Sunday, 15 January 2012

A day to be forgotten

It's so weird how people react after a goof-up. And this day has been full of eye-brows up expressions from near and far ones and from myself. A day that gave me the smallest possible glimpse of "would be corporate world" where your smallest mistake can build your "downfall".

After years of cherish - able memories attached to this date, i would like to shift-delete it from the diary of this year. But i think it would be wise for me to retain the learning's from it. Unless i trip and fall and get up here, i shall not be able to rise tomorrow. I hope to see myself getting stronger and undeterred. 

Love You Maa for cheering me up at the end of an awful day..:)Happy Makar Sankranti..:)


  1. Aww...cheer up. Happens with all of us. Take the lesson and move on. Even better... write and forget about it (like you just did). Love & hugs :)

  2. u will be stronger with all the support of ppl who love u :) keep smiling :)


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