Monday, 30 September 2013

On the factual list - From Summer to Monsoon...

So now comes the factual list of things done.

If driving license is the recognition of learning to drive then I have procured one. I learnt driving car although I haven’t practiced after that. I cleared the car driving test and have finally a 2+4 wheeler license after riding bike for 3 years without license.

Also I read quite a number of books. I have completed the series of Shiva Trilogy. Plus I read Sins of a father and religious books like ramcharitramanas. Currently I am reading one of the old books I have got but hadn’t read – The da vinci code by Dan Brown.

I have got a guitar for myself just for obtaining the pride of possession :) But I have started learning it too through online lessons.I think that's a good way to start.Now I know a few chords now and can strum some general tunes. All in all now I get irritated when I see any hero/heroine holding a guitar and portraying as if they are playing with so much ease while just running around or flirting with their co-stars :-P And I have started admiring the guitarist of bands whenever I watch any shows.

On the series front, I have successfully completed Dexter series all 8 seasons. And I still and will continue to love Deb and Dex.

Oh yes you all should know this. In order to spend time together with mom I have developed this habit of sitting and watching her favourite sop operas from 8pm-10pm. [Megha you’re remembered at this point :)]. So right now if anyone needs update on “Meri Bhabhi”, “Ek hazaron me meri behna hai[which is over now], “DIya aur Baati”, “Yeh rishta kya kehlaata hai” do contact me :) And to tell you all the truth they are not as bad as we think them to be. Some of them have really helped me in managing things at home. I think it all depends on what is your take away from them.

Since I was never at my new home before, I hardly knew my neighborhood nor did they know me. But I am glad the ganesh chaturthi celebration gave me this opportunity. I thoroughly loved the daily gathering and masti with kids. And now I am known by all elders in the apartment and the favourite didi of kids[Watch out bhai, I am taking your place everywhere BbuuHahahaha]

The Bachcha Party :)

Lastly . I think all my friends were waiting for my return to get married. In 6 months 3 of my friends got married. I am glad I could be present for their precious moments. It was so much fun and reconnecting after having been away for 2 years [I know my friends would raise their brows if I use the word “away” because of my frequent visits :-P]

Brides this season!

 Signing off for now. 
~~Cheers ~~~


  1. Wow, So many things done and the best part is to record them all. You know what when you will read your own blog after some time, when you will be too busy, these will be the things that will relax and also motivate you. Really happy the way all things are being remembered :)

  2. Read your posts in time but finally got a chance to comment something .. all i can say is i am mesmerized .. you do so many things .. each one so different from the other .. it leaves me wondering if you have 48 hours in your day .. you are truly a wonder of beauty and efficiency !



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