Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Time of Flying Kites

Being an Andhra localite (not really), this time of the year, is most pleasant in Hyderabad. With winter taking withdrawal after its peak on 14th, the trees, the sky, the birds and the kites, together welcome the spring. I always awaited the Pongal festival. For girls, it's one of the most celebrated, which provides an occasion to get most dressed up. No no no, do not mistaken to think this as my reason for eagerness. I used to be excited for the reason that drove crazy the opposite sex, post new year. Everyday, i use to come back from school, college with eyes glued onto the sky. Any kite which has lost its owner, within my reach, i  would lay my hands on it. 

For the past few years, we friends use to get together, for a complete day out. In the evening, i would return tanned after flying kites the whole day.Ofcourse got scoldings from mumma for not helping her out in household activities including rangoli and mehendi. Hehe. People are surprised with my drift towards most of the non-girly activities. But i have always managed to find at least a few girls like me around me. 

This 14th of January, I shall miss all the craziness. Its an extremely pleasant site, to watch everyone on their terrace. Ladies doing the honor of holding their guy's charak and serving food to the innumerable guests lined up due to the men in the house. To sleep, you need cotton. As the hooting and the shouts and the music systems are their best and also extends late into the night. It gets on to really competitive, with one apartment, competing with other, with respect to number of kites cut off ( kitne patang kaate: Desi maza alag hai :) 

Nevertheless, hoping for a different experience altogether this year. Will get to see how Lohri is celebrated  from the north Indians. Kite festival is suppose to organised every year. And if nothing left, i have old friends joining me in Goa. It's a good time to catch up, with not much hectic schedule ahead.( I hope situation is same till the end of this week too)

P.S: Wishing all my readers an advance Happy Pongal. To my Hyd'badi friends, Happy Sankranti, and miss you all SBG'ians..:)



  1. I was just thinking recently that you are not gonna be around this year for sankranti.. good in a way because even i am doubtful of flying kites :( but will definitely fly 2 or 3 :P
    u will be missed :) have fun there :)
    Happy Sankranti in advance to u too :)

  2. Have fun on 14th. And North India! Where are you now?


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