious of. But I am proud of it and I love it.

And cleaning for Diwali always has always been exciting. It has been a bonding activity for our family. It was never shouldered or considered something only ladies should be doing in the house. Images of dad splashing water on the floor, me clicking images of brother on the roof, mom’s teacher like instructions and me being “chotu assistant” to all flash as I recollect old Diwali. Mom yelling to clean properly while the rest three of us giggling anticipating the “yelling dialogue” of mom being the best memory.

I have been missing this fun since two years. But I ensured to give it a different direction by enjoying cleaning my room with laku (my roomie) last year. This year, being in a single room, I had been postponing proper cleaning for the occasion of Diwali. An unplanned visit back home deprived me of the pleasure to clean my living place. No regrets at all for missing or rather delay of the opportunity, but ever since I came back I was feeling uneasy. Growing layer of dust had been increasing my anxiety till today when I decided come what may I am taking it up NOW!!!  People around my room (who rarely peep inside) knocked on to check if I was packing bags for permanent return (yeah! It is a self – praise to the method of cleaning. Hehe).

CIP - Cleaning in Progress - Snap 1

CIP - Cleaning in Progress - Snap 2

As I write this a smile spreads across my face seeing the nick clean tube light, fan, bed, shoe stand ,study table etc. It is not because I feel sense of achievement after doing it. Rather I feel good because I feel I have returned the respect back to the things I make use of on daily basis or the things I have received as gifts because I am special for them.

Post Cleaning :)

That's my study and decorative table :)

P.S: In the cleaning spree I do not remember how I cleaned my tube light but it has stopped working: P 

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  1. Good Job ~ you have been selected for a CLEANER
    job. here's your job functions :P
    cleaning restrooms,bathroom,Floors and other duties.
    EXPECTATION:Report to work each day and on time, and work extra hours when needed. lol

    and you were simply worrying about a job, you are such a talent :D

    Cheers I'm JUST JOKING :) rather cheap and clumsy one?? :(


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