Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Geek?

Still wide awake at 11:45pm, i find pleasure in taking this up as last part of my long day's activities before i call it off. 

I woke up with an alarm ringing at 6:30 am. Did the morning chores by 7 am, picked up few photocopies, my laptop, a marker, a notebook, filled the bottle with water and slipped into my bed just to be comfortable while studying. I started flipping through the pages and suddenly things started looking interesting. The subjects are isn’t that bad. It’ s true I have no other option but to study just before the exams, but liking to study is a different feeling. Yes, I feel like a geek and I am liking to be feeling so ..:)

What to do..:):):)

 With the bed scattered with soft toys, books, marker, pens, laptop – I feel like being home but with the exception of rounds of noises to clear the bed (Maaa). As they say, a smile after shedding tears is more pleasing, a success after facing a failure gives more satisfaction. Similarly a day of studying after weeks of parties, farewell, few ****ed up presentations and disgusting encounters is filling in the vacuum of discontent.

Waiting for a few things to happen quicklyJ will keep updating you all! 

P.S: “Iamvijender” is going to love this and will have lots to sayJ

Geeky Komal


  1. Ms. Geeky u look good in this avatar :)
    Rightly said that a smile after shedding tears is more pleasing n a success after facing a failure gives more satisfaction but studying after weeks of parties n blah blah sounds good only for exceptional ppl like u n for exceptional interesting subjects :P that would never be the case with me for sure :D
    seems like exams r round the corner, n u find this place back for hanging around :) all the best! do well :) hope to see u soon :)

    1. Yay jinal..:) Done with exams..:) Still no home this time as of now..:(

  2. I am sure that by now,everybody has realised that it requires lot of time and patience to read my comments as they are so unbearably long and highly irrelevant :)
    Well to live up to the reputation, here comes another one... to be simply IGNORED :)
    My Geeky Chic ~ She's unbelievable.
    I remember once she had her MBA enterance exams lined up.
    I had come home with bones broken, shirt soaked in blood and my brain absolutely numb.
    There was nobody at home except for her. She opened the door after about 10 mins,complaining why i came to interrupt her preparation.
    Then,she had a look at me ... and reacted -
    I need to rush.. i cannot break my rhythm.. I have a MOCK CAT going on..n my clock is ticking.. i will get back to you once i am done with my exam and with the paper analysis and solution key .. and yes, one important point .. don't sit on the sofa or deewan .. you might spoil it... :D and pray that i fare well in the exam you don't have anything better to do right now :)

    Ofcourse i am exaggerating ... but trust me .. she can be highly irritating and horrific torture while studying... You will go on and on with your story and in the end what you get in response is "shut the door when you leave ...leave the light on "


    1. VJ: your exaggerated stories should rather be published as a post...It's equal to her post size:p

      Komal: perfectly said..."Geeky Komal" haha, how can anyone enjoy studying that too after weeks of parties :|

      @Komal & VJ: Rahiman sansaar me bhaanti bhaanti k log O_o

    2. I was laughing for 5mins after reading the last line - Awesome..:) HAd to explain roomie for breaking silence with such devilish laugh:)

      Yeah! Vijender please take up the advice of khushi..:)

    3. Nothing else can be done...hehe..:)

  3. Studying and the last moment always gets me tensed. I just got done with my boards, and now there's no way I'm gonna study for a while :D
    Some topics are interesting. We presume them to be boring as they are related to studying :P

    1. Very rightly said..:) Glad to have you as my visitor.


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