Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Evening Walk…..

Putting on my tracks, wearing my shoes,
I plug in my ear phones to break the routine of daily chores.
Making way from the unknown crowd,
I cross the gate and feel sense of relief.

The treasured path...

Walking down the road listening to loud music,
I slow down the volume at the entrance of the village.
Birds chirping all over the sky,
Sun bids good bye with a promise to return by.

Fences of trees surrounding houses,
I admire their evening lifestyle.
Tired after day’s real hard work, a man return to his home,
Outside the house on a small stove is a lady cooking coughing due to smoke.

My memory lane runs down the past,
I remember how the food cooked on “chullah”(stove is a modern version) tastes.
I smile at the real unknown people yet get true smile back,
I feel the serene feeling in my heart as I turn back.

Putting again the loud music on the phone,
I sway back to my place of unknowns. 

Baadal zameen par!!!


  1. that!! was a superrrrrrrrrrrrrrb way of tale telling! i almost felt i was there and almost traced the whole path u described in a map!
    here's the link :P

    hope i'm not wrong :P

    1. Bingo!!! Enjoying the lovely walks daily:)

  2. :) :) :)see we're the same GIMite breed \m/

  3. Read each line separately, i am sure you can manage to find a deeper meaning in pretty much every line, and i must admit, it seems very thought provoking...
    truly admire you for the ease with which you come up with such fine and amazing posts! again n again ..

    1. And i truly admire the ease wth which you understand what i exactly want to convey..! ~~Cheers~~


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