Thursday, 22 March 2012

And I’ll stop calling myself PGP – 1

Blog dost – It’s 22nd of March!!! Yeah right what is special about it?
Blog dost – It isss 22nd of March!!! Ohk no more drama. I am super excited and high on life today. Something inside me making me to dance, jump, enjoiii!

We have completed term III and that brings down the curtain as PGP – 1. Although the biggest viva of the year is yet to take place! And after that each one of us will have our first face off in corporate as mini MBA’s.

It makes me feel nostalgic for many reasons. We as a batch stood one for 10 months. We (my class) stood as the most notorious class (sec C). We have sailed through half the sea smiling, crying, making others laugh or furious. Sometimes we got applauded, sometimes we got screwed. We supported each other at all point. We showed to others in exam in the name of friendship, we cheated in the name of competition. While song “ishq- risk” took off with formation of couples in 1st trimester, 2nd saw the toll of subjects relieved through Sadda Ahq aithe rakh. Close to finish line it’s “Tenu mai love karda”!!! And soon the batch of 240 shall be divided on grounds of majors and minors. Finance groups would be hanging in rooms, marketing on roads, HR in mid -way:)

In the MBA journey Pgp-1 is defined as the nascent stage. You are still fresh to what a MBA is ought to do. Suddenly as you embark on becoming pgp – 2, the expectations take a leap. A miracle has to take place in your behaviour, knowledge and maturity. First we are comforted saying you’ll learn slowly, you all are still new and will take time to get adjusted. Suddenly everything fades off. The next potential batch is on its way. And I can relate how it was for me last year. Just a piece of advice, in case any of the MBA aspirants get to read this – It’s just the beginning of a Very long journey. Getting into the best of B-schools is dream of many. But it’ll only be an add – on in the huge career profile of yours and not the deciding factor life- long. It’ll fetch just the first job, rest is the potential. So do not worry if you could not make it to your dream college – I too did not. And still I can say I did not lose anything.

Well getting back to the story of 22nd – Every three months since june, our term exams have been scheduled on 19th, 20th and 21st – Sept, then dec and now march. So every 21st we left the campus and were home on 22nd. But it’s not the same this time. It’ll take us more to get back home. And few might not be able to before internship! Keeping fingers crossed and hoping I am not one of them.

We ended our last day as PGP – 1 in sec C with an awesome photo shoot and below are few glimpses of the journey so far - 

My Floor corridor
Bed SIde
Ah! Study Table
The Rainy Window...
The summer's cool place
The Real hardwork:)
The sunset from corridor
The Beautiful sunrise from the room

That's my class:)
And these my class mates!

The Person whom i shall miss the most - Roomie
Marking one end to begin new..:) 

P.S: Title courtesy - Sanchit soni (Batch mate)


  1. oye! we're still here ok!! ;) so till the time we don't get convocated, dare u call urself PGP-2 :P

    on a serious note, it's a great achievement for u as well as all of ur coursemates to successfully complete the first year of ur probably the last student life.... MBA is a course which makes u either extremely tough or too weak to even survive..

    i'd specially like to mention here the name of my bro DYLAN, whom i fondly call as my BUFFALO BROTHER.... one shud take inspiration from him for how to survive against all odds, how to fight against every circumstances, how to move on in life, no matter what!
    taking this note forward, i wish u all the success in the year and the life coming ahead....wud be glad if i can be of any help to my blog dost... :)

    1. Yes boss! That's why my title says "i'll". Respect:) Wishing you "All the very best" for future. You have already been of lot help by being a patient and encouraging blogdost :) Would like to meet you before we part ways!

  2. Oye madame....congratulations on your completion of PGP1...and all the best for the rest.....

    Keka pictures:)

    1. oye heroine..:) Thank you. Still few more days and efforts to finish pgp-1.

  3. yeah.. it's a milestone completed.
    Congratz to you for the achievement.
    Although i have never heard from you about your results ever since u joined GIM, i assume you have cleared them .
    The pictures are really cool .. even my team members had a look at them and were all praises...
    your bed side and study table looks like a movie set up :D
    The rainy window is amazing...
    The real hardwork is so satisfying to me :)
    your class - i could identify the place where i had seated with you for your admission..
    Your class mates - All good
    You and your Roomie - Super jodi :) LaxMe ROCKS !!
    So you are growing older :)

    1. Aah! Results - My brother speaks..:)
      Nostalgic - It's still fresh the first day..:)
      Sadist - For the hard work comment!

      Oh yes - All smiles for the super jodi..:)

      Cheers for the journey half way through:)

    2. exactly bhaiya!! komal laddha result kaha hai first 2 terms ka :P

  4. The rainy window, and the summer place to study..Beautiful :)
    Good luck for the new start :)
    Thanks a ton for your comment. I'm so glad you like my work :)

  5. You're welcome..:) It's a work worth appreciation!

  6. mast way to express the journey of PGP-1 :)
    amazing photography as always :)
    love the way u conveyed the advice for the MBA aspirants, surely words of encouragement!!
    hope to see u home :) waiting for another day out :D


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