Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Teenage fall…..


With Valentine round the corner, I am identifying the couples on campus, who shall be writing messages for their loved ones on the scribble board. And will also making economy imperfect due to demand exceeding supply. I remember, last year when I came down for my interview. As we went to cafeteria for lunch, there was a huge notice board near the payment counter. It caught attention. As I went ahead to catch a glimpse, ahem ahem. I was in an odd situation as I was with my brother. We both read a few messages which came straight from heart. And you can guess the stream of thoughts that went through both the minds.

Blogdosts, I am of the opinion that teenage crush or fall is the most involuntary and innocent. There is a charisma that attracts you to the other person. You long for simple things.

a. A glance towards the person in class with eyes meeting at the same time generates butterflies in your stomach.

b. When you are alone you have so many things in your head to share with the person. And you go blank when you have the company. All you do is “smile”.

c. Just a “sms”  or “online status” or compliment from the person makes your day.

d. You are lost every time you hear a song or watch a movie.

e. You keep looking for reasons which are so obvious for anyone to interpret the feelings. In your insanity you feel the world around is equally insane.

The level of innocence keeps dipping as the age keeps growing. You become more materialistic and your feeling more lusty. It’s not a judgement but facts and numbers conform so. It’s only about confrontation.

Blogdosts, everyone has crazy experiences. There are instances which make you burst out of laughter for the stupidity done. While there are also a few which makes you nostalgic. To admit something on this personal space, I have always behaved very pragmatically. There have been instances when I wanted to give in, but my practical senses warned and overpowered. Because they knew it wouldn’t last long. Also I wasn’t anytime prepared for a heart break. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the short stands.

As my professor touched the topic of “affairs” in Ethics lecture, he mentioned about temper and temptation deciders of one’s moral strength and self-control. I am thankful to the moral strength embedded in which my family plays the primary role. Few things need not be taught explicitly. You learn them when you’re a child by observing people around you. For me my “Maa” is the epitome of it. Also as I grew, I came across and started relying on a few more special people, whose verdict, I consider final for myself. It’s not blind faith. But it is just that they are wise enough to take selfless decision for me.  If left to me I would take the decision in the other direction and it would be myopic.

Thank you all for holding my hand every time before it got too late.

P.S: Before valentine we have more important date to recollect. Happy Republic Day friends..:)


  1. Took me to school/college days. Valentine's day used to be 'something' then! And now, it's just another day. Signs of aging :)

    And Happy Republic Day to you too :)

  2. I can access your mind through your blog :)
    It's a very refreshing and rejuvenating write up that pushes you back to the school/college days.
    Thumbs Up...with both hands ..n .. both legs :p

  3. Truly strong words... U r blessed to hv such strength... Most of us give in very soon not knowing or thinking how long things would last... But anyways, ppl get their lessons.. Either u have the moral strength or face the consequences, learn and avoid the same mistakes again..!!! Ur article made me think!!! (And a bit nostalgic too :P)

  4. @Neha - This valentine should be still special to you..:)

  5. @Vijender - You can access my mind atleast through this...It's really difficult for me to read your thoughts :P(Edward saying to Bella - Twilight)

    And that is what makes this writing more special for me..:)

  6. @Edwin - That's true...You'll have something at the end of it...Nostalgic - well that conveys something..:)


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