Thursday, 19 December 2013

How much longer? How much further?


How much longer, how much further,
Working so hard, so lonely, so isolated.
Each day I open my eyes but my soul prefers to sleep,
Like a robot I am doing everyday’s regime.
No purpose of this disdain life,
Yet I am surviving with all my might.
Life fucked up at every possible mode,
I wish I could relive those moments which I  just let go!

Like a free spirit I want to be again,
Tired I am of trying to be all sane.
With boundaries all around I long for air,
Is there something I can do without worrying about here n there?

When will it stop, when will it end?
The fear of society that harasses me each day.
 Dread and fear grips tight,
Like a prisoner bound and trapped,
Emotions inside, tangled and messed up,
There is no end!!!

Just let it be!

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