Thursday, 7 November 2013

My First Month at Infy!

The astute among my readers would have noticed by now that I haven’t blogged since over a month. And it coincides exactly with the time I started to work. Not blogging for so long is a testimony to the fact that I have been enjoying my work and changes. And Oh yes, it’s a lifetime memory to start working in your birthday month :) So I here I come back with my first month experience in corporate post my MBA.

It’s exactly a month since I joined Infosys family. It was the awaited day since past 6 months. And finally when it arrived it was a day when my heart felt a sense of pride when is rare to me. My family was excited to see their daughter living her dream of MBA and soon to become a ‘manager’ in their words. I was damn nervous. Reasons could be attributed to many things. The biggest being the comfort zone of love & care I got used to in these 6 months of break. How does it look like today? I am still new into the system, learning has started, things are not clear, work is confusing, future is uncertain…..But what matters to me is that I am really happy. Every day that I step out for work, I am eagerly looking forward to the day. And at this moment I recall my internship mentor’s [V.P of HR of SAP] words – Biggest tool to test employee satisfaction is how enthusiastic/positive your employee is while coming to work!

The mornings have been a bit of struggle. Waking up at 6am to ensure I login at 9 after a drive of 1hour was a concept totally new to me. But it’s good to realize that there are lot of people around you who are up at that time and share the routine. It’s just that my eyes used to be closed that time and so how I thought about the world.  Well not getting into every knick of detail, below are a few highlighters about the journey so far:

  1.  I am extremely astonished to see the vicinity and dedicated maintenance of Infosys’s beautiful campuses. I have so far visited the most coveted Mysore DC followed by Bangalore and Hyderabad. Each has the architect and spirit of its own. While there are extremes of opinions about this investment and philosophy, I am follower of the group which admires and takes pride in this fact.
  2. Training was decent. We got opportunities in initial days to interact with biggies of the company whose reputation and contribution we didn't exactly know. Now as we’re getting absorbed into the system it’s vice versa.
  3.  Work environment is extremely positive and cheerful. Especially the people with whom I interact on daily basis. There is equal enthusiasm for work, food and fun :)

My day end with notes taking. It helps me to draw a meaningful closure to my day, acts as a self tracker and allows me to plan better the upcoming day. I intend to continue this habit for quite some time.

That's my Day 1 Click in campus:)

In closing this little lengthy, verbose and unstructured post, I need to admit certainly that I enjoyed my first month at work. Looking forward to many such firsts :)

That’ the update for now :)  See you all soon.


  1. yet to read .. just want to book the first seat :-0

  2. That's awesome .. you are a kind of person who will enjoy even working in the himalayas .. cheers~ Good Luck!


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