Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A typical evening - From Summer to monsoon.....

Throughout these six months I have developed a bad habit of getting up late. But i cherish and m going to miss those evening when i would be wandering on terrace. With music on, I would be roaming around watching the sunset, changing colors of sky, huge buildings till the point of horizon I can see and my thoughts. How days were on campus and how they would soon be when work starts. What I have gained, what I have lost, what I have learnt, how I have grown,.....etc etc etc...And with these thoughts in mind, eyes rolling from one point of horizon to other, and legs hopping to and fro on terrace, the entire city would change. From the bright sunshine would elope darkness covering the entire city. Then sparkle like lights from smallest of small homes would make the stretch of city look like a necklace with pearls. The entire city changes obeying the laws of nature, people probably winding up their work to return to their loved ones, temple pundits starting off the evening chores, mothers and wives at home starting preparations of dinner, hustle bustle in the city peaks. But Aahh!!! I would be still standing there. Nothing to worry about, no routine to be followed. With a sigh of relief I would walk down the stairs back home calling my "Maa" and cuddle like a kid in her lap.  

I would be really missing the willingness backed with ability to do things as per my mood along with ample of time to be spent doing things I love to do:) 


  1. Sitting here i am just amazed to once again realize that we have so much in common .. our line of thinking and our means of recreation :)
    it's indeed refreshing to know your side of summer to monsoon story .. as i have been absent for most part of it :(
    Miss you

  2. I shall try to put in words as much as possible...Though your presence was not here but you have been with all of us throughout..:) There has been no communication gap this time [I M GLAD :)]

  3. Really liked d way u have handled this time, n cant stop appreciating d attitude of looking positively at every situation dat u come across...of course u will be missing dis time, but as u say, u have learned and gained a lot during dis time and will always cherish :-)... Dis is indeed once in a lifetime break and i m sure u will remember and miss all d things u did during dis as d time has come to join d corporate world again and u r looking behind d horizon, wish u all d best :-)...cant stop remembering kung fu panda as they say, yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mistery, bu today is a gift thats y its called present, n m very happy, u have lived every bit of it every day during dis chhutti :-)


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