Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Love - A2

Aashiqui 2 - One set of people found the movie depressing with an end on a low note. Another set found it to be purrfect to the extent it could have been. You could have made it out by now that i belong to the second one. I liked it because it was not one of those movies where all of a sudden it becomes possible for the hero to undergo rehabilitation and overcome the addiction just because of the girl and as usual ends with a note "....And they lived happily everafter".

This movie captured minute emotions so beautifully and the characters played it class apart. Kudos to the entire team of A2 for the great work. This is on my list of movies now that i would love watching over again and again without clinging onto the depression but rather enjoying the pure intentions of love. 

My favorite songs are not the most demanded by public. I personally loved "Tu ye mujhko bata de, caahun mai ya na.." with girls lyrics being the best. 

                                         :) Aarohiii Keshav Kshirke :)

Another of my favorite is: " Bhula dena mujhe...Hai alvida tujhe...Tujhe Jeena hai mere bina". More than the original video, i liked this  from youtube. It is simple, different and touching :)

P.S: Sorry if any of the A2 "non-lovers" bumped into this post :) 


  1. I too belong to the 2nd set of ppl(infact 5 of us).. both the song metioned in ya post r my favs too along with sun raha hai na tu and tum hi ho :)..
    FYI(for all the A@ lovers) - A2 coming soon :)(july i guess)

    1. yayyy! Khushi ji :) o gud to see again so soon on my post [as usual admirable].

      Yeps, the 5 ka gang! Let's watch at someone's home together...What say?

    2. Ya good idea.. infact chandu k bday pe we shud do tht.. khush hojayega chandu ;)


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