Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Its 11-12-13!!!

Hey der :) How r you all? I have kept myself intentionally away from blogging because it would have been overdose of negativity on this precious space. I am trying hard to forget it Asap and hence was not wanting to create a memory here about it. However I do intend to sum up sometime soon but not today surely :)

Soooo...Its 11-12-13 :) Once in our lifetime calendar where numbers looks so perfect n sequential. My friend and me were trying to be super excited about the day but it turned out to be a normal one. Still I feel these small things matter to me a lot. That time in your mobile clock when it turns 3:33 am/pm or when I capture 1:43 am/pm. It gives an unknown sense of optimism that things following it will turn out to be perfect. 

And on this note I would like to sign-off and leave you all with a video on optimism:) 

Here's something for laughs :)

And this is my favourite comic scene from the movie dhamaal :)

~~ Cheers ~~ 

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